7 Mini Docks Designs For Houses By The Lake

best small lake docks

best small lake docks - The presence of a pier is very vital for places that are used as a vehicle for transportation or water transportation. With the pier, getting up and down people or loading and unloading of goods can be done more easily. In addition to being used as a place for boats to rest in public areas, you can also present a pier in a private residence.

Wait a minute! Of course, making a pier is not only used as an accessory to beautify the house, but functions more or less the same as those in these public places. If you have a house right on the edge of a lake or river, building a pier can be done. Here are nine examples of mini dock designs that can be used as inspiration.

best small lake docks

Small Stairs

best small lake docks

The existence of private houses right on the side of the lake is still rare. If there is any, usually the house is right on the bank of a big river or water canal. However, this house design which is already common abroad, is also possible to be developed in the country.

The design of this mini dock is very simple, that is, it protrudes from the edge of the mainland with a regular square shape. On the side, there is an additional section that is made as a seat with a roof. Beside it was made a ladder which is intended as a jumping board for swimming. You can also see our other articles : how to make your room soundproof.

Sturdy Minimalist

best small lake docks

The pier that is built at home, can be designed as small and minimalistic as possible. You can see an example in the image above. Due to the construction of the land which is higher than the water area, build a ladder made of painted cement to get to the pier.

The structure of the building is reinforced with a foundation resting on four piles near the mouth of the pier. In order not to be easily weathered, the materials used are natural stones combined with cement. You can also see our other articles : japandi kitchen design.

Big Rustic

best small lake docks

For home sizes, this one pier is quite large. You can do this if you have a boat or boat that can be used on a lake or river near your house. The concept carried by this pier style is rustic, but it still looks attractive, doesn't it? You can also see our other articles : well house ideas.

Looks Floating

best small lake docks

To withstand the load, the design of the pier does not always have to have piles at the bottom. For example, a small dock that protrudes directly from the back of the house. The pier looks like a terrace and of course can be used to relax in the afternoon! You can also see our other articles : bedroom colors for couples.

Separated from Home

best small lake docks

Not only in private residences, vacation homes located in forest areas complete with small lakes can be the right place to build a mini dock. At the bottom, it appears that the pier is designed in accordance with the form and function in general. But at the top, there is a large terrace complete with a small enclosed building.

Because it is located far from the main house, this area can be a very pleasant place to spend time. Just pick up books, drinks and snacks, as well as fishing rods for you and your family. You can also see our other articles : beautiful wooden houses.

Relax Pier

best small lake docks

Relax kayaking on the beach, when in fact you and your family are beside the lake. It's also fun to design this one pier. In addition to being used as a place for boats to lean, this area can also be used as a fun place to relax. Just add some recliners that can make you comfortable and at home. Don't forget, also complete it with a large beach umbrella as a decoration. You can also see our other articles : best colour combination for house exterior.

Staired Pier

best small lake docks

Dare to dive in the lake behind your house? If so, adding a ladder that is often used in the swimming pool on the pier can be an interesting option. Place at least two water ladders on the pier that is slightly apart so as not to fight with other family members who are swimming there. You can also see our other articles : cozy room aesthetic.

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