This Modern Shelf Ideas Makes The Books On Display More Beautiful

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modern bookshelf ideas

modern bookshelf ideas – Of the many things that must be taken care of when renovating a house, choosing a shelf design is not something that requires a lot of attention. Even though the types and designs of shelves are now increasingly diverse. Choosing the right model will actually make the books and items on display look more attractive.

Here we present some modern shelving designs that you can make choices for home furnishings. The design is not only minimalist, there are large but it looks very eye-catching. Let’s see!

modern bookshelf ideas

Eclectic Bookshelf

modern bookshelf ideas

Eclectic styles and designs have recently become a trend. So, try choosing a shelf with that design for your home. The design above is one example.

This shelf is composed of three modules. Two of them have an open form, but the third module is formed closed with glass.

The design of this shelf is very suitable to be combined with other interior elements such as a coffee table with a glass-covered surface or other matching design furniture.

Bathtub Or Shelf?

modern bookshelf ideas

Have you ever imagined in your mind to have a bookshelf in the bathroom? For book lovers, this may seem like it. This built-in bookcase design with a bathtub can be an attractive choice. In addition to saving space, the bathroom will look very unique. You can also see our other articles : country living room ideas.

Television Shelf

modern bookshelf ideas

There are quite a number of bookshelves that are combined with other devices and are also designed to be open so that it looks very modern. For example, an outboard shelf which is also used as a television table in a family room like this. The design is very simple and land efficient.

Big and Tall

modern bookshelf ideas

Look how big the design of this one shelf is. Along with the increasing number of your books, this one bookshelf is also very suitable to be an option. This design is also very suitable for you to make a partition between two open rooms in the house, for example the dining area with the kitchen. You can also see our other articles : modern 2 story house.

Interesting Box Details

modern bookshelf ideas

When you choose the design or style of a bookshelf or other furniture, details and things that affect the overall appearance of the room must be considered. This includes shape, curve, size, material, texture, color, and placement.

Individual Bookshelf

modern bookshelf ideas

This individual gray bookcase design is very attractive. Because you are given a choice of open and closed shelf designs in each box. By using this shelf, you can display things that are beautiful but at the same time hide things that are not attractive. You can also see our other articles : girls bedroom ideas for small rooms.

Sweet twist

modern bookshelf ideas

This bookshelf will expand any décor with its twists, smooth lines, and eye-catching angles. The appearance is very organic so that it is suitable to be combined with a variety of other furniture.

Wall Separator Shelf

modern bookshelf ideas

This shelf design is a very stylish representation of a home divider. The black and white color combination of this shelf is very elegant and timeless. This is perfect for those of you who like the concept of timeless interior design.

One of the advantages of using this shelf besides being able to be used all the time is that it is very flexible when combined with various decorations. You can also see our other articles : small house plans with loft master bedroom.

Curved High

modern bookshelf ideas

This one is a fun solution if you like the shape of the shelves that rise and stick to the wall. The entire wall of the room is covered with the body of this bookcase. The appearance is very interesting because it is not perpendicular like the shelves in general, but curved upwards.

Those are some designs and forms of modern bookshelves that can be used as choices for your home. Hope this review was helpful and helped you find the right shelf.


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