9 House Pillars Design, Make Your Home More Elegant and Luxurious!

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house pillars design

house pillar designs – A house that has pillars is identical to a luxurious and elegant house. However, not only does it look beautiful, the pillars of the house can also have a function as a support for the weight of the top of the house.

A house that has a design with pillars has a stronger structure, so it looks more magnificent too. Curious about what types of house pillars you can find in your home design? 

Check out the 9 design house pillar decoration below!

house pillars design decoration

1. Pillars of a minimalist house

house pillars design

In accordance with the minimalist style design language, the pillars of a minimalist house also have a simple shape. As in the picture of the pillars of the house above, the shape is an elongated square, without any decorative bends. 

The choice of paint color is also gray, one of the neutral colors that are often found in minimalist home designs. This minimalist house pillar model, besides looking magnificent, also supports the top of the house which is shaped like a Jenga.

2. The pillars of a modern minimalist house

house pillars design

Not all pillars have the main function of supporting the load, as in the picture of the pillars of this house. The pillars of this modern minimalist house have more of an aesthetic function, giving an accent to the design of the house so that the house looks more beautiful.

3. Classic house pillars

house pillars design

The model of the pillars of the house that takes the style of the pillars of ancient Greek and Roman buildings is a classic model of the pillars of the house. Greek civilization has classical pillar models in the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian styles, while Roman culture has Tuscan and Composite pillar designs. 

This type of pillar is commonly found in luxury homes in Western countries. In Indonesia, the pillars of this classic house are widely used in the homes of celebrities and the upper class.

Classical pillar models are also widely used in public buildings such as the United States Capitol Building, ancient temples, courthouses, libraries, and other important buildings. 

No wonder this classic pillar model does exude an aura of grandeur. The classic house pillar paint color is usually in a variation of white, exuding a clean, pure and classy impression.

4. Pillars of luxury homes

house pillars design

In addition to the classic house pillars that are widely used in luxury homes, the colonial model house pillars are no less elegant. Many of these American colonial-style mansions were built with majestic tall pillars.

5. Round house pillars

house pillars design

Having a model similar to a classic house pillar, there are also many round house pillars. The shape of the round pillar varies, and is incorporated into various home designs. 

In the picture of the house pillar above, the round house pillar supports the top of the minimalist design house.

The shape of this minimalist pillar is very simple, without any detailed decoration as can be found in the classic pillar model even though they are both round in shape.

6. Elegant terrace pillars

house pillars design

The pillar of the house can be a support for the top of the house that houses the terrace of the house. 

The pillars of this house look elegant with beautiful motifs. 

The pillars also beautify the terrace of the house, creating a comfortable and premium sitting area.

7. Pillar model in the form of the letter Y

house pillars design

The next pillar model for the house that you can choose is the pillar in the shape of the letter Y. The 

image of the pillars of the house in this farmhouse design looks traditional and firmly supports the top of the house with its branched shape.

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8. Model of stone and wood pillars

house pillars design

Apart from the shape and design, the material for the pillars is also important. 

The combination of wood and stone is one of the most common combinations of pillar materials built because of its strong material.

The wooden pillars are given a stone base to provide stronger support, making this house pillar model more durable as well.

9. Stone pillars

house pillars design

The pillars of the house made of stone are not only strong, but also look beautiful and natural, in harmony with nature. 

The house is not only strong but also looks more beautiful with natural stone pillars.

Well, that’s 9 house pillars designs of various shapes and various materials. Hopefully it can be useful for you.


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