Tutorial to create a soundcloud.com account easily

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How to create a new soundcloud account

For those of you music fans who have a hobby of arranging songs, making music, listening to music, creating music, wanting to share track works and so on, you must be familiar with the soundcloud.com site.

The soundcloud.com site has become popular on social media, especially among musicians, artists, music lovers and has received a warm welcome in the community. This service provides facilities for users to share tracks, albums and works related to audio music. Like other social networking sites, soundcloud also provides features like, share, follow and comment.

You can connect directly with songwriters or promote your own songs on soundcloud and then set a selling point. Soundcloud is a service created so that anyone can collaborate, distribute songs, and promote their sound recordings. Through soundcloud, we can promote the golden sound or music of our own creation to be heard by soundcloud users from all over the world to gain popularity and fame.

How to use it is very easy, you just need to register an account on soundcloud then upload works such as music, tracks, albums, sound recordings and so on.

All the facilities owned by SoundCloud can only be enjoyed by users, before you can use it, you must first create an account.

Get to know more about soundcloud

SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform and music sharing website based in Berlin, Germany, that allows its users to upload, promote and share audio. Started in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, SoundCloud has grown to become one of the largest music streaming services reaching over 175 million monthly users worldwide. SoundCloud offers both free and paid memberships on the platform, available for both desktop and mobile devices.

SoundCloud has impacted the music industry through the success of many artists who have used the service to launch or advance their careers. SoundCloud has received support from many investors and other media platforms such as Twitter, although the streaming platform itself has solved funding problems and has fired many employees to keep it profitable.

How to create a new soundcloud account

1. First, open the https://soundcloud.com/ site, it may look different, it’s clear that on the main page there is always a “Create Account” or “Sign Up Free” registration button.

Please click the registration button if you want to create an account, click the “Log in” or “Login” button if you already have an account.

2. There are several easy options when registering a soundcloud account, you can log in using a facebook, google, apple account without bothering to fill out registration forms such as first name, last name, age, email, because all the data needed during the registration process automatically synchronized according to the account profile.

In this example I chose the manual option by entering an active email address.

3. Enter your email address and password to log into the account, then click the accept and continue button.

4. Complete the data in the form of age and gender, then continue by clicking the continue button.

5. In the display name, enter the name you use on the account as well as the permalink of your chronology url, for example https://soundcloud.com/helmykediri (free to choose anything as long as the username is still available).

If after creating an account you see the homepage permalink in the form of the number exp.65555373 you can change it via the edit menu on the home page.

6. Finally, fill in your preferences including favorite music genres, music groups that you follow and so on.

Its function is to make playlist recommendations that appear on the homepage according to user interests.

7. Don’t forget to check your email and confirm your account so that you can use all the standard features on SoundCloud, if you subscribe to the $144/year premium package you can enjoy premium features (scroll down for the difference between free & paid user features).

8. You can start uploading music, tracks, albums, sound recordings to a playlist so that it can be seen by soundcloud users from all over the world.

Free users can only upload 1 audio every 3 hours.

9. In the uploaded audio file, you can complete the cover image data, title, music genre, tags and description to make it easier to find by other users.

Difference between free and paid soundcloud accounts

Every new soundcloud account user will definitely get a basic -free Soundcloud account type which has limited features including;

Upload audio files every 3 hours, save and download compressed audio versions, provide statistics, can be customized (color, style, size).

Soundcloud pro users are those who pay $144/year with unlimited features including;

Can upload files without time limit and supports all types of audio, schedule feature, complete dashboard statistics, can pin tracks/songs/albums at the top of profile, change audio format, control public comments, earn pro/star badges, monetize uploaded audio, unlimited song promotion and distribution.

Thus the article on how to create an account on soundcloud.com easily and quickly, I hope what I say is useful. If you have questions or complaints, don’t hesitate to talk about them in the comments column. That is all and thank you.


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