18 List Of Low Investment High Profit Business Can You Choose

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List Of Low Investment High-Profit Business – Business is now starting to develop along with the presence of increasingly capable technological developments. The presence of technological developments is indeed very influential on the quality of the business that is now present. Many diverse businesses are starting to emerge and make you get bigger profits.

Now there is a list of low investment high profit businesses that you can make as the best choice. By making the right selection, you will produce a quality business that is in line with expectations. Of course, all that can be obtained with the right steps in running it.

Now it’s not that difficult for you to be able to run a business and get a bigger profit. You can even run a business that only requires a small investment. Everything you can do if there is a strong desire from within to succeed and develop.

Having a choice of businesses that are now available will help you get a better chance of success. All of that will support your satisfaction in running a business and growing well. That is why in the following discussion we will review the various business options available.

List Of Low Investment High Profit Business

list of low investment high profit businesses

1. Open a blogging business 

The blogging business is currently one of the businesses that provide sweet results for everyone who runs it. Because nowadays almost everyone needs information about various things according to their needs. 

If you present relevant information and also SEO on your blog, the results are as expected. You will get more visitors to your blog and then there will be an increase in traffic.

This will be beneficial to improving the overall quality of your business. Automatically your income will also go up with the right blog management.

2. Become an influencer

Becoming an influencer today provides a great opportunity for you to then be able to get a lot of benefits. By becoming an influencer then of course you will get a big chance for success. 

Many people have experienced success from doing business to becoming an influencer on their social media. The more followers you have, the easier it will be for you to become an influencer.

Of course, this business will support a much higher income level from time to time. So the results will certainly be in accordance with what you expect after running this business.

3. Try to be a YouTuber with interesting content

Becoming a YouTuber is currently one of the right recommendations for you to be able to earn a lot of income. There are lots of YouTubers who have succeeded in getting a lot of benefits from their YouTube channel.

Your job is to provide quality content in the form of videos that are fun and interesting to watch. The more videos you upload every day, the greater the profit you will get.

4. Online property investment

Property investment is synonymous with large capital or a wad of money. Property investment, such as houses, land, shop houses, apartments, condominiums, and others.

Online property investment is a way of investing in small capital properties. An example of profitable online property investment with small capital, namely property equity crowdfunding.

Property equity crowdfunding is a joint property investment with other investors on platforms or applications that provide these services. This is a cheap online property investment because it doesn’t need big capital like buying offline property.

5. Investment in home furnishings

Who would have thought that home furnishings, such as furniture, could also be a profitable investment? The furniture you buy must be able to function as a long-term investment.

Therefore, the purchase should also be taken into account and planned, such as when choosing diamonds and luxury cars. For example, furniture made of teak because the quality is really good.

Even if it is used for 10-15 years, it won’t just break. If you are interested, you can invest in a set of tables and chairs.

Both must be sold, especially since the price of teak is getting more expensive. You can be sure the price of the furniture will go up when you sell it.

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6. Livestock investment

Not just a side business, livestock can also be used as an investment that is no less profitable. The capital to get started is also affordable.

The profits you get from the business can be managed for expansion. Examples of good livestock business investments include catfish, chickens, birds, cows, goats, shrimp, ducks, eels, crickets, Kroto (ant eggs), to honey bees.

7. Stock investment

If you like risk and challenge, then investing in stocks is perfect. You can buy several lots of company stock, then save, and sell when the price has gone up. That way, your investment returns can be maximized.

If you want a profitable stock investment, buy stocks that have good fundamentals. Judging from its financial statements, future business prospects, credibility, and track record of management.

However, keep an eye on the risks. Continue to monitor the development of stock prices and the stock market, so that you know the conditions and take quick steps in the event of a decline or increase.

8. Mutual fund investment

Mutual fund investment is a low-risk investment instrument that is very suitable for beginners. There are four types of mutual funds to choose from according to their risk profile, namely money market mutual funds, fixed income mutual funds, mixed mutual funds, and stock mutual funds.

