7 Multifunctional Bed Inspiration for Small Spaces

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Now many people are looking for multifunctional furniture because of its many uses. One that many people are looking for is a multifunctional bed.

The advantage of multifunctional furniture is one piece of furniture that can be used for different needs.

In addition, multifunctional furniture also does not take up much space.

Therefore, multifunctional furniture is suitable for use in minimalist homes or small houses.

Now, many people choose to live in small houses, so furniture such as multifunctional beds are things that many people are looking for.

There are also various types of multifunctional beds.

Launching various sources, here are a number of multifunctional bed designs that can be an inspiration for you.

Multifunctional Bed for Small Spaces

1. Sofa and Bed

multifunctional bed for small spaces

This multifunctional bed is one that can be easily found.

If you are not sleeping, this furniture can be used as a sofa to relax while watching television.

However, if you want to sleep, you can get rid of the sofa seat cushion.

Then, pull the top end of the back of the furniture to remove the bed and mattress.

After that, you just lie on the bed.

2. Multifunctional Bed for Storage of Goods

multifunctional bed for small spaces

This bed shape is suitable for young couples who live in minimalist homes.

The bed is big enough for two people.

In addition, the height of the cot is also quite low, so it does not give the impression of taking up much space.

On the side of the bed, there is a shelf to store various items, such as books.

On the other hand, the couch is also equipped with a drawer, a place to store clothes.

This cot made of wood also looks harmonious if you use wooden floors at home.

This combination will give a warm impression to the room.

3. Beds under the floor

multifunctional bed for small spaces

This one-bed design is suitable for those of you who live in small apartments.

The existence of a mattress sometimes makes a small room feel cramped.

If the space feels cramped, you can make a higher floor.

Then under the surface of the floor, you can store the bed.

That way, you won’t use up much space for the bed.

4. Multifunctional bed as well as a study table

multifunctional bed for small spaces

This bed design is suitable for boarding children or studio apartment residents.

If you put a study table and bed in one small space, it will certainly make the room feel cramped.

However, you can unite the two pieces of furniture.

If during the day, you can use this furniture as a table.

However, if night falls, the tabletop can be pulled out to pull out the bed.

5. Multifunctional Bed as well as Wardrobe

multifunctional bed for small spaces

A large wardrobe will certainly take up space in a small room.

However, you can solve this problem by using this multifunctional bed.

At first glance, this bed looks like an ordinary bed, but at the front, there is a small wardrobe door.

You can also push the mattress up, to make it more flexible when going to take clothes.

Not only that but on the side of the bed is also equipped with drawers and shelves to put various items.

6. Bunk Beds and Work Desks

multifunctional bed for small spaces

This bed is suitable for those of you who spend a lot of time working at home.

If your room is small, of course putting a table and bed will make the room feel cramped.

The solution is to combine the two functions of the furniture.

You can use bunk beds.

The empty space at the bottom of the bed, you can use as a work desk.

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7. Small and Hidden Bed

multifunctional bed for small spaces

This multifunctional bed is also a bed that can be used by boarding children or studio apartment residents.

During the day, when you’re not sleeping, this furniture acts as a cupboard and shelf where you can store various items.

In addition, you can also pull the board attached to the cupboard to make it a table.

When night falls, you can fold the table, then pull up the bed.

Those are the 7 best and most unique multifunctional beds for small spaces that we recommend for you.

Hopefully, this article inspires you who are looking for a bed.


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