8 Old School Decorations That Make Grandpa And Grandma Miss Home

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old school decorations

old school decorations – Vintage concepts are increasingly in demand and are often chosen to bring a different feel to the dwelling. To support the oldies look, not only furniture, old-school decor elements must be faithful to decorate every corner of the house. Of course, this can bring people back to reminisce about the past, when they lived or visited grandma and grandpa’s house.

Do you also want to join in the memories of those times through your home? If so, just complete your home with the typical decorations that are usually found in your grandparents’ houses below.

old school decorations

Family Photos

old school decorations

Family photos are something that always adorns the walls of grandparents’ houses. Just try to remember again, photos ranging from your great-grandfather’s era which are still in black and white to photos of grandchildren with digital backgrounds must be neatly displayed there.

You can also do this in your vintage-themed home. Open your family photo album and your partner again, then place it in a wooden frame with natural colors. If you want photos of your great-grandparents on display too, you can scan an old photo that only has one sheet left and then reprint it. You can also see our other articles : brown two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Wall Display

old school decorations

In addition to family photos neatly arranged on the walls, your grandparents’ house also usually has wall displays made of embroidery or cross stitch techniques. Make no mistake, this decoration became a trend that was followed in its time. You can ask for the decorations from your grandparents’ house, order them from a craftsman, or make your own. You can also see our other articles : french provencal curtains.

Large Wooden Shelf

old school decorations

The furniture in the old house was generally large and sturdy. This is because most of the furniture uses teak wood which is known to be very strong. Because of this, your grandparents or parents will be happy to keep their presence. If the object is passed on to you, don’t hesitate to reject it! You can definitely come up with ideas for using Old. You can also see our other articles : small modern house.

Phones & TV

old school decorations

Unlike today, which is all sophisticated and automatic, television and telephones in the past were used manually and were a bit complicated. That’s what can evoke memories of the past when you watched your favorite show with your grandparents when you were little.

old school decorations

Both of these objects are no stranger to being used as decorations or room decorations in restaurants or at home. You can still find them in good condition at some flea markets. The combination of modern furniture with such vintage items will definitely give your home a distinct impression. You can also see our other articles : low budget modern 3 bedroom house design.


old school decorations

Cots or long benches with low legs are also usually in grandparents’ homes. Some use a foam base, some use a wooden one. Usually, the cot is also covered with batik cloth so that people who sleep on it are protected from dust or dirt.

Complete your home with the cot and then place it in the family room or terrace as a place to relax. You can also use the cot as a seat in the bedroom or in the study room to give it a different feel. You can also see our other articles : nautical decor ideas.

Kitchen equipment

old school decorations

You must remember how often enamel kitchen utensils were used in grandparents’ homes in ancient times? Glasses, plates, or teapots made of enamel apart from being used to serve food and drinks, are now often used as room decorations. You can still find it in traditional markets or some big shops that provide old-fashioned furniture. You can also see our other articles : low budget simple house design.

Canopy Bed

old school decorations

There are many kinds of beds nowadays. However, a bed with an old-school design that has a pole, canopies, or made of iron and zinc belonging to your grandparents can still be used. In addition to the strong material, the bed also generally has a unique shape so that it can present a different look to the room. You can also see our other articles : pastel green aesthetic.

Duh, so miss grandpa and grandma’s house, right? It’s also fun if the items at home can take us back to the good old days. Hopefully the above review can be useful for all of you.

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