7 modern pillar painting design

modern pillar painting designs

modern pillar painting designs - Want a minimalist home design that has pillars? 

Adding a pillar structure to the house can indeed beautify the house, making it look more elegant, classic and feels more magnificent. 

In addition, the structure of the pillars of the house can also serve to support the top of the house, making the house stronger. 

What are the minimalist house pillar models that can be included in a minimalist home design to be in harmony with the overall architectural design of the house? 

Come on, let's take a look at the 7 modern pillar painting designs below!

modern pillar painting designs

1. Pillar shades of black

modern pillar painting designs

This black house pillar design perfectly complements the white minimalist home, providing a monochrome accent that looks modern. 

The shape of the pillar model of the house is also not adventurous, it is rectangular in shape, without decoration.

The color choice is right, in accordance with the color palette commonly found in minimalist designs, creating a clean impression. 

The black color also looks unusual, bolder, so the pillars of this minimalist house feel more elegant.

2. Pillar white color

modern pillar painting designs

The choice of white is never wrong in the language of minimalist home design. 

This minimalist house pillar image looks clean and luxurious, with an elongated rectangular shape supporting the attic of the house.

This minimalist white house pillar looks to be the highlight of the house's appearance because it has plain materials and a different color, namely white. 

While the house is painted in beige color and some parts of the walls use natural stone materials. So that the pillars of the house look striking.

3. Pillars of stone

modern pillar painting designs

Alternative house pillar materials that are suitable for minimalist home designs are stone materials. 

The pillars of a minimalist house made of stone look natural with a cool impression. 

In the picture of the pillars of the house above, we can see again the model of the pillar that is used as a highlight of the design of the house.

The dark color of the pillars of the house, in contrast to the white nuance of the house as a whole, provides an accent that attracts the attention of anyone who sees it. 

This minimalist house pillar model of stone blends beautifully with wooden floors that both look natural.

4. Minimalist pillars with a touch of classic style

modern pillar painting designs

House pillars with a touch of classic pillar style can also fit into a minimalist home design. 

But make sure to choose pillars that don't have too many complex designs like real classic house pillars.

The minimalist house pillar model with a touch of classic style has a beauty that feels more royal, reminiscent of antique buildings in the United States and Europe. 

With the pillars of this model house, of course, your home will look more elegant.

5. Minimalist bungalow pillars

modern pillar painting designs

The pillar structure of the house can beautify the swimming pool area, as in the picture of the minimalist house pillar above. 

This black house has a bedroom that opens to the pool area.

The pillar design is not very stylish, following the sweet design of this bungalow-style house as a whole. 

The shape is an elongated square and is black in color with wood material.

6. The classic pillar in the house

modern pillar painting designs

In general, the pillars of a classic house are not present in a minimalist home design

However, combining classic pillars with a minimalist design can be a combination of home designs that are still attractive and beautiful. 

As in the picture of the minimalist house pillar above, it displays an unusual minimalist home design, feels unique and has a modern and traditional charm. 

The majestic and cool stone pillars combine with the contemporary design.

7. Pillar terrace minimalist house

modern pillar painting designs

The pillar structure can beautify the terrace of the house as well. 

As in the pergola model above, the pillars serve as lattice supports that shade the sitting area on the terrace surrounded by a beautiful home garden

The theme of the garden and pillars of this minimalist house is natural.

The pillars of the house are made of wood that are in harmony with the green garden, and contribute to creating a warm feel, making the terrace of the house a comfortable open space for relaxing and gathering with family or colleagues.

Well, that's the 7 latest modern pillar painting designs that can beautify your home.