7 most recommended boarding house design

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boarding house design

boarding house design – Owning and trying to open your own business is one very positive thing. You can gain a lot of experience by learning to try something new. There are many types of businesses that you can try to run. Starting from trying the culinary business to several other things. One interesting business to try is to open your own boarding house. Opening a boarding house is not something that can be done carelessly, because you have to think about the design of the boarding house to make it look attractive.

A boarding house can be built simply without anything strange or unique. However, if you want to be able to compete with other competitors and attract people to want to live in the boarding house, the boarding house design must be made attractively. So that you can create a boarding house design that looks attractive and comfortable, this article will discuss:

boarding house design

1. 10 Room Boarding Design

boarding house design

The initial stage in building a boarding house is that there is no need to force yourself to build a boarding house that has many rooms. Effectively, at least you can start by building a boarding house that has 10 rooms. This medium-sized boarding house is one thing that is very effective in terms of the size of the available boarding house. 

Make sure that the boarding house is not created by imposing a room size that is too small. Rooms that are too narrow will make boarding house residents feel less comfortable and not interested in living in the room even though the boarding house design that you offer is very attractive.

For those of you who are planning or already have a boarding house business, it is important to pay attention to the design of a boarding house that is safe and comfortable so that it makes the tenants feel at home.

2. Healthy and Clean Boarding Design

boarding house design

A clean cost is a good cost. Everyone who is in it can live a healthy life and will not be susceptible to various forms of dangerous diseases. Because basically a boarding house lives with many different people, you have to prepare a covered trash can on each side of the boarding house. With a closed trash can, it will not be easy for rats to enter and the health of all residents in it can be maintained properly.

One easy way to make the boarding house look visually clean is to use a bright base paint like white and use good quality paint so that the color doesn’t fade and get dirty easily. Avoid using dark colors because it will only make the room look gloomy and unattractive. You can also see our other articles : study room decoration ideas.

3. Boarding Design with Minimalist Rooms

boarding house design

The design of the boarding house does not always have to be seen from the outside. The design of the boarding room will also greatly affect the overall appearance of a boarding house and is one of the best ways to ensure that visitors become interested in renting. One of the room designs that you can try to apply is to apply a minimalist design that is simple but still looks attractive.

You can realize this minimalist design by looking for room furniture that is compact in size and not too big so that the room can still look attractive without having to feel cramped. Avoid using a mattress with a frame that is too big so that the whole room still looks right without being sacrificed.

4. Create an Attractive Boarding Atmosphere with Scandinavian Interiors

boarding house design

Not always the design of a boarding house has to look boring. You can design a boarding house with rooms that have Scandinavian interior designs. It is very easy to design a boarding room space with a Scandinavian design. In general, Scandinavian designs can be seen easily, namely by utilizing the play of shady colors and using decorative objects that are simple and simple. Also use objects that have a combination of iron and wood to further emphasize the Scandinavian look of the boarding house’s interior. You can also see our other articles : orange two colour combination for bedroom walls.

5. Sharia boarding house design

boarding house design

If you are interested in making a sharia boarding house, then there are several things that you must determine first. This is about the use of color for the cost to be used. Usually, to indicate that the boarding house is a sharia-compliant boarding house, it uses a color such as green. You can try to combine these colors with an outward appearance that looks simple and avoid using traditional designs that are too common. To make the boarding house more private, you can make a fence that has the same color on the front of the boarding house.

6. Make Residents Comfortable with the Bioclimatic Boarding Design

boarding house design

Interested in making a different cost? You can try to take advantage of the concept of bioclimatic costing which is currently still quite rarely applied in Indonesia. Actually, what is bioclimatic design? The design has a meaning as a design that is deliberately made based on the climate around the building. The building will be made optimally so that the building can provide a very comfortable atmosphere for the occupants in it.

You can apply a bioclimatic design to the boarding house by making the boarding house have sufficient lighting by using large windows, getting fresh air naturally without having to use air conditioning and making the inside of the boarding house less crowded and narrow by maximizing the land area. owned. You can also see our other articles : house pictures inside.

7. Unique Boarding Design with Indoor Garden

boarding house design

A beautiful garden is one way to make a building or house feel shady and comfortable. The next unique boarding house design that you can apply is to build an indoor garden at the boarding house. Design the boarding so that it is not completely closed, so that air can flow and rotate. Plants in the boarding house can provide cool air and a very comfortable shady atmosphere. 

Make sure that the air can flow properly because at night the plant will produce Carbon Dioxide which is very dangerous, especially if the plant is in a completely closed room.

8. Tips for Costing Design Considerations

boarding house design

You should not arbitrarily design the cost to be built. Building a boarding house costs a lot of money, that’s why you have to be as creative as possible so that the boarding house can look attractive and not look like other boarding houses in general. Below are some tips for considering the design of the boarding house that you can try to apply to the boarding house that will be built:

  • Try to maximize every land you have. Avoid making boarding houses that are too large because you will find it more difficult to maintain cleanliness and maintain the boarding house so that it still looks attractive.
  • Costs that are made carelessly will only make you need to spend more in maintaining them. Make sure that the specifications used in building the boarding house are not chosen arbitrarily.
  • The design of the boarding house is very important, especially if you want the boarding house to sell well. However, you can free the occupants to tidy up the contents of the boarding house according to their own wishes as long as they don’t damage the contents of the boarding house.
  • Always provide trash cans in all corners of the boarding house. Dirt that accumulates will make residents more easily sick.
  • Don’t forget to make good, clean and comfortable toilets. Sometimes the toilet is one of the places that is often forgotten and has a design that is very uncomfortable to use. You can also see our other articles : best home design app android.

Those are the 7 most recommended boarding house designs and can be a reference for you in building a dream boarding house. Make sure to make the boarding house as comfortable as possible, and assume that the boarding house is a place that you will live in later.

boarding house design


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