Simple Small Home Interior Design Tips and Ideas

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Simple home interior design tips, Comfortable housing is the most important thing that must be met and deserves consideration by the owner. Even though you live in a type 36 house, with a modest land area, of course you should not ignore the minimalist type 36 home decor which prioritizes functionality and comfort. So that the small house that you have can make all residents of the house in it feel more at home and don’t feel monotonous. In addition to the comfort function, a house with the right design and management can also make all residents in it healthy. This is the reason why you should really think about the right interior design for your home.

Simple home interior design

Comfortable and Healthy Tiny House With Maximum Design

Even though the size of your residence is not large, you can still have a comfortable and healthy home. So it’s time to create the environment you live in into a healthy, comfortable, safe residence and make the whole house feel more at home. Even if you live in a tiny house, you can still design a simple house in such a way, starting with the right furniture arrangement. In other words, the size of the dwelling is not something to think about. Read55 pictures of small house living room interior design.

There are many ways you can do to get around the interior design of a small house, without having to renovate it let alone make massive changes in every room in your home. We will give you the secrets of creating a residence into an environment that is not only comfortable to live in, but also healthy even though the size of your residence is not too big.

Tips for a Comfortable and Healthy Small Home Interior Design

There are several important points that must be considered when you do a simple house layout, including:

1. Pay Attention to Ventilation

Maybe we often come across a small house where the owners don’t really think about ventilation in the arrangement of their house, the impact of which is that the house seems stuffy and stuffy. This certainly gives the impression of being uncomfortable, both for visitors to the house, let alone the occupants of the house in it. As we know, a healthy home is one that has sufficient air circulation with a good ventilation system in it.

Especially in the type 36 house layout, it is very important to have a good ventilation system in the house. With sufficient ventilation to make your home feel fresher and freer, the positive impact is that the occupants in it also feel comfortable when they are inside the house. Therefore, make sure every room in your house must have good ventilation in it.

Now is the time to check all the rooms in your house again, does your house already have good ventilation or not? Read32 Plans and designs of small 2 bedroom houses.

2. Natural Lighting System

This factor is also very important to note, a house without a natural lighting system can make the house seem dark and scary. To create this natural lighting system, you must apply large windows so that sunlight can enter every room in the house. The use of windows not only serves as an opening to get a source of light that enters the house, but is also the right way to make the house seem spacious.

In addition, the provision of windows can also make the incoming air circulation better, more than that you can also see the scenery outside the house. Therefore the air that enters the house feels fresher.

Then, how should a small house interior design be?

Also consider some of the factors that you should consider in designing a simple small house, below:

1. Get rid of the furniture that doesn’t really matter

Have you ever thought, if the house is narrow and cramped because we still keep useless furniture in the house? Yes, if you still store furniture that is damaged or not in use, you should throw it away or if it can still be used it can be recycled or even given to relatives or neighbors in need. This is better than keeping it in the house, but makes the condition of the house seem cramped.

From now on, choose which furniture you really use and then get rid of the furniture that you no longer need. If you are planning to buy new furniture, try to choose a design and model that is simpler and not too many motifs. Choose furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it still makes the room in your home spacious. Read20 Simple And Modern House Plans Design. Great For Small Families!

2. Choose Multifunctional Furniture

In addition to having a high aesthetic value, the selected furniture must of course function properly. Try not to put the furniture by pressing it against the walls of the house. Place the furniture on the sidelines of the room or in the middle. With improper placement of furniture, it not only creates an uncomfortable visualization effect but can also reduce the function of the furniture.

Placement of furniture on the sidelines of the room or in the middle of the room can create the illusion of a wider room. In the arrangement of this minimalist home space requires you to see the potential of the furniture used. One of them is by using a bed set that has a drawer/storage shelf underneath, it has great potential to get around the lack of storage space usage.

You can also choose a table that can be designed to blend with a drawer/bookcase, so it can save more space.

3. Apply Light Colors

Maximizing the entry of light into the room can also be circumvented by the use of light colors on the walls of your home. If at home there are several unified spaces without partitions, such as the family room and dining room, you should create harmony in the color of the walls used. So that your small house seems bigger and wider.

The selection of beige and white colors on the walls can be an ideal choice. You can also play other bright colors on the interior walls of the house, if necessary. But make sure the colors are in harmony with the color selection of the furniture used. In other words, don’t let all the colors used collide and gather with each other, so that it seems redundant.

4. Mirror Usage

You can also use a mirror to organize a minimalist space in your home. You do this by placing a large mirror in one of the rooms. Place it on a long wall, you can also place it behind one of the furniture. The use of this mirror can create the illusion, as if you have a new room so that it can give a wider appearance to your small house. Not only that, the use of this mirror can also broaden the point of view.

Those are the important factors that you have to deal with in the application of a minimalist type 36 interior design room. In addition, we will also provide interior design inspiration for a minimalist home without having to drain your pockets below!

Simple Small Residential Interior Design Ideas

Everyone has a dream to have their own home. If you manage to own your own property, no matter how large it is, of course you will still feel proud to have your own hard-earned home. But having a private house can be said to be only the beginning of a struggle for comfort in life. Because there are still some things to think about, such as interior design matters, and decorations that you must complete to make it a dream dwelling by choosing an interior design that fits your budget.

