5 Small Home Terrace Decoration Inspirations

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Small Home Terrace Decoration

Small home terrace – Tired of sitting quietly at home? The terrace can certainly be the right place to relax while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

The atmosphere of hanging out is definitely more fun because we can enjoy the fresh air, while looking at the open area outside the house.

However, what if the terrace area of ​​the house is fairly narrow? No problem, you can still create a comfortable and aesthetic atmosphere with the following various small house terrace decorations.

Small Home Porch Decoration with Seating

Small Home Terrace Decoration

Who says you can’t create a small patio seating area? Choosing the right seat is clearly the main key.

You can imitate the inspiration above, by installing unique chairs in the form of swings on both sides of the terrace. The presence of this small swing adds a sweet yet comfortable impression.

The game of black and white that dominates the terrace creates a modern and minimalist impression. But if it feels too monotonous, you can play with various other colors using colorful ornamental plants.

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Small House Terrace with Decorative Lights

The next small house terrace decoration that you can apply is a lamp. Not only serves as a lighting aid, the lamp can also be a sweet accent that adds aesthetic value.

Instead of super bright lights, you can use dim lights like fairy lights for a small terrace at home. The warm colors of these lamps match perfectly with a small terrace.

Don’t forget to add a little wood accent to the chair to add a warmer impression.

Elongated Small House Terrace Decoration

Small Home Terrace Decoration

Have a small terrace with an elongated shape? You can imitate the inspiration above. Having a terrace like this means you can be more flexible in decorating.

Because there is more space that can be used for example as a sitting area, a place to put plant pots, and others.

You can put a rattan chair or a medium-sized sofa on one side of the terrace. The presence of a sofa and its pillows will certainly add a cozy and aesthetic impression.

If interested, you can also add carpets with colors and motifs, to give a playful impression on the veranda of the house.

The terrace decoration of this small house is really functional and certainly charming.

Semi Open Terrace Concept

Small Home Terrace Decoration

Want to make a terrace behind the house with a small size? This one decoration can be an option.

Carrying a semi-open concept, making a terrace like this is suitable if it is directly connected to the family room or dining room.

One of the decorative elements that are suitable for this small terrace are ornamental plants and their beautiful pots. You can include clay or rattan pots to give a natural impression.

Want to add a sofa? Certainly can. You can install a sofa with the same material and color as the other elements.

In addition to a sofa or chair, we can also add a small coffee table made of wood.

Terrace that fuses with the garden

Small Home Terrace Decoration

Want to have a terrace as well as a garden, who says you can’t have both? Decorating a small house terrace is the answer.

The presence of various ornamental plants with super comfortable seats, makes coffee events feel more relaxed and solemn.

A simple wooden chair with a small table made of similar material can be an option for decorating this small terrace. Try to place the table and chairs right in the middle area, then decorate the surroundings with various flowering plants.

Want to add a natural impression? You can sprinkle white decorative stones around the garden. This is effective for presenting colors that are quite contrasting.

You can also make a patio if you want to maximize the concept of a garden that blends with the terrace. A wooden patio, for example, will give the impression of a terrace and garden becoming more elegant and beautiful.

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Those are some inspirations for decorating a small house that is functional and beautiful. You can apply this at home, then create the idea according to taste.

Hopefully this article can give you new knowledge. Good luck!


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