8 Modern Kitchen Equipment Storage Designs Ideas

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kitchen equipment storage ideas

kitchen equipment storage ideas – Placing various kinds of kitchen utensils is not an easy matter. In order not to fall apart, a special place is needed to store it. However, putting them all in one cupboard is not a good idea. For this reason, several types of modern kitchen utensils are needed that are suitable. Here’s an example.

kitchen equipment storage ideas


kitchen equipment storage ideas

You will often find this design and type of storage, both in modern and traditional kitchens. In addition to not taking up space, making cookware hangers is easy to install. You can hang various utensils such as pots, pans, and cooking sockets.

Attach the hanger to the wall near the stove or to the kitchen ceiling. That way, you can reach all the cooking utensils easily.

Stake Board

kitchen equipment storage ideas

Hanging all household appliances on a pegboard is also an interesting idea. This modern kitchen utensil storage area is becoming a trend. The plus value of this storage area is that you can adjust the shape and location of the hanger as you wish. One example, place a board on a hanger to make it an open shelf. Very interesting isn’t it? You can also see our other articles : house color schemes exterior.

Open Shelf

kitchen equipment storage ideas

Shelves with an open design are a very practical tool storage area. Just like a hanger, you just take the equipment you need without having to close and open the door. Stick it in any corner, because the shape and appearance of this shelf is very flexible.

Open shelves are also very suitable for displaying beautiful items and tableware. Colorful jars and collections of cooking books can be placed on the shelf.

Special Knife Holder

kitchen equipment storage ideas

This modern kitchen utensil storage area is perfect for those of you who have a collection of knives. This storage design is very practical and also makes it easier for you to cook. However, care is needed in making and designing this knife holder so that the limbs are not cut.

To avoid this, you can put it on a counter top near the sink. The water pipe from the sink requires a large enough space to make it impossible to put large objects in it. You can also see our other articles : japandi kitchen design.

Drawer Rack

kitchen equipment storage ideas

Currently, there are quite a number of drawer designs that are increasingly modern, one of which is to place shelves in them. That way, all equipment can be better organized. Examples such as drawer shelves to place a frying pan, spices, and even additional cutting boards. The storage design really helps you to streamline land and space in the kitchen.

Storage Corner

kitchen equipment storage ideas

The corner area on the kitchen island and kitchen cabinets is often neglected and not used. However, this section turns out to be able to give the appearance of a modern and unique storage area in the kitchen. This corner drawer is perfect for storing cutlery and other small utensils. Although the shape is not boxy, you can also use it to store some large items. You can also see our other articles : different room aesthetics.

Kitchen Island Shelves

kitchen equipment storage ideas

If the usual shelf is placed standing or attached to the wall, this one is actually inside the body of the kitchen island. The design of this modern kitchen utensil storage area is very interesting, because generally the room under the kitchen island is used as a closed cupboard.

You can place many utensils and items on this shelf, such as plates, cups, drink bottles, glasses, and even cookbooks. The design and use are very practical, especially if the kitchen island is used as a bar table or breakfast table.

Special Drawer

kitchen equipment storage ideas

To organize all the equipment and make the kitchen look cleaner, you can create a specially designed storage set. For example, for knives, cutlery, other utensils, and kitchen spices. You can also see our other articles : purple kitchen design ideas.

We hope this review can inspire you all.


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