For the reasons above, we will invite you to take a peek at the simple type 36 home interior ideas below, so you can try to get a comfortable, beautiful, and elegant home. This interior design can also be applied to other types of houses! Readsimple interior house design for small spaces

1. Retro Pop Style Home Interior

You can apply the retro style to the interior design of a small house, by choosing bright colors so that it can give a warm impression while bringing a good mood for the residents and homeowners. The choice of relaxed pop-style colors on the interior walls of this residence uses a colorful lyrical concept.

You can place a minimalist wall shelf as a place to store knick-knacks, then combine it with a long sofa , and a unique table with a cute patterned rug, so that the interior of your small home design looks more alive without the need to drain your pockets.

You can also place furniture that supports your work activities and is visible at the end of the corridor through shades of matching colors for the overall design of a simple minimalist home room that is beautifully made.

2. Eclectic Modern Small Residential Interior

The interior design of this tiny house applies a modern concept and is very suitable for those of you who live in urban areas with an efficient and practical lifestyle. In the front living room, a makeshift tiled floor is applied with an attractive and comfortable sofa set, making it look charming.

While the interior in the living room of this house is a kitchen area that doubles as a simple wooden-floored dining room. With a simple set of kitchen furniture, the interior design of a small house looks clean, comfortable, and more alive. Of course, because of the lack of complicated furniture and decorations, you don’t need to spend a lot of money either to buy it or to maintain it.

3. Residential Interior with a Natural Rural Feel

This simple minimalist home room design is perfect for those of you who miss the feel of the comfort of homes in the countryside . Not to mention the interior design that is displayed offers a comfortable feel. The interior design of this house takes a natural themed feel dominated by wooden furniture located in strategic places coupled with wood flooring. Because the house is not too spacious, the interior design of this house blends with the use of breaks between comfortable and soft furnishings.

You can also add decorative knick-knacks that make it look luxurious, such as the use of cushions and sofa cushions as a sweetener.

4. Vintage-Style Classic Tiny Residential Interior

Don’t just stick to the minimalist interior concept, because with the right budget calculation, you can also create a classic vintage-style interior design in a cute little house. The interior design of this house looks luxurious with the selection of lively nuanced wallpapers, equipped with a sofa with two soft colored seats, plus the placement of a unique guest table on a monochrome motif carpet.

In addition, two mirrors are displayed on the wall as the only wall decoration as well as a complement to the interior design of this tiny dwelling. If we examine further, the use of other furniture in simple minimalist home interior decoration is also not too specific and can be arranged according to the needs of the budget that has been prepared.

5. Original Tiny Residential Interior

In the interior design of this tiny house, it doesn’t require a lot of polish, but the impression of originality gives it more comfort and more style. With the use of open brick walls, it gives a rustic impression combined with colorful modern-style furniture. While on the other side of the wall, a window is combined which has been decorated with curtains and curtains, made open with the use of iron trellises.

The interior design of this tiny house is made spacious and open because the natural feel is still so attached to both sides. You can also use rustic or natural-style furniture if you don’t want to apply modern furniture as seen in the interior design of this house. Whatever furniture you choose, adjust to the budget, so you can create an interior design that is similar to the interior design of this house.

6. Simple Modern Minimalist Interior Design

The interior design concept of this house is focused on the dominance of white furniture and wood in the furniture panels, such as doors and windows. In addition, black is also inserted which is clearly visible by placing a small carpet and rocks. Inserting black is also quite smart by choosing a classic polka-dot pattern or a circle.

The visible decoration of the walls of the house can only be seen from the well-arranged frame plus the chandelier decoration, so that it further enhances the interior appearance of your tiny house.

7. Complete Family Room Interior Concept

This interesting small house layout concept creates a family room to relax as well as a place to work, thus saving more costs and space. We can see the use of wall shelves attached to the wall as a multifunctional and practical storage area without taking up much space.

Not to mention through the arrangement of back light lights that make the shelves open, so that the impression of luxury in this room is clearly visible. The selection of the sofa itself, only in the form of a large sofa set without being equipped with other sofas to save more on the budget. A work desk is also inserted at the end of the room through a natural lighting system that comes from a medium-sized window. The placement of the fur rug as the last decoration further sweetens the overall appearance of the interior of the house.

8. The concept of using mirrors as an illusion of a wider room

You can also get around the interior of the house by placing lots of large mirrors, to give the room a spacious and spacious impression. In addition, you also don’t need to be fixated on choosing matching furniture as well as choosing a sofa. Playing with the type and color of the sofa can reduce spending more.

In addition, also add wall decorations in the form of beautiful frames that seem elegant and make the moments presented in the photo never forgotten. This is certainly a brilliant decoration choice without having to spend a lot of money.

Those are the concepts of choosing a room design in a minimalist home that can be imitated into your favorite home. By choosing the right design concept, making the residence more comfortable, elegant, and luxurious without having to spend a lot of budget.


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