19 Latest Bedroom Ceiling Design Ideas

bedroom ceiling design ideas

Simple bedroom ceiling design – When you look up at the bedroom, you will feel bored with the plain ceiling of the room that is left alone. Why not decorate the bedroom ceiling to make it look more attractive?

Whenever people want to decorate their room, what they always think about is wall paint, room accessories, bedding patterns and so on.

The ceiling is the part that is always forgotten, even though it can make the atmosphere of the room immediately change.

There are several techniques that can be used to decorate the ceiling, and we will show you how!

Simple Bedroom Ceiling Design Ideas

Some of these easy ways you can apply to decorating the ceiling of the room.

1. Bedroom ceiling ideas molding gypsum and wood

bedroom ceiling design ideas

You can decorate the ceiling with gypsum or wood molding to create an elegant impression.

In the past, molding was synonymous with luxury homes because the model was always classic, but now with the proliferation of minimalist designs, there are molding models that are simpler but more attractive.

Molding can help the ceiling surface look more even and help hide gaps between walls and ceilings. Molding will also make your simple room look attractive.

2. Wood paneling bedroom ceiling ideas

bedroom ceiling design ideas

Decorating the bedroom ceiling with wood panels will make your room look like a rustic house or farm house. If you like that style, you can install wood panels on the ceiling of the room and paint it brown.

In addition, build a comfortable atmosphere with natural color carpets and bedding.

If you want to have a room with an industrial touch, try painting wood panels with a glossy white color, then giving furniture made of black metal. See other articles: low budget modern 3 bedroom house design.

3. Bedroom ceiling ideas match the rest of the room

bedroom ceiling design ideas

Paint the ceiling according to the color of the walls. In fact, the same color for the walls and ceiling will build a uniform and unrestricted impression.

In addition, coloring the walls and ceiling the same color for small rooms will make your room look bigger. How easy is it to decorate the ceiling of this room?

4. Bohemian style bedroom ceiling ideas with fabric draping

bedroom ceiling design ideas

The photo above looks like a dream room, right?

To achieve this room with a bohemian or Moroccan taste, you can install draping fabric above the ceiling of the room. You can put a Moroccan lamp in the middle to cover the knot from the draping.

bedroom ceiling design ideas

If the draping model above is too difficult, you can also hang the cloth above the bed using nails, then decorate with tumblr lights. See other articles: bedroom chandelier ideas.

5. Wood frame bedroom ceiling ideas

bedroom ceiling design ideas

If the ceiling of the room uses a frame made of teak wood, why not just show it off?

Install wood panels to cover the roof tiles, but make sure the wood panels are still visible. Then, paint the ceiling with soft colors like white and cream, then paint the wood frame with brown wood to make it stand out.

bedroom ceiling design ideas

If you don’t like the color contrast of the frame and panels because they seem messy, you can paint the frame according to the color of the ceiling.

The ceiling of the room will look neat even though it does not reduce the uniqueness of the ceiling frame.

6. Hand-painted bedroom ceiling ideas

bedroom ceiling design ideas

For people who like to draw or dare to experiment, you can paint the ceiling with your own painting. Even though it’s a hassle, you can make a painting that resembles your wish.

Choose an image that is not difficult and use only a few colors so it doesn’t take too much time to paint.

Usually, many people paint the sky on the ceiling of the room to feel like seeing the beautiful clear sky while sleeping.  See other articles: small house plans with loft master bedroom.

7. The idea of ​​​​a striped bedroom ceiling

bedroom ceiling design ideas

If you want to have a unique side in your room, you can try painting the ceiling with a striped motif.

In addition to giving a pop of color, this motif can make your room look bigger because there is an elongated impression. If you can, match the color of the ceiling with the color of your room decoration so it doesn’t look weird.

8. Some Blink on Your Ceilings?

bedroom ceiling design ideas

Want a glamorous factor in your room?

Try installing reflecting tiles on the ceiling. Choose tiles that are silver, gold or copper, or any color that reflects light.

