8 Mistakes That Are Often Made When Arranging the Living Room

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arranging the living room

Have you ever made a mistake in arranging the living room?

The living room is an important room in the house. This room is the bridge between the outside and the inside of the dwelling.

The charming visuals of the living room will certainly make us feel at ease as soon as we enter the house. In addition, guests will feel at home when they come to our house.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not pay attention to how to arrange it properly. As a result, unknowingly the appearance of the living room becomes unsightly and uncomfortable.

Errors in arranging the living room are often done

arranging the living room

Arranging the living room to feel comfortable is a bit tricky. Often we get caught up in some common mistakes when arranging it.

So, so that the living room feels cozy and comfortable, it’s better to see the trick below!

1. Living room lighting

arranging the living room

The first mistake in arranging the living room is a matter of lighting. Lighting is very important in arranging the living room to feel comfortable.

Therefore, avoid using dim lights in the living room. Also make sure your windows are functioning properly so that sunlight can enter during the day.

2. Displaying excessive wall decoration

arranging the living room

It’s okay to decorate the living room walls with displays or photo frames. However, make sure not to overdo it, okay?

Walls that are covered with too many decorations can give the impression of being messy and make the room look cramped. Especially if you install it randomly and not neatly.

In addition, installing too many wall hangings also makes the room dusty quickly. Can be bothered, clean it up?

3. Install wall hangings or photo frames too low

arranging the living room

In addition to excessive wall decoration, another mistake in arranging the living room is to display it in an inappropriate position. If you display the wrong wall decoration, the living room may look uncomfortable to look at.

Please note the ideal position of displaying wall hangings, which is at eye level of the average adult or about 1.7 meters from the floor. Avoid hanging it too low or high, OK!

4. Too many displays

arranging the living room

Want to put an antique display or holiday gift in the living room? That’s fine! Provided, do not let it fill the entire corner in the living room.

Instead of looking attractive, the living room even seems cramped if there are too many displays. Also make sure to put it in the right spot and clean it regularly so it’s not dusty, OK!

5. Selection of carpet

arranging the living room

Using carpets in the living room is the right step to build a homey feel. But, if you choose the wrong one, it can make the living room feel uncomfortable.

Choose a carpet size that is proportional to the living room. If you have a small living room, don’t choose a tiny carpet size either!

In addition, adjust the color or pattern of the carpet with the theme of the living room. This way, your living room will feel comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

6. Just choose furniture

arranging the living room

Of course we all want the living room to be filled with beautiful furniture. But, don’t let you be careless in arranging the living room with cute things that don’t matter.

Choose furniture with the right size and function. For example, if your living room is narrow, don’t force yourself to put on a large sofa. Also applies to other items.

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7. Sofa cushions

arranging the living room

A cozy living room, of course, makes talking with guests and family even more fun. Choosing the right decorative pillow can also increase this comfort.

Avoid placing decorative pillows of disproportionate size on the sofa or arranging them at random. The right decorative pillows can also enrich the color so that the visuals of the living room look attractive.

8. Origin put the goods

arranging the living room

The last mistake in arranging the living room is the origin of putting things so that it ends up falling apart. An untidy living room can put you in a bad mood.

In addition, avoid the habit of putting various items in the living room, such as bags, jackets, and even socks. If suddenly there are guests when the condition of the room is a mess like this, it’s really a shame!

Those are 8 mistakes in arranging the living room that are still often done. Now, take a peek at the living room in your house. Is the decoration right?

Hope this article helps you, ok!


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