8 Unique Home Furniture That Reflects Future Design Trends

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unique home furniture reviews

unique home furniture reviews – Until now, more and more furniture designers are increasingly creative and innovative in designing furniture that reflects future trends. Starting from the unique, multifunctional, compact, easy to use, to the environmentally friendly aka eco friendly. Some of what we usually see on the internet may still be just a design, but some have been realized in the original form. Anything? Check out the full information below.

unique home furniture

Wavy Cabinet

unique home furniture reviews

This wavy design cabinet was created by artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz as a continuation of his series of functional sculptures. According to him, his design furniture is the meaning of the results of his skills and understanding which is poured into a work of art. The appearance of this furniture is very unique because the surface looks like folded white paper. The process of opening is not only by opening and closing like other cabinets, but by rotating techniques to make them in a wavy shape. You can also see our other articles : small 2 story house.

Barro Negro

unique home furniture reviews

This pottery bowl is very unique because it has a compartment inside which allows one to place different types of food. This minimalist design food container is made of barro negro material from Africa whose quality is very well known. You can also see our other articles : wall colors for bedrooms with dark furniture.

Triplex Lounge Chair

unique home furniture reviews

This lounge chair by Studio MODAN, where architect Nik Aelbrecht and designer Toon Monballieu joined together, was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”. This chair is made using quality plywood or plywood. Although made of plywood, this futuristic-designed chair is said to be very comfortable because the design is adapted to human geometry perfectly. You can also see our other articles : intricacies definition.

Human Cell Box

unique home furniture reviews

This storage bin is made of human cells! Sounds pretty scary huh? Take it easy, the cells used as coatings have been developed using engineering technology so that they become synthetic materials. This human cell box, created by Valerian Blos, is deliberately presented as it is to remind people of rotten food, but it is displayed intuitively. You can also see our other articles : bedroom colors for couples.


unique home furniture reviews

Last year, an exhibition of future products and furniture was held in Berlin, Germany, titled DMY 2015. This chair made from green and environmentally friendly plants became one of the highlights of the visitors. Hackney, London-based Kizis Studio designer designed theArtichair by recycling artichoke vegetable scraps. Very eco friendly! You can also see our other articles : pictures of houses inside.

Table Like a River

unique home furniture reviews

A truly unique and original form is the main attraction of a piece of furniture. That also makes this coffee table worthy of being used as future furniture that emphasizes beauty. This coffee table whose top looks like land with a river side was created by a wood craftsman from Washington, United States named Greg Klassen. Gregg used the fallen wood around his workshop and extinguished it with a blue glass material that looked like water. You can also see our other articles : study room decor.

Multifunctional Furniture

unique home furniture reviews

Multifunctional furniture is predicted to be very useful for many people in the future. So now there are more and more designers and craftsmen who create this type of furniture. Like Jacek Kolasinski who made a mirror complete with storage cabinets suitable for the bathroom. It uses oak wood and is coated with the natural oils it produces. Not only modern, but the mirror also looks very natural. You can also see our other articles : how to make your room soundproof.


unique home furniture reviews

A team of designers from New Zealand consisting of Oliver Ward, Matt Innes, and Fraser Callaway created a folding table that is unique and environmentally friendly. This cardboard-based table, dubbed “Refold”, uses a very light cardboard base material so that it can be carried anywhere. Although only made of cardboard, this table is able to withstand the weight of an adult. Not only as a standing desk, this table can be shortened so that it is suitable for working while sitting on a chair. You can also see our other articles : aesthetic living room.

Can the eight furniture pieces win the hearts of people around the world? we’ll see what happens later. Hopefully this information can be useful for you. Continue to visit the gmboel.com blog to get news, tips, and other information about the property world that is no less interesting. Don’t forget to share this interesting article on your social media.


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