3 example of editorial article about education

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example of editorial article about education
example of editorial article about education

Editorial text is an article that usually contains the opinion of the author regarding issues that occur in the surrounding environment. The purpose of writing this text is for the reader to know the opinion of the author on the issue. To better understand, below will be presented an example of an editorial text that can be used as a reference.

example of editorial article about education

The following is a brief example of an editorial text in the field of education in Indonesia.

1. Use of Make Up for High School Students

In this developed era, women are competing to make themselves beautiful. The same thing happened to the students of SMA 2 Kalpataru. Many of them use make-up at school. The use of make-up has different levels. Some use it thinly and some use it thickly.

The use of make-up by high school students includes moisturizers, lipsticks, mascara, powder, and many others. Not only use, they also bring make-up equipment to school. In fact, when viewed from school regulations, there is already a prohibition on bringing make-up equipment to school. But they still took him.

Even though the skin of high school students is still quite sensitive. If they use beauty products that are not suitable for their skin, they are prone to irritation. In addition, students who are accustomed to using make-up since childhood will have different skin from those who have never used it. 

If the skin is often exposed to make-up, it will be prone to skin problems. Starting from the growth of stubborn acne, dull skin, to black spots. This can happen because there are chemicals in the make-up product. Not to mention if the make up tools used by the students are done alternately, there will be a lot of bacteria on their skin.

Bacteria that thrive in the skin, will have a tremendous impact on students. Starting from skin irritation, herpes, and also coughing. This is because make-up becomes an easy place for germs to breed. Especially in lipstick, moisturizer, and mascara. 

According to research that has been done, 45% of women who routinely use make-up will be prone to skin diseases. Then as many as 15% of women will suffer from stubborn acne due to excessive use of make-up. If this happens to students who are still underage, of course it is very dangerous for themselves.

Unfortunately, the students did not care about the dangers of skin irritation from using make-up. They only think of the appearance that must be beautiful. Even the students always wear make up wherever they go. Though the skin needs space to breathe and get rid of the makeup.

Thus, students of SMA 2 Kalpataru should prefer not to use make-up. Given the harmful effects targeting their skin. In terms of age, these students are still under the age to use make-up. They should focus on school so that they can become successful people in the future.

2. Extracurricular Activities at School

Recently, there have been many extracurricular activities organized by the school. In addition to educational facilities, extracurricular activities are also very useful for the stage of student creativity development. In addition, extracurricular activities can be used as a means to channel the hobbies that each student has. 

Every student has different hobbies and interests. Therefore, the School provides many options for its students to choose the extracurricular category that students are interested in. Starting from the Scientific Work of Youth, mosque youth, basketball, and so on. 

Unfortunately, not all students are interested in participating in extracurricular activities organized by the school. However, there are still some students who are reluctant to take extracurricular activities for their own reasons. One of them is laziness. This feeling of laziness arises because students think that the existence of this extracurricular activity is deemed less useful. 

To overcome lazy students, it would be nice if teachers were required to give advice and encouragement to their students. It is intended that students can hone their talents. In addition, so that students’ creativity can be channeled properly. 

Teachers should apply several ways so that students want to take extracurricular activities at school. The way to do that is by doing a test of interest, talent and creativity on each student. So that these advantages can be developed again through extracurricular activities.

Indeed, basically with the existence of this extracurricular activity, it is not only for socializing and socializing between students. But so that students get achievements in non-academic fields. Every school student should be aware of the benefits and advantages that can be obtained from these extracurricular activities.

3. The Importance of Education in the Future

Education is very important for life in the future. In addition to the needs of clothing, housing, and food, everyone should have a guaranteed education. This is because with this education, everyone must have a mindset and sufficient knowledge to influence the progress index of a country.

But in fact the education in Indonesia is still relatively low, when compared to other developed countries. The quality of education in Indonesia should be further improved so that Indonesia can be on par with developed countries. So that Indonesia can print superior seeds.

Every educational institution should not only create and print students, but also participate in developing high-quality students. In this way, Indonesia’s human resources can compete with other developed countries. This is anticipated because changes and challenges are getting more difficult.

The solution that can be chosen to solve this problem is to conduct studies and really serious efforts to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. In addition, educational institutions must support each student, in order to be able to compete with developed countries. That way, it will be successful in producing superior seeds in the school environment.

With the increasingly sophisticated technology, it should be a means of quality teaching and learning. This is because learning materials are easier to find and learn. The existence of the internet has shifted the teacher’s role slightly to become a facilitator, motivator, and dynamist.

The role of teachers in the aspect of education in Indonesia, needs to be increased. It is intended that the quality of education in Indonesia will also increase. But the role of a teacher cannot be replaced and remains a very important role in guiding and educating students.


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