Modern Single Floor House Design – Luxury & Elegant

Modern single floor house design – Having a large house with a modern, beautiful and comfortable one-story design is certainly a dream for many people. In addition to the design of a minimalist house, a modern house is also a dream for new families.


If new families are hunting for housing, modern homes are often adopted by millennial families. This design, which also uses a minimalist concept, is designed to be neat and fun to make it look beautiful and elegant.


If you don’t want to be in the property business, you will certainly maximize everything for your residence that will be inhabited for a lifetime. For this reason, modern home design planning is very important so that you can have the desired home.


There are many modern home models to choose from, and it all depends on how much land you have to have the desired modern home design. Below are examples of Modern Home Design images that can be your inspiration.


Modern Single Floor House Design Pictures

modern single floor house design


modern single floor house design


modern single floor house design


modern single floor house design


Modern House Design Combination of Wood

modern single floor house design

This Modern House Design has a flat roof like a modern house with a minimalist architectural style. Usually, a house that has a flat roof has a height of more than two floors with a rooftop that can be used.


You can use the upper part as a Rooftop Garden, a place to relax, or a clothesline. The modern house design above still carries a classic impression with wooden elements that still look natural on the front.


The paved yard is indeed provided for vehicle parking because there is no carport or garage. In addition, you can use it to create a garden with plants in pots. 


Neutral Color Modern Home Design

modern single floor house design

If usually Modern Houses always display bold, striking colors and use many color combinations, you can use neutral colors to create a simple impression.


This house uses a flat roof and makes use of the top. In order not to look too calm, a mini garden is deliberately presented around the house as a barrier at the same time to make it more beautiful and not boring.


Unlike the first picture, this house uses different paving for the yard and road, to further clarify the position of the front of the house.


Modern Minimalist Home Design

modern single floor house design

Gray and white colors are widely applied to Minimalist House, especially in housing. With a carport that is united with the terrace, this Modern House can be said to have a minimalist style.


While maintaining a flat roof like most houses, the minimalist style of the house is visible from the iron fence, the colors and designs are small but still look elegant. Not only does it have a garden on the side of the house, but the upper part is also used for a Rooftop Garden. So that the top view does not seem empty and can create a natural impression.


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Classic Modern Home Design

modern single floor house design

This Modern House uses colors and styles like a classic house. With a modern-looking facade, on the sides, it uses a brick wall motif, as is often applied to classic buildings.


Brick walls can make a dwelling look modern and classic, but do not reduce the impression of elegance. A flat roof without a fence, this house does not take advantage of the roof and maybe a long-term plan to make it a 2-story Modern House.


Just like before, this house uses light colors that will look calm. In order not to look empty with a large yard, a small garden is made around the house as a barrier. Furthermore, Minimalist Gardens can be made around the yard, apart from just being a carport.


Modern Home Design Shades of Yellow

modern single floor house design

This beautiful house design is quite interesting. With a simple and wide look, this house looks fun. Combining yellow and natural colors, this house looks cheerful and not boring.


Not only that but a natural touch is also seen on the new natural walls, window and door frames that are left in natural colors, and small plants on the side of the house. In addition, the grassy yard makes this house look cool and beautiful.


The upper part of this house is not used as a rooftop garden because it is represented by the green of the Front of the House and the paint color that supports it. The top is more suitable for a place to relax, a clothesline with some plants that are not too flashy.


Neutral Color Modern Home Design

modern single floor house design

This Modern Home Design looks very minimalist and simple. Built without stairs on the terrace, the roof is designed low and extends on both sides. To eliminate the impression of being low, this house has a high design with a neat side window that is connected to the roof.


With a modern look, this house uses a very simple square window. On the sides of the house apply natural stone to add an elegant and natural impression. This house has a small garden on the side as a refreshing atmosphere so it is not monotonous. For a house design like this, the top is perfect for making a rooftop garden so that the house doesn’t look low.


Pastel Color Modern Home Design

modern single floor house design

The house above has a carport that is united with the terrace, more precisely in a building with an open top. Although it can interfere with activities in and out if there is a car there, this house looks quite comfortable and attractive.


Applying pastel colors with light colors, this house uses natural stone walls for decoration, and also so that the appearance of the house is not too monotonous. At least there’s a touch of bold color there.


With the existing gardens to the right and left, it is almost impossible to add other plants around the house. The roof that has been equipped with an iron fence is suitable for a rooftop garden, a place to relax, or dry clothes.


