Simple Interior Design for Studio Type Room

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simple interior design for studio type room

6 Recommended Minimalist Apartment Designs

Nowadays, apartments have become a type of residence that is increasingly popular with the public. Limited land is one of the main reasons.

In addition, these vertical residences are usually located in strategic locations and some are offered in fully furnished conditions.

Apartments also have many sizes and various types of units that can be tailored to your needs. 

Apartments also usually have a modern design to make them look attractive.

Well, if you are confused about apartment design, here are Simple Interior Design for Studio Type Room. Read more, yes!

Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are one of the types favored by people in Indonesia. 

The reason is, this apartment has a practical and simple apartment plan that can be occupied by one person.

Studio type apartments are usually small in size consisting of a bedroom and a bathroom. 

Usually what is insulated is  the bathroom , and other spaces such as the bedroom, kitchen area and TV room are left without a partition so that it feels wider.

simple interior design for studio type room

Studio apartment designs usually have bedroom interiors that are adjusted to the appearance of other rooms, so they will create a very minimalist impression.

Measuring an area of ​​20-35 square meters, studio type apartment plans  are usually neatly arranged with a function in every furniture or element used. 

Not only a neat arrangement, a touch of minimalist color will also give the apartment a spacious feel. Such as white, light brown, ivory , gray, dark blue and beige. 

Like the picture below, by using a dark color to match the floor, this studio type apartment gives a spacious effect with neatly arranged furniture.

To fill the void on the walls, you can also add some  minimalist wall decorations in the form of paintings that you like.

You can also use other patterns for a more attractive appearance such as patterned and light-colored seat cushions. 

Of course, your studio type apartment will feel more alive with a minimalist and modern room interior like this.

simple interior design for studio type room

In contrast to the concept of a dark color, you can also use a minimalist light color to beautify your studio apartment type.

You can use a minimalist design with all-white paint in your room.

To give a similar feel, you can also use white on kitchen and bedroom furniture  .

It would be better if you also apply pastel colors for decoration and decoration in the room for a more attractive impression, like the apartment picture below.

simple interior design for studio type room

1 Bedroom Apartment Design

Although studio type apartments are in great demand by the public, 1-bedroom apartments are no less competitive, you know .

One-bedroom apartments have been widely marketed by various well- known developers in Indonesia. With various prices. In Jakarta, this type of apartment is usually in demand by young executives who live alone.

1 bedroom apartments usually have  an apartment plan that has 1 bedroom that is given a special room. As for the family room and kitchen together with the dining table. 

simple interior design for studio type room

You can choose this type of apartment with soothing pastel colors. 

If you like a minimalist style, you can choose a combination of white and brown.

Since 1-bedroom apartments usually have a larger living room separate from the bedroom, you can add furniture such as a patterned sofa that gives an impression.

simple interior design for studio type room

If you like a natural feel but still looks minimalist, you can also add natural stone on the wall to your liking.

Adding a natural stone pattern to the family room in the apartment will certainly give a more attractive and natural impression. Given that natural stone is usually used for bathrooms, kitchen walls or even fences.

To give a minimalist impression, make sure not to add natural stone in all parts of the room, but only in certain parts like the apartment picture below.

simple interior design for studio type room

2 Bedroom Apartment Design

As a millennial generation, living in an apartment has become a lifestyle trend that many urban people do. 

Not only for individuals, but apartments have also been used as residential areas for small families. 

A 2 bedroom apartment can be a solution for those of you who are newly married and have 1 child to live in an apartment.

A 2 bedroom apartment is usually the right choice to be a temporary residence for people who are looking for housing. 

However, although temporary, often know 2 room apartment into a dwelling inhabited for a long time because it gives a lot of convenience, especially to meet the needs of its residents.

2 bedroom apartment plans usually have 2 rooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room and a separate bathroom. 

Not infrequently, the design of a 2 bedroom apartment is made into 2 floors by several property developers so that it can accommodate more people.

simple interior design for studio type room

2 bedroom apartments usually have 2 different bedroom designs. You can take advantage of it by applying the design you want.

For a minimalist bedroom interior design, you can apply  a bedroom paint color that matches the floor color. For example, natural colors such as brown or gray.

You can also add furniture colors to cabinets, beds and tables with matching colors such as brown wood, which will give a classic and vintage impression like the apartment picture below.

simple interior design for studio type room

36 . Apartment Design

Apartment type 36 is a type of apartment group that has a simple model but is still no less attractive.

This type of apartment usually has an apartment plan with a flexible and open space design so as to provide a wide range of motion.

You can create this apartment according to the desired design.

If you like classic concepts, you can use elegant interior colors combined with wall and floor colors.

By choosing the right color, you can also combine the color of the furniture and the matching choice of decorations, like the apartment picture below.

simple interior design for studio type room

2 Floor Apartment

Two-story apartments are usually used by apartments with the small office home office type or what is usually abbreviated as SOHO, and recently it has become a trend in Indonesia, for example the SOHO Pancoran Apartment  .

This type of apartment is usually 50 to 65 square meters in size with a room without a partition. 

This 2-storey apartment with the SOHO concept generally offers a modern and exclusive design, suitable for young executives who work at home.

But along with its development, SOHO also has many designs that you can choose from.

If you like a minimalist apartment type with a unique concept, you can apply a design like the apartment picture below.

simple interior design for studio type room

The 2-storey apartment above has an oriental-style design that combines brown wood with white.

With this design, it can provide a wider space for the kitchen area and dining table. 

As for the bedroom, it is on the top floor so you will get maximum comfort when resting.

You can also maximize the design of this apartment with a wooden floor that matches the color of the bookshelf and table in the room, so that it will further highlight the impression of modern minimalism.

This 2-storey apartment design is very suitable to be applied to limited units but can still store a lot of things because of its neat and unique arrangement.

That way, you can save a lot of space and optimize the arrangement of the apartment with multifunctional furniture such as a bookshelf above the wall.

Although it is quite narrow in size, with a 2-story apartment design you can have a lot of space so that the apartment will feel wider.

simple interior design for studio type room

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Oriental Apartment Design

Today’s oriental apartment designs are much favored by the people of Indonesia.

How come? This modern minimalist design applies an architectural style similar to Japanese-Scandinavian. 

The design of this apartment is usually based on a simple but still functional design.

Usually, this apartment type design uses a lot of wood accents and soft pastel colors. 

Light-colored wood is a favorite material that will be suitable to be combined with matching colored furniture.

simple interior design for studio type room

The multifunctional concept applied to this oriental-style apartment design is also an interesting inspiration for a room that is not too wide.

With a neat arrangement, you can as much as possible arrange the installed furniture to be more organized.

Examples such as a washing machine framed with a kitchen counter and the use of cabinet drawers as shown below.

simple interior design for studio type room

Interesting, huh ? This oriental apartment design will provide extra comfort for those of you who like a minimalist apartment style.

Well , those are 6 recommended minimalist apartment designs for you. Hopefully the information above can be useful and be your reference, OK ? Good luck!

Simple Interior Design for Studio Type Room


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