18 Mini Kitchen Set Designs

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Mini Kitchen Set

Only have a little space at home for the kitchen? Don’t be discouraged, there is a mini kitchen set solution that you can use. Enough with creativity in kitchen design, especially mini kitchen sets, guaranteed activities in the kitchen will run smoothly and even more efficiently.

This time, Lians has 18 mini kitchen setup design inspirations. The appearance is not only unique, but also a minimalist, functional, and beautiful kitchen set. Curious right? Immediately peek below, yes!

Mini Kitchen Sets

Chic Parisian Style Mini Kitchen Set

mini kitchen set

This mini kitchen set doubles as a stylish sink area as well as an economical solution for a functional mini kitchen set that is all slick. Parisian style with a romantic old school impression, this is one of the most favorite mini kitchen set inspirations for anyone. Lians sure you will agree!

A Chef’s Mini Kitchen Set in the Shape of a U

mini kitchen set

These beautiful mini kitchen set dividers make you feel like you’re in a small kitchen room like a professional chef, right? This mini kitchen set is indeed not wide, but thanks to the furniture used, kitchen activities are more flexible and fun.

This mini kitchen set also only focuses on the lower cabinet so that it is no longer for a wider kitchen area, but storage matters are still resolved because there are adequate drawers for all cooking utensils in this mini kitchen set.

To expand the workspace, this kitchen set is made in the shape of the letter U. The table with transparent bar stools is also a room divider.

White Mini Kitchen Set With Tall Cabinets

mini kitchen set

One trick so that your mini kitchen set is not easily exposed to dust on the top surface is to build a mini kitchen set that soars up to the ceiling. This white mini kitchen set looks maximally spacious thanks to its vertical upward arrangement and several doors in the lower cabinet. Thanks to its tall model, Kania believes this kitchen set can accommodate more cooking utensils. read alsominimalist kitchen designs.

Classic & Favorite, Wooden Mini Kitchen Set

mini kitchen set

For those of you who want to have a mini kitchen set at home without being complicated, Kania has a classic model that remains a favorite for residents of the house. With a minimalist design, this mini kitchen set deserves to be imitated because the model is not easily timeless. Plus the selection of dark colors such as brown and black, cleaning matters also becomes easier.

Beautiful in the Corner, Perfect Fit Mini Kitchen Set

mini kitchen set

Have a small kitchen position right in the corner of the room? This is the inspiration for the cool style of a mini kitchen set from Kania that is worth a try. The key is to measure furniture, such as refrigerators and stoves, to mix and match with existing mini kitchen sets, especially for lower cabinets. After that, you can explore with a mini kitchen set in the upper cabinet.

Sweet Minimalist, Mini Kitchen Set With Simple Accents

mini kitchen set

Mini kitchen sets can also be designed in a simple style, but not monotonous. You can play with cabinets in the form of hanging shelves or thin wall shelves to full-sized cabinets that are equipped with doors accompanied by a cooktop. So, your creativity in the design of a mini kitchen set will greatly determine the results of a sweet and cool kitchen.

Mini Kitchen Set For Maximum Kitchen Results

mini kitchen set

Also complete your mini kitchen set with a middle table and a simple dining area. This mini kitchen set looks even more attractive because of the presence of a small center table that is connected to a minimalist dining table. You can also use the concept of “planting” for kitchen electronic devices so that the mini kitchen set is more tidy. read: Purple Kitchen Designs.

Suitable for Millennials, Practical Mini Kitchen Set

mini kitchen set

If you choose a mini kitchen set, it could be that you are looking for a practical and efficient small kitchen idea. You can make this 3 door mini kitchen set inspiration the most suitable design idea. Equipped with an electric stove plus a modern kitchen chimney, this mini kitchen set was born to answer the needs of millennials.

Playing Colors and Industrial Concepts in a Mini Kitchen Set

mini kitchen set

The beautiful Tosca color tinge combined with the wooden surface of this mini kitchen set looks unique in an industrial-concept house. With “raw” walls in the style of worn bricks to plant decorations, plus antique chandelier accents, there is nothing complicated about this mini kitchen set. But, the results make pangling right?

Old School Mini Kitchen Set For Kitchens Full of Nostalgia

mini kitchen set

Experimenting with the appearance of a mini kitchen set can be a way to create a beautiful, stylish kitchen. So, don’t stick to a rigid style. Also try the design of a mini kitchen set that is equipped with floral accents, handles with carvings, to special motifs on the door of your mini kitchen set.

Guaranteed Fun Kitchen Activities with Simple Designs

mini kitchen set

Clean, simple and modern. These three elements are present in the kitchen design along with an all-white mini kitchen set in a minimalist style. You don’t need a lot of small shelves in this kitchen set, because there are hanging shelves that serve as ideal storage or as a display area for your beautiful kitchen knick-knacks.

All Green, Kitchen Set with Beautiful Colors

mini kitchen set

You don’t need a large room for this mini kitchen set, the results can still be beautiful thanks to the same and neat color contrast. Favorite house paint color was chosen to decorate the kitchen. The result? Cooking so much more fun and cheerful.

Small Apartment Style Mini Kitchen Set

mini kitchen set

The yellow color in this mini kitchen set looks attractive because it is illuminated by fresh natural lighting. So, even though the concept of this mini kitchen set is simple, the natural lighting from the large windows plus the refreshing leaf decorations make cooking more fun and exciting. read also: Interior design of a small kitchen.

Reducing the Crowded Impression With a Mini Kitchen Set

mini kitchen set

Do you prefer a simple and well-organized kitchen design? Relax, you can still maintain a minimalist impression in the kitchen by making a mini kitchen set with large cabinets. In addition, you can create an open minimalist kitchen concept that blends with the dining room.

Mini Kitchen Set that is Present in the Middle of the Room

mini kitchen set

Utilizing the existing wall space, a mini kitchen set is the right solution for the impression of a mini kitchen that looks wider than its original size. In fact, added with a cooking area in the middle, the transition between the kitchen and multifunctional kitchen cabinets can be bridged well.

Natural Accented Mini Kitchen Set

mini kitchen set

Mini everything from stove, oven to sink is also made as efficient as possible in this cute mini kitchen set. To add to its uniqueness, natural wood is selected without further polishing.

Focus on the Upper Cabinet in the Mini Kitchen Set

mini kitchen set

If the room is not spacious, then the lower cabinet in the mini kitchen set must prioritize essential kitchen equipment, such as a sink, some cooking utensils, and a place to cook. Instead, maximize storage in the upper cabinet in your mini kitchen set.

More Modern With Special Kitchen Equipment

mini kitchen set

Maybe this is one of the smallest mini kitchen sets among the others, this kitchen set only has a small cabinet for the sink area. Cooking activities are carried out at the center table which doubles as a place to eat. Sleek and beautiful, this inspiration certainly further tests our creativity to think simple for maximum results.

Those are 18 mini kitchen set designs that you can imitate. About the price, you also don’t need to worry. Due to the use of fewer materials to make this mini kitchen set, you will also get a cheap kitchen set price that still looks beautiful. So, from all the designs above, which one is your favorite mini kitchen set?

mini kitchen set designs


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