Interior House Paint Colors Pictures Asian Paints

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Interior House Paint Colors Pictures Asian Paints

interior house paint colors pictures – As a place to live, houses often have decorations and interiors that are made as comfortable as possible.

One of the elements that affect the comfort is house paint. House paint as a complement to the interior and exterior of the house is influential in giving a good impression of the house.

Therefore, it is not surprising to beautify the appearance of the house, people often change the color of house paint for a newer and more colorful look.

Not only that, house paint can also function as a protection for the walls of the house from various weathers such as hot sun, rain, hot air and moldy humidity.

Thus, house paint is a factor that can attract attention and determine comfort for both the residents of the house or guests.

If the house feels like it has been using the same paint for too long, you can change it with a new, memorable and modern color to create a minimalist home.

Then what is it?

Check out the article below to show the minimalist side of your home design with the latest modern minimalist house paint.

interior house paint colors pictures asian paints

1.Gray house paint

Gray house paint

The impression of a minimalist house today is one of the styles that is often applied with several elements, one of which is the paint color of the house that seems cold and stiff.

Gray house paint can be an attractive choice if you want to have a classic and minimalist style.  

With an old lilac gray paint model, the tone and atmosphere of your home will be very different and give an impression to the visitors.

You can add some interior items to support the color atmosphere of the room, such as a gray sofa and white and gray carpet.

You can apply this paint color to the design of the living room or family room.

2. Sky blue house paint

Sky blue house paint

If you like a cheerful yet minimalist style, sky blue house paint can be the right tone.

The bright sky blue color will give the impression of a lively and pleasant house but still look minimalist.

You can add some home interiors with matching or contrasting colors for a modern home look.

3. Pastel blue house paint

Pastel blue house paint

You can apply pastel blue to minimalist house paint for a soft and calm impression.

The pastel blue color is guaranteed not to give you boredom for a cool home look. You can choose pastel blue tones as house paint in the living room and bedroom.

4. Celery house paint

Celery house paint

Celery is a shade between light green and deep teal blue. You can find this type of color in various material stores that sell house wall paint.

This minimalist house paint color can be an anti-mainstream color for you to apply and is rarely found in other homes.

You can use it for a more natural and fresh home look.

5. Coffee Brown House Paint

Coffee Brown House Paint

The brown color which is the pioneer of the earth tone color this year is more and more endless to carry.

Even today, various brown colors have many types of significant color differences, one of which is coffee brown.

This coffee-like light brown color can give the impression of a warm, modern minimalist home.

Especially if you combine it with interior colors of light gray, dark brown and various wood accents for a pleasant room look.

6. Coral House Paint

Coral House Paint

Coral color is often used as a minimalist home paint design color that is cheerful and trending since 2019. The

color that is matched with dark orange and pink produces a girly color that can liven up the atmosphere of the room.

You can apply this house paint color in various rooms of the house such as bedrooms, living rooms and even paint the outside walls of the house.

7. Fuchsia House Paint

Fuchsia House Paint

If you want a girly and playful home look, fuchsia house paint can be a reliable choice.

Psychologically, fun and bright colors can affect the mood so that you can apply fuchsia house paint.

For the interior itself, you can use matching colors to neutral colors so that the appearance of the house has an aesthetic value.

8. Dark Green House Paint

Dark Green House Paint

The green color that seems to never die provides an interesting choice for you to choose.

Usually, green will be the safest choice as a wall color. However, you will give a different impression if you choose a dark green house paint color.

You can choose dark green for a natural impression. For the interior design, you can put a light green sofa and matching ornamental plants.

The room in the house will feel warmer and more pleasant to be a conversation area.

9. Ivory House Paint

Ivory House Paint

Who doesn’t know the color ivory?

Ivory color which is a combination of white and light brown. Usually a color palette commonly found in cosmetics.

However, the color ivory is now a color that is often used as a material for minimalist house paint.

This type of house color paint is very suitable to be paired with natural materials such as wood and natural stones.

10. Yellow House Paint

Yellow House Paint

Yellow house paint can be an option that is never boring.

In addition to giving a cheerful impression, the bright yellow color will help the residents of the house to continue to feel positive and optimistic.

You can choose yellow as a minimalist house paint that makes the atmosphere more cheerful and warm in the living room, bedroom, wall paint material outside the house.

11. Maroon House Paint

Maroon House Paint

If you like red but don’t want it to be too obvious, you can use maroon or maroon instead.

The maroon house paint color can be applied to various rooms in the house, such as the dining room, family room and bedroom.

12. Red Heart House Paint

Red Heart House Paint

Still red, you can use a red heart house paint color as the color of choice.

This type of red color is widely used in homes for a modern look because it can increase the lively and energetic atmosphere.

You can choose a neutral colored interior to give a color balance to the room.

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13. Mint Green House Paint

Mint Green House Paint

If you feel like your home is overcrowded and need a color that’s refreshing but not too bright, mint green can be a great choice.

You can combine mint green with yellow, gray and white to make the residents of the house enjoy a different atmosphere in the room.

14. Navy Blue House Paint

Navy Blue House Paint

Navy blue is often used as house paint to carry a minimalist style.

Even though it seems cold and dark, the use of this minimalist house paint color will give a calm, stable and productive psychological picture.

So it will be very interesting if you combine a variety of interiors with neutral colors.

15. Orange House Paint

Orange House Paint

The next house paint is orange or orange.  

Bright colors in the house have a cheerful impression and can liven up the house. The impression that will be presented will certainly amaze anyone.

You can combine white on the sofa for an interesting interior.

16. Pastel Pink House Paint

Pastel Pink House Paint

Pastel pink house paint can give a minimalist and cheerful impression at home.

You can apply this minimalist house paint by prioritizing modern and elegant interior arrangements such as wall hangings, decorative lights and ornamental plants with beautiful pots.

17. White House Paint

White House Paint

Although white is often a monotonous and boring color, if you combine it with a good mix of interior design, white will be very special.

The white house paint color provides many of the best implementations and can be combined with any interior.

But if you want white as a minimalist house paint, it means you have to give extra care because usually this color is very easy to get dust and dirt.

18. Old Salem House Paint

Old Salem House Paint

Salmon is a favorite color that is widely used in 2021.

This minimalist house paint color is very suitable to be combined with various interiors with earth tone colors such as brown, maroon, brick red and gray.

You can use this house paint sample for a house that looks elegant and classy.

19. Pastel Purple House Paint

Pastel Purple House Paint

Purple is a typical wall color that is widely used for girls’ rooms.

However, it turns out that this color is also very suitable to be applied in the living room and living room of the house.

Especially if you complement it with pastel interior colors such as yellow, blue, pink or turquoise for a cheerful and refreshing impression in the house.

20. Mustard House Paint

Mustard House Paint

The mustard color is the most recent and unique choice of minimalist dream house paint for you to use.

This house paint color will give a different impression because of the relaxed feel and give a positive mood.

Of course, the mustard color can also be applied to all types of rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens to the outside walls of the house.

Well, interesting right?

Those are the 20 most recent, impressive and modern Asian paint color images for you to choose from.

Hopefully the information above is useful, yes!

Good luck!


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