Best Apps to Make Money

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Best apps to make money – One of the advantages due to technological developments, is the ease of getting money.

best apps to make money

This is evidenced by the many PayPal-producing applications that you can find on the internet today.

Of course, this is a breath of fresh air for those of you who are in need of money. The use of the PayPal generating application is also not difficult.

Usually, they only ask you to do certain missions, then will give you a reward for successfully completing them.

Later, you can disburse these rewards through your PayPal account.

9 Best Apps to Make Money

Since there are so many PayPal earning apps that you can use, of course, you have to choose the best one. You need to know, that not all applications really keep their promise to give money. For that, the following are recommendations for applications that have been proven to pay.

Lucky Money

The first recommendation is Lucky Money, a dollar-generating application on PayPal that has been proven to pay its users. Even on the Google Play Store platform, this application has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Not only that, on the Google Play Store itself, this application has a rating of 4.4. it is a very good reputation and can be a good testament to it. To play this app, you will get a chance 60 times to scrub the images in one day.

After scrubbing the images in this application, you can get points and dollar balances. For points, you need to collect up to 50,000,000 and use it to buy goods via the Amazon site. As for the dollar balance, you can enter it into PayPal.

Lucky Time

Next is Lucky Time, a PayPal balance generating application that has been downloaded more than 1 million times on the Google Play Store platform. It can be said that the Lucky Time application is almost the same as Lucky Money.

But what sets it apart is that there are more game options in it, such as scrubbing pictures, breaking eggs, and spinning the wheel. Each game can generate coins that can be cashed into your PayPal account.

Merge Boats

If you’re looking for a fun way to generate a PayPal balance, then it’s mandatory to install Merge Boat. Different from the two applications previously described, this application will give you diamonds if you have completed the game in it.

You only need to complete the tasks that will be given each day. Some of these tasks include merging 10 ships into the water, inviting friends, watching video ads, and many others. 

After you have collected 262,500 diamonds, you can exchange them for a PayPal balance of 5 US dollars. Not only PayPal, but you also have other redemption options such as Steam, iTunes, Google Play vouchers, XBOX vouchers, and so on.

Cash App

The developer of this Cash App application has claimed that they are able to provide more income than most other PayPal balance-generating applications. Even the tasks given by him are also quite easy and varied.

Some of them include giving opinions, watching videos, completing surveys, free trials, and trying every service provided. When you have finished doing the task, you will get points that you can redeem into dollars on PayPal.

Make Money

The next recommended PayPal earning application is Make Money. As the name implies, the application can help you to earn extra money easily. When viewed on the Google Play Store, this application has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

Even the rating it has is also quite good, so you don’t have to worry if Make Money is a scam. Well, you can earn money from this one application by completing some of the tasks given.

The tasks given by Make Money include inviting other people to join, filling out certain surveys, and trying other free applications. When you complete the mission above, you will get coins that can be cashed out via PayPal.


AttaPol is an application that can help you to top up your PayPal balance just by filling out a survey. There are lots of surveys that will be provided by this application, and for each survey, you will be rewarded in the form of dollars.

So for those of you who like new things and also questions that inspire opinion, then it is mandatory to use this application. Besides being able to express your opinion, you can also earn side income.


This Gravy will give you a PayPal balance by playing the games provided in it. But not only playing games, you can also take advantage of events to invite new friends so that you can get bonus coins.

With this, you can collect coins faster just by playing games and also inviting new friends. Coins that you collect, will be converted directly into dollars, where 100 coins are equal to 0.01 US dollars.

Later the money that you managed to get, can be disbursed through your PayPal account. The search method provided by the Gravy application is PayPal only. So if you don’t have a PayPal account yet, make one first.


If you use the Clip Clap application, you can earn money with just a few simple missions such as playing games, watching interesting videos, playing spins every day, inviting new friends, and much more.

Guaranteed with the many activities you can do, the coin collection process can be done quickly. If you have managed to collect a lot of coins, then you can find them in various digital wallets including PayPal.

Play and Win

Play and Win is a PayPal-producing application or game that was just released on July 23, 2021. Yes, this application is still new, but the number of users is already very large. This is because Play and Win are still holding events where early adopters can earn a lot of money.

The way this application works is also not difficult, that is, you only need to complete missions and invite friends. Some of the games provided by Play and Win such as dot lines, balloon game bubbles, surveys, daily check-in, and many more.

If you have managed to collect a lot of coins, the coins will be directly calculated into US dollars. After that, you can withdraw with a minimum nominal of 0.29 US dollars to your PayPal account.

The final word

Some PayPal earning applications do offer abundant benefits. But one thing you need to know, that the process of collecting money through this application is indeed not short. So you have to be patient to get the desired result.


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