Unique Exterior Paint Colors For Indian Homes

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But slowly and surely, the trend is there. This includes home decorating trends, which can vary from country to country. Even so, classic house designs never die. Here are unique exterior paint colors for Indian homes that can be your inspiration.

In the midst of the onslaught of cultural acculturation, classic house designs managed to defend themselves. In fact, not a few people use classic house designs from other countries as their residential theme.

Are you also interested in adapting classic house designs from other countries? Here are some inspirations for classic house designs from various countries that you can copy:

Exterior Paint Colors For Indian Homes as Formal colonial American classic house

exterior paint colors for Indian homes

The characteristics of a classic colonial American house are usually characterized. It shows a variety of furniture made of wood and trim and used extensively throughout the room. 

The hallmark of the classic colonial American home interior design is that it emphasizes the formal design and the use of fine woods such as walnut, cherry, mahogany as the furniture material. This will be one of the example exterior paint colors for Indian homes.

This classic house usually also decorates the interior with various fabrics, such as rugs, velvet, or brocade. For the fixtures and lighting, this classic house uses iron and brass.

3 Classic American Home Design Ideas with a Traditional Feel

Traditional American home designs are heavily influenced by Indian culture, Southwest style, and the natural style of The Woodlands. Basically, all the richness of the American continent, both art and crafts, are used as the elements that make up this house. One of them can be seen from the use of various weaves and blankets in it. It will be the inspiration for exterior paint colors for Indian homes.

exterior paint colors for Indian homes

The Southwest has a custom of painting its houses a reddish hue and the roof is made of large wooden beams. The simplicity of the interior of this house will be even more perfect when a thick, brightly woven blanket is added. Other elements that should not be left out are wooden floors and leather sofas with carpets. Finally, the accent in the form of typical pottery will make the American atmosphere at home even thicker.

exterior paint colors for Indian homes

This second house applies a blend of Indian, adobe, and pueblos styles. The most striking lies in the use of certain colors with red accents for the ceiling of the house. The coloring technique used as much as possible is able to create a brilliant impression and the strength of the house. Indirectly, this color is also a beautiful combination for the pottery collection in it. It can be your reference for exterior paint colors for Indian homes.

exterior paint colors for Indian homes

In addition to white walls, the use of wood is also often used to complement the decoration of artistic crafts. So that the interior background does not seem flat, the house can be equipped with furniture, carpets, and some wall decorations. To create a contrasting atmosphere, you can add wall ornaments made of copper and gems.

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There are explanations about exterior paint colors for Indian homes ideas, hope this can be your inspiration.


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