Decorating Ideas With A Touch Of Glamor For A Work Desk

desk decorations for work – A boring workspace and desk can be a source of stagnation in your productivity. Maybe it’s time you have to decorate the room with a new atmosphere. One of the cool things for you to apply is decoration with a touch of metallic glamor.

Of course the decorations are not made of real gold. You can color the displays and other fixtures with metallic paint so they look completely different. See examples of decorating ideas below.

desk decorations for work

File Place

desk decorations for work

Organizing files with simple designs is often the choice of many people. To make it look more sparkly, give it a touch of glamor by coloring it with gold spray paint. You can also wrap it with metallic paper which is relatively cheaper. See other articles: bedroom ideas for womens.

Pencil case

desk decorations for work

The two designs for stationery with a touch of glamor are accessories that can slightly change the ambiance of the workspace, especially the desk. The motifs that adorn the cans also add to its attractiveness. Interestingly, you can also make your own by using used cans. See other articles: curtains for bedroom.

Paperclip Case

desk decorations for work

Say goodbye to messy desks when you’ve completed your desk with this elegant case. To make it, simply provide small glass bowls and then decorate with metallic washi tape or spray paint. Modify the application of color by applying a pattern. See other articles: how to soundproof a room from outside noise.


desk decorations for work

Mouse Pads with a glamorous touch can be very hard to find. For that, modifying it with the addition of other decorations is the most appropriate solution to do.

To make it, form a pattern of stripes using masking tape and then spray paint over the top. When it dries, remove the tape from the surface of the mouse pad. You can have gold stripes motifs. See other articles: simple bedroom ceiling design.

Mail Place

desk decorations for work

A touch of sweet glamour. That’s the charm that emanates from the design of this one letter holder. The gold color of the surface and the knitting threads that weave in front of it combine very attractively.

Do you have both of these ingredients at home? Try to practice it yourself! Choose a yarn color that has a pastel touch to give it a girly feel. See other articles: red room decor ideas.

Flower vase

desk decorations for work

Very simple! Yes, if you want to modify your plain ceramic vase to get a touch of glamor it is very easy to do. You only need masking tape, paint and a brush. Paint gold paint on the bottom of the vase but first separate the surface of the vase that you don’t want to paint using masking tape. See other articles: two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Memo Board

desk decorations for work

Use different shaped boards to put your work memos on. If usually the board is made of cork, this time it is in a very different shape, namely nets. Dab gold paint to give a touch of glamor to the object. See other articles: wooden house plans.

Table lamp

desk decorations for work

Lights are one of the important elements that must be on every desk or study. You can use the lamp as a beautiful decoration with the choice of gold-colored material. Pair it with the black lampshade for a dynamic impression. See other articles: pictures of big houses.

Book Clamp

desk decorations for work

You can put the books you are reading on the table more beautifully. Just use book clips or gold bookends in the shape of a pig that are unique and chic. See other articles: chalet style houses.

Hopefully the decoration ideas that we present above can add references to make your residence more unique and interesting. Good luck!