5 Amazing Architecture Works whose Designs Are Inspired From Nature

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biomimetic architecture works

biomimetic architecture works – Nature, apart from being a source of life for humans, turns out to also provide inspiration to someone in making a work, including building works. In the world of architecture itself is known a style called biomimetic alias building design that replicates objects in nature, be it animals or plants.

These biomimetic buildings are not only inspired by the shape of natural objects, but are also designed to be environmentally friendly. Examples are some of the following impressive biomimetic architecture works.

biomimetic architecture works

Eastgate Centre, Zimbabwe

biomimetic architecture works

The building called Estgate Center, located in Harare, Zimbabwe, South Africa, really represents environmentally friendly architectural works and sensitive ecological adaptations. Imagine, the largest office complex and shopping center in the country really adapts the design principles of a termite nest.

Mick Pearce, the architect designed this building without cooling or heating at all. However, in each room still has a temperature that makes the people in it comfortable. With this biomimetic design, building managers and owners can save a lot of budget from these unused costs. You can also see our other articles :  Beautiful houses architecture.

Chameleon House, Prague

biomimetic architecture works

Like an iguana, this house has “eyes” that allow its occupants to see the scenery around the house, or 360 degrees. Design and architectural firm Petr Hajek Architekti built this house for a family in Prague, Czech Republic. Not without reason, the client wanted his house to be designed like that because the view of the meadow where the house was built was very soothing.

Not only the design, the exterior of the house also adapts the nature of the iguana which can mimic the alias change color. The trick is to use a semi-gloss coating that has reflector properties. You can also see our other articles : beautiful one story houses.

E’terra Samara Resort, Canada

biomimetic architecture works

In the midst of the Canadian wilderness, there is a unique architectural masterpiece that is designated as a five-star resort. The tree house-style E’terra Samara Resort was designed by leading architectural firm, Farrow, by imitating the shape of the leaf of the samara fruit.

What makes this eco friendly and natural style building special is that, instead of pinning the roofs of each room on branches, they prefer to hang them. With tree damage can be minimized. This building is a classic example of how architecture can blend with nature. You can also see our other articles : 3 bedroom house plans.

Mapungubwe NP, South Africa

biomimetic architecture works

Mapungubwe National Park in South Africa is now increasingly crowded with the presence of a natural-looking architectural work that serves as a Translation Center. The extraordinary natural landscape views in the national park, inspired the architects of Peter Rich Architects to create buildings that also have the same nuance.

The translation center construction project was executed directly by the local community. They are taught how to use the desert, which is not far from the national park, as building materials. This is the best offering from the collaboration of humanity and mother earth. You can also see our other articles : small two story house.

Park Royal Hotel, Singapore

biomimetic architecture works

The heart of Singapore is the site of the Parkroyal Hotel, the work of the WOHA company. What makes this hotel very unique is its design that uses a biomimetic style as a form of approach towards eco friendly buildings.

At first glance, there are no sightings that are close to natural elements, right?. But apparently, the architect and management of the Park Royal Hotel adapted the rock formations that make up a mountain. This can be seen in the contours of the building whose layout looks like a very natural geological formation. You can also see our other articles : nautical bed covers.

How rich is this nature, so that it can inspire these designers and architects. Do you also have a biomimetic home design idea in mind? Let’s try to make it happen like them. Not only environmentally friendly, it is guaranteed that your home will look very unique and different from the others.

Hopefully the architectural design inspiration that we have discussed above can be useful for you. Don’t forget to keep visiting the gmboel.com blog to get info, tips, and other news about the property world that is no less interesting.

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