Should I Use a Gaming Laptop For College

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College with a Gaming Laptop? Think about These 5 Things First!

should i use a gaming laptop for college

Laptops are items that are very commonly owned by all people, especially nowadays. Many activities require everyone to use a laptop, causing the price of laptops in various segments to skyrocket. In some special moves, a high-performance laptop is needed, for example for 3D design, photo editing, and video editing.

When talking about editing, you need a laptop with strong and stable performance. Therefore, a gaming laptop is an answer that can overcome it all. Even though gaming laptops are very solid in terms of performance, there are several considerations if you want to buy this laptop.

1. Has a Thick Size

Gaming laptops do have a size that is quite thick when compared to normal laptops in general. The thickness of a gaming laptop is not without reason, but rather the capacity of the engine, cooling system, and other supporting components to serve the user’s work. Because the many components, make gaming laptops thicker, the weight they have will increase significantly. So for those of you who don’t like carrying heavy loads in bags, gaming laptops are not recommended.

2. Lots of Holes in the Laptop Body

As mentioned earlier, gaming laptops are more prominent and have lots of holes. These holes serve to cool the laptop engine that is working. Usually, the hole at the bottom of the laptop is used as an intake (air intake) and the hole on the side is used to exhaust hot air from inside the laptop. With so many holes in a gaming laptop, you have to pay more attention to the place when using it outside. The reason is, it is prone to dust or small animals (such as insects) getting into the inside of your laptop.

3. Don’t Forget to Bring a Laptop Charger When Going Outside the House

Gaming laptops tend to have wasteful power consumption. Because this laptop prioritizes the performance of the machine itself. Even though there are now many gaming laptops that provide modes for power consumption to be more efficient, the battery savings will still be less when compared to ordinary laptops. Therefore, if you need to take your laptop out of the house, you must also bring the charger in anticipation of the battery running out quickly.

4. Pay attention to the type of screen panel given

Because the gaming laptop segment now isn’t just for gamers (but also editors and programmers), you have to look at the screen panels used. Gaming laptops for Gamers prioritize high Refresh Rates compared to sharp color accuracy. Meanwhile, programmers usually prefer a wide screen and sharp resolution rather than color accuracy. Meanwhile, editors usually prioritize resolution sharpness and color accuracy compared to Refresh Rate.  These needs depend on your activities. Therefore, before buying a gaming laptop, you need to pay attention to what type of panel the screen uses.

5. Treatment is more difficult for the general public

According to the points mentioned above, gaming laptops need maintenance every now and then, namely:

  • Cleaning fans and other laptop cooling components that are easily dusty. Because there are many holes in the laptop’s body
  • Replacing the Thermal Paste  because the laptop tends to heat up because it is often used to its maximum state (prioritizing performance)
  • Because the price of gaming laptops is higher than laptops in general, if there is a component failure, the price will automatically be higher.


Gaming laptops are laptops that are quite popular with many people because of their performance. However, if you don’t like carrying heavy bags, then a gaming laptop is not the right solution. There is still the UltraBook business laptop segment that will answer this.

Those are some things that need to be considered when using a gaming laptop.

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