6 Simple Restaurant Kitchen Layouts You Should Know

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Have a small kitchen for business? No need to worry, because, with these simple restaurant kitchen layout tips, your kitchen will look neater and more luxurious.

simple restaurant kitchen layout

Today there are a lot of small or mini restaurants scattered everywhere. Even though they are small, not a few actually look more luxurious, neat, and comfortable.

Do you also want to have a mini restaurant like this? Well, usually what often confuses the owner is how to layout a simple restaurant kitchen to keep it neat and not messy.

With the size of a restaurant that is relatively small, of course, you need special tips to make it more effective and efficient. Especially if you use a lot of ceramic utensils. Of course, you have to be more careful with everything.

But you don’t need to be confused, because you will get some simple restaurant kitchen layout tips here. Here are tips that can be applied.

Simple Restaurant Kitchen Layout Tips

1. Grouping Similar Equipment

Usually, kitchen utensils have various types. From the smallest to the largest. Because the size of the kitchen is minimalist, so it always looks clean and tidy, it’s a good idea to put some kitchen tools according to their type and function.

This will certainly be very useful when you need a certain tool, then you already know and it will be easier to get it. So, the kitchen remains neat and also more efficient.

2. Multiply Drawers

To get around the need for quite a lot of kitchen tools with limited space, then you can multiply the drawers in the kitchen room.

With the more number of drawers available, the placement of some of our tools and tools will certainly be more effective and easy to find.

3. Add Hidden Basket

The next simple restaurant kitchen layout tip is to add a hidden basket located under the table.

By utilizing this space, of course, there will be more items that you can accommodate and it will also be easier when you need them.

4. Optimize the Space Under the Sink

Usually, there is a space or empty space under the sink drain pipe. Well, you can use this empty space to store various things you need. You can store soap, floor brushes, or other equipment you need.

By utilizing this empty space, your minimalist kitchen will not look dirty and messy anymore. So, even though your restaurant kitchen is small, it will still look neat.

5. Add a Shelf to the Table

In order for the kitchen space to be maximized, the space above the window that is often empty, you can use as a storage rack location. That way, the kitchen will look neater and cleaner.

6. Provide a Special Drawer for Ceramic Tools

If your restaurant uses ceramics as a tool for serving food, then it’s a good idea to provide a special drawer to store the ceramic furniture.

Because this utensil is a type that is prone to breakage, when storing kitchen utensils, it’s a good idea to add bubble wrap or a slightly thick layer of cloth.

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7. Add Hidden Shelves

To maximize the layout of a simple restaurant kitchen, you also add hidden shelves in the kitchen space. With this hidden shelf, the kitchen will look more practical and also neater, because things are not scattered around.

For the placement of this shelf, you can take advantage of the space under the table or other places that you think are ideal, as well as places that are easily accessible.

Those are some simple restaurant kitchen layout tips that you can apply. Please you can adjust the condition of the kitchen in your small restaurant. Arrange in such a way that the kitchen looks neat and clean to be more enthusiastic when cooking orders for customers.

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