If you want a safe and profitable mutual fund investment, you can invest in mutual funds online.

9. Gold investment

The profitable gold investment today is online gold. Buy gold in the marketplace or e-commerce or save gold online in gold investment applications, such as Antam and Pegadaian.

10. Invest in antiques

Antiques are more appropriate if used as a collection, but some people make them as an investment. Moreover, nowadays there are quite a lot of antique collectors.

This makes the price of antiques expensive. One thing to note, namely the treatment of antiques.

You have to keep it clean and pay attention to where it is stored so that antiques can last for years.

11. Forex investment

Foreign currency investment is an investment activity by buying foreign currency (foreign exchange/forex). But when the price is low, and sell when the price goes up.

The difference in prices can be your advantage from investing in foreign currencies. The most profitable foreign currency investments, such as US Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Singapore Dollars, Australian Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Japanese Yen, Omani Rials, and Kuwaiti Dinars.

12. Deposit investment

Deposits are banking deposit products. But it can be used as a profitable investment vehicle in the bank because the interest rate is higher than savings, around 5%-6% per year.

13. Invest in clothing

Its main function is to be worn, but clothes can also be a lucrative investment in the long run. The clothes that are invested are certainly not ordinary t-shirts, blouses, or shirts, but vintage clothes worn in the 80s or 90s or old times. 

Because old clothes are booming again at this time. Several well-known fashion houses are also returning to produce vintage clothing. Clothing investment will be more suitable for people who like fashion because they know more about fashion.

14. Invest in art

Judging from their function, works of art are indeed more suitable as assets to beautify the room. However, some works of art, such as paintings, jars, and calligraphy, can be used as profitable investments at the same time.

Especially if the painting was made by a famous painter. To maximize profits, you can sell it by auction.

You can open an auction for a hefty price, then let the collector bid until the highest price. People who dare to bid a high price are entitled to own the painting.

15. Crypto investing

Crypto investments are digital currency investments that only exist in cyberspace, such as bitcoin Ethereum, ripple, litecoin, dogecoin, marai, dashcoin, and so on.

Crypto investment is most profitable because the price can go up high which makes the owner big enough. But it’s also worth the risk, where you can lose in an instant due to very fast fluctuations.

Trading crypto assets on the Indonesian futures exchange is legal with the permission of CoFTRA. This means that these crypto-assets are categorized as commodities, just like rubber, tea, coffee, and others.

16. Fintech lending investment

Investments in fintech peer-to-peer (P2P) lending can also be glimpsed. The prospects are bright.

Remember, investing in P2P lending has risks, although fintech lending companies can minimize them. The company will conduct a strict selection of prospective borrowers so that there is no default or bad credit that can harm investors.

Thus, investors or lenders have minimal risk of this investment. Especially if investing in fintech lending is legal and officially registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

17. Vegetable business investment

The vegetable business can be said to be a profitable business. That’s because everyone needs vegetables in a complete menu of food. So, this business will never die.

The most profitable vegetable business investments include cucumbers or cucumbers, beans, long beans, tomatoes, chilies, spinach, sweet corn, scallions, and others.

18. Experience investing

Investment is not only in the form of a portfolio, such as stocks, bonds, debt securities, mutual funds, gold, or time deposits. You can invest your money to get as much experience as possible.

For example, taking courses, attending entrepreneurship seminars, internships, or investing in education by continuing to study abroad.

You will get to experience what it’s like to study in another country, work in the real world of work, improve your skills and abilities, add wider relationships, get your dream job, and more. This experience is worth more than anything else.

Adjust to Financial Ability

Given the limited capital you have, you should choose one or two investments that you think are most suitable for your financial capabilities and risk profile. Use cold money for investment, not from debt to avoid unwanted problems.

Running a list of investment high-profit businesses will make it easier for you to feel successful.


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