After that, you can also add blinking lights so that the ceiling of the room is brighter. See other articles: two colour combination for bedroom walls.

9. Bedroom ceiling ideas using wallpaper

bedroom ceiling design ideas

Installing wallpaper on the wall aims to give a motif in a plain room, because the wallpaper pattern is more unique and has a longer durability than ordinary paint.

The ceiling of a room that uses wallpaper will also be a focal point or a point that is the center of attention, so that your room has its own uniqueness.

In addition, you can choose for yourself what motif you want and you don’t need to make a picture pattern because you just have to install it. If you are bored and want to change other motifs, you just have to disassemble it. It’s easy?

10. Floating Design

bedroom ceiling design ideas

This minimalist bedroom ceiling model is designed with the illusion of floating.

This can be done by using a gypsum ceiling that is associated with a special design, so that it looks floating. See other articles: different room aesthetics.

11. Box Model

bedroom ceiling design ideas

One form of ceiling that you can use in the bedroom is a box shape, a minimalist design that is the easiest to apply.

Usually, a design like this is also used as a minimalist living room ceiling model. This is perfect for your room idea.

12. Multilevel Shapes

bedroom ceiling design ideas

The minimalist ceiling model still feels interesting to use in a modern minimalist bedroom, cool.

With a design that seems to be storied, this minimalist gypsum ceiling model makes minimalist room decorations more dynamic. See other articles: low budget single floor house design.

13. Symmetrical Line Ceiling

bedroom ceiling design ideas

You can use this one model for a minimalist bedroom design measuring 3×4 meters, it certainly looks luxurious.

This design uses the latest minimalist ceiling lamp model, which makes the interior design of the room look elegant.

14. Healthy Ceiling Model

bedroom ceiling design ideas

Want to create a romantic atmosphere in the master bedroom? Try applying this heart-painted ceiling model.

It is guaranteed that your simple minimalist bedroom will look unique thanks to the minimalist ceiling design, like a honeymoon every day. See other articles: indian simple house colour combination outside.

15. Asymmetrical Shape Ceiling

bedroom ceiling design ideas

This model will make a minimalist bedroom designs look more attractive and beautiful, simple but really cool.

To make the room bright, choose a minimalist bedroom ceiling paint color with neutral colors, such as white.

16. Simple Ceiling Design

bedroom ceiling design ideas

If you want a minimalist child’s bedroom with a simple design, then this ceiling model is the right choice.

The 3×3 meter bedroom ceiling model will present a luxurious, elegant feel, a contemporary feel. See other articles: orange two colour combination for bedroom walls.

17. Round Combination Ceiling Form

bedroom ceiling design ideas

The bedroom gypsum ceiling with a combination of round and wave shapes will make the room look dynamic in character.

To make it more interesting, also mix white and green ceiling paint colors as accents for a minimalist bedroom interior.

18. Ceiling Model with Lights

bedroom ceiling design ideas

The idiom ‘less is more’ becomes true when a minimalist bedroom ceiling is made like this, it’s really cool.

Designed lengthwise with lights on the edge, this minimalist bedroom ceiling model looks luxurious and aesthetic. See other articles: brown two colour combination for bedroom walls.

19. Trapezoidal Ceiling Model

bedroom ceiling design ideas

The ceiling model for the next bedroom has a trapezoidal shape, with lighting in it, the lamp is hidden in the ceiling.

A shape like this will make your bedroom more beautiful and comfortable, sleep is also getting better.

bedroom ceiling design ideas pictures

bedroom ceiling design ideas

bedroom ceiling design ideas

bedroom ceiling design ideas

bedroom ceiling design ideas

bedroom ceiling design ideas

Starting from traditional models such as showing off the ceiling frame to things you have to do yourself such as painting murals, all of them will add to the aesthetic value of your room. You can decide which one suits your style and budget.

How would you like to change the ceiling of your room?

Those are various bedroom ceiling design ideas, with modern and aesthetic designs. Lots of beautiful choices.