Modern Home Design with Contemporary Accents

modern single floor house design

Usually, house designs like the one above are favored by millennials or art enthusiasts. The house with many accents in front of it makes it look crowded, creating a welcome impression for anyone who comes.


In addition to the brown theme, the design of this house shows a simple impression. The top of the fence that is deliberately high enough is perfect for a place to relax with a mini roof garden next to it. Not only that but the Front Garden is also designed to be fun with a place to relax on the side of the house. The terrace area was intentionally left blank for the carport and the terrace function was moved to the side of the house.


Luxury Modern Home Design

modern single floor house design

If you have a fairly large area, this modern luxury home design can be an inspiration. With a basic paint color, this house maintains a classic impression. Then add bold color in some small parts, making it look luxurious, cool, and elegant.


The terrace is designed higher like most luxury home designs. While the lower part around it is closed by a small garden that surrounds the house as a barrier.


The wide windows on several sides create a welcome impression on guests who come. For the interior, large windows will make the room look wider, as well as be useful as natural lighting.


This modern luxury house that has been designed high uses a roof in the back area so that its activities are not visible from the front. So that this luxury house will still look neat, calm, and elegant.


Minimalist Concept Luxury Home Design

modern single floor house design

This modern house design uses a combination roof, namely a flat roof and a pyramid. The color also only uses two colors, namely white and gray, to create a luxurious, majestic, and elegant appearance.


Modern window sills are applied on several sides. To add a natural impression, a plant place is provided in the window area. Supported by two pillars in front of the house with a wide roof, this house is suitable for those of you who like luxury residences with a minimalist concept.


Artistic Minimalist Home Design

modern single floor house design

For those who like art, this Modern Home Design is perfect for inspiration. This house uses natural stone on several sides with different colors and unique wall designs, not plain. Not only using wide horizontal windows, this house actually opens itself up by embedding a bulkhead as a wall in the front area of ​​the house.


You could say this house is colorful, however, the composition is very precise. So that the colorful nuances are not too excessive. Use a little yellow for the top fence support and red for the front wall bulkhead. Not so flashy, but makes it look artistic and elegant.


Applying a calm dominant color, with several small potted plants placed around the house, is enough to represent a beautiful feel. For others, a roof garden can be made above, accompanying a minimalist balcony to relax.


Simple Modern Home Design

modern single floor house design

Modern homes don’t have to be luxurious. A simple look with a modern model also doesn’t hurt. This one house is very simple but has a variety of wall models that can be a plus, moreover there is a natural stone wall that is part of the rooftop garden.


In order not to be monotonous, a little part of the wall is given a touch of bright and striking color, blending with the green color of the garden grass. Unfortunately, there is almost no carport in this design.


If the car is parked in front of the paving road, it will certainly interfere with activities. So, consider extending the paving to the right, not the side that will cover the yellow.


Simple Modern Home Design #2

modern single floor house design

If previously simple nuances were only given a few flashy colors, where is this one modern home design applying two striking colors, namely red and dark yellow? Combined with dark gray, this color manages to create a bit of a bright impression, in addition to the white base color that no longer dominates.


The roof of this house can be used for a rooftop garden or other household activities. To beautify the house, adding some potted plants around the house area can also be a good solution.


Elegant Modern Home Design

modern single floor house design

At first glance, the design of this modern house looks elegant and the walls are dominated by white. Several colors are added in several areas so that the color distribution is even, balanced and harmonious. At one point it was given a bit of a bright bright color so that the residence looked perfect.


With a high enough roof wall design, the roof of the house can be used for anything. It can also be for long-term plans to make it a modern 2-story house.


A carport area has also been provided, united in a terrace area separated by a wall, so as not to interfere with activities. On several sides of the house, you can add some plants so that the dwelling looks beautiful and complete.


Modern Minimalist Home Design Combination Roof

modern single floor house design

If a triangular roof is usually synonymous with a house that is quite spacious, the modern house design combines it with a flat roof with a small house shape, which is quite interesting. This house uses a minimalist square window. To beautify it, the window area is given another color to the side of the house. This creative wall area coloring makes the house look small, cute, and beautiful.


Those are some ‘modern single floor house designs‘ that can be your inspiration in designing or decorating a new house.


Hopefully the article Modern Home Design is useful. If you have difficulty designing interior & exterior designs, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!

modern single floor house design luxury and elegant