Building Pillar Design – Classic And Luxury

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Building Pillar Design That Makes The Residential Look Classic And Luxurious

building pillar design

Currently, there are many luxury buildings owned by artists or public figures that carry classic concepts. One of the characteristics of the classic concept building is the presence of large pillars of the house.

These pillars were commonly used in large buildings in ancient times as building supports.

But in addition to its main function, it turns out that pillars can also give the impression of luxury in a building.

That’s the impression that a number of people now want to present in a luxurious and large house.

Usually, these towering pillars are painted white to accentuate the classic impression.

At first glance, all the pillars installed in the large building look the same.

However, there are 6 types of pillars that are commonly used by many people as building supports.

Launching various sources, here are 6 building pillar design that is commonly used in large houses.

6 Types of Building Pillar Designs

1. Pillars of the Tuscan House

building pillar design

This type of pillar is among the most frequently encountered, both in residential areas or in large buildings.

The characteristic of this type of pillar is its simple shape.

This pillar is just a large pillar that rises high and is painted in white.

There are no decorations or carvings on this pillar.

The advantage of this type of pillar is its very strong strength.

This strength also cannot be separated from the absence of decorations or ornaments on this pillar.

You can use this pillar at home to give a classic and luxurious impression.

2. Square Pillar

building pillar design

In addition to circular pillars, there are also rectangular pillars.

Usually, these pillars are applied to modern-style buildings.

These pillars are also commonly used in modern housing.

In addition, the process of making square pillars is relatively easier than circular pillars.

Another advantage, the price of building this pillar is relatively cheaper than building a circular pillar.

3. Composite Pillars

building pillar design

Pillars of this type were built inspired by buildings in the Ancient Roman era.

Based on its history, this pillar was built by combining two architectural styles, namely Corinthian and Logic.

Unlike the Tuscan pillars, these Roman-style pillars usually have Roman carvings or decorations on the top and bottom of the pillars.

These carvings can give the impression of an elegant, classic, and luxurious building.

For those of you who want your home to look luxurious in a Romanesque style, this type of pillar is an option that you can consider.

4. Round House Pillars

building pillar design

Round pillars can also be an alternative for those of you who want to bring a luxurious and classic impression to a house with a minimalist concept.

This pillar has a circular base shape.

The difference with the Tuscan pillars lies in the decorations that adorn them.

You can beautify the exterior of your home by using the right decorations and carvings.

5. Metal Pillars

building pillar design

This pillar is made of metal, so it is very sturdy.

Pillars of this type are usually applied to homes that carry modern design concepts.

In addition, pillars made of metal can also give a minimalist impression.

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6. Natural Stone Pillar

building pillar design

For those of you who want to add a natural impression to the exterior of the house, you can use this type of pillar.

This pillar is made of natural stone such as marble which is then used as a support for the building.

Choose a natural stone that matches the design concept of the house and the color of the walls around it.

Those are 6 types of building pillar designs that you can use to beautify the exterior appearance of the house.

Hopefully, this article inspires you to design the exterior of the house.


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