9 Furniture Trend 2022 for Home Interiors


furniture trends 2022

Are you ready to conjure up your dream home with the furniture trends 2022?

Not only home designs have trends every year. Furniture or household furniture also has a trend that varies from year to year.

If 2021 furniture is popular with all curvy and playful, what about 2022? Is it compatible with the prediction of the home interior color trend?

2022 Furniture Trends for Dream Home Decoration

So, instead of being curious, take a look at the 9 furniture trends 2022 below! What are you looking for in your dream home?

1. Rattan furniture

furniture trends 2022

Once popular in the 1970s, in 2022, rattan-style furniture is predicted to become a trend again. Of course, this time, rattan or wicker furniture comes with a touch of modern design.

Regardless of the furniture, rattan accents will give the impression of being old school, homey, and unique. Perfect for placing in any space!

2. All-wood furniture

furniture trends 2022

2022 will also be the year of all-wood furniture. Either wood from pine, mahogany, teak, or imitation.

In addition to the strong material with a natural impression emitted, all-wood furniture is a favorite choice to add a warm atmosphere as well as a vintage touch.

3. The combination of metal materials

furniture trends 2022

Interior decoration with a combination of metal will be a trend in 2022. Just like wood, metal materials still have the impression of earth elements, whether it's silver, gold, or copper.

You can also give a touch of furniture made of other materials to make it more balanced and not overwhelming. Looks very modern, doesn't it?

4. Dark and elegant color

furniture trends 2022

The next furniture trends 2022 is furniture with a touch of dark color. Dark color itself does not mean it has to be black. You can also choose other colors with deeper tones, such as dark green, brown, or maroon.

The use of dark color furniture will give a masculine and elegant impression. You can also combine it with other elements that are slightly lighter in color to make it more balanced.

5. Neutral color furniture

furniture trends 2022

For those who don't like dark colors, this furniture trends 2022 will suit you! The use of earth neutral colored furniture will be popular.

Colors that describe natural elements include brown, beige, gray, green, and the like. The natural look it creates will make you even more relaxed while resting at home!

6. Furniture made from used goods

furniture trends 2022

Public awareness of environmental sustainability is increasing. That's why furniture made of sustainable materials will be a big trend during 2022.

Furniture made of linen, woven, or recycled items will be increasingly sought after. Not only environmentally friendly, these materials will also add warmth to your home.

7. Velvet material furniture

furniture trends 2022

Velvet sofas have become popular in recent years, as well as in 2022. A glamorous nuance will also color the interior with this velvet furniture.

In 2022, popular velvet colors include green, ruby, mauve, and dark blue. A velvet sofa with a modern mid-century style will also be really trendy!

8. Geometric and abstract patterns

furniture trends 2022

The next furniture trend 2022 is a touch of unique abstract and geometric patterns. Even a simple geometric pattern will highlight an attractive visual in a minimalist home interior.

Not only with neutral color combinations, bright geometric patterned furniture will also look charming and fresh.

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9. Multifunctional furniture

furniture trends 2022

Minimalist style houses are in high demand lately. This also affects the selection of the right furniture.

Therefore, it is not surprising that multifunctional furniture will become a furniture trend in 2022. Not only does it save space and is practical, this multifunctional furniture also gives a modern impression to your home.

Those are the 9 furniture trends for 2022 that you can use as a reference for your dream home. What kind of furniture model will you be after in 2022?