10 Steps For How To Decorate a Dining Room

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Did you know that yellow is believed to make people feel hungry? Yes, the arrangement of space and color can affect a person’s psychology, including hunger.

A neat dining room with a touch of color that fits and attracts will certainly make us feel at home in it. A good mood when entering the dining room is also sure to make someone eat more voraciously.

Try applying the tricks below if you want to make a family member or guest hungry quickly!

Tips on How to Decorate a Dining Room

how to decorate a dining room

You can tweak the dining room to increase your appetite. Here’s the trick…

1. The dining room in the kitchen

how to decorate a dining room

The smell of delicious food in the kitchen easily makes us feel hungry. Why not unite the dining area with the kitchen?

Usually, people will turn the kitchen table into a bar for dining, but this is not appropriate to invite guests.

So that the dining area in the kitchen remains appropriate for inviting guests, add a set of dining tables and chairs for 4-5 people. Add a kitchen backsplash made of brick tiles to give a modern touch among the wooden furniture in this dining room.

2. Install a fresh colored wallpaper

how to decorate a dining room

Try choosing a classic dining table set with a light brown wood pattern. Choose a chair that is neutral in color and has a classic European shape to accentuate the wallpaper on the wall.

You can choose fresh colored wallpapers such as blue with plant patterns. Fresh wallpaper will make the atmosphere in the dining room more vibrant. As a result, you feel happy before eating plus enjoy every bite when you eat.

3. The dining room is dark

how to decorate a dining room

Paint the entire surface of the walls and floor of the dining room with a dark color. This color will make the dining room look more formal but still intimate.

Add a wooden table and chairs for contrast. Also install a large black-and-white art print as an accent in the room so that it still looks elegant.

4. Dining room in the corner of the room

how to decorate a dining room

If you have a small space, we must make good use of the room. One of them by placing the dining table in the corner of the room. Install a sofa for dining chairs with a letter L shape and add a round table as a complement.

Also add a chair on the other side for additional seating that doesn’t take up space. Choose retro colors and patterns to make the room feel attractive.

5. Choose a brightly colored chair

how to decorate a dining room

Choose a chair in a surprising bright color like yellow, green, or pink. Balance it with some matching colored accessories and ornaments to balance the room.

The bright color of the chairs will invite people to come and then spend a lot of time sitting in the dining room for a long.

6. Minimalist dining room

how to decorate a dining room

Try planning your dining room with something less complex. Just choose tables, chairs, and dining benches made of wood and metal. Looks simple but has character.

The installation of a black and white carpet will maintain comfort, but not seem excessive. Perfectly combined with industrial-style black lights and flowers that beautify the room.

As a finishing touch, install a large black and white art print on the wall. Guaranteed to beautify while making the room look more spacious without being overly impressed.

7. Install a large mirror

how to decorate a dining room

Mirrors are used to make a room look bigger. You can also install a large mirror in front of the dining table. Try to find a location where the mirror reflects parts of the room that look beautiful or neat.

You don’t need to have a fancy dining table set. The glass table above is also quite beautiful. The focus of this design is the ability of mirrors to give the impression of a room being spacious.

8. Install a room divider

how to decorate a dining room

Many houses have the dining room together with the family room or kitchen. Install a wooden room divider to make the room feel more intimate. This makes you feel more comfortable and can eat voraciously.

Choose a set of small and simple dining tables and chairs made of wood. Install a flower arrangement in the middle of the table and artistic lights on it to add to the uniqueness of the dining room.

9. Install a large dining painting

how to decorate a dining room

If you have a high artistic spirit, try installing a large painting in the dining room. To increase your appetite, you can also choose paintings of people gathering and eating from any genre.

Choose simple chairs and tables, but play with color. For example, like the photo above, just mix and match a black table and a red chair. These two contrasting colors will give an oriental impression. Then match it with a vase and yellow floor for an artistic touch.

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10. Dining with a view

how to decorate a dining room

If there is a room in your house that has lots of windows and natural light, try placing a dining table there. Natural light will help make the room feel light, spacious, and comfortable. The beautiful scenery is of course also fun to see while eating in the morning and evening.

Just choose natural and bright colored furniture with classic designs for a sweet dining room decoration. Obviously everyone will feel at home sitting here for a long time to chat and enjoy a meal together.

Now you can change the decoration of the dining room to add to your appetite. Make the dining room look attractive, but still feel comfortable. This is important to keep the mood of people who will always feel happy and hungry!

Which trick will you apply?


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