10 Navy Blue Bedroom, Kitchen, & Living Room Ideas

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navy blue living room ideas

Navy blue room ideas for a rustic to luxurious impression at home.

Blue is a popular color in room decoration. Starting from the living room, bedroom, to the kitchen.

Psychologically, the color blue can give the impression of calming and relaxing. In fact, blue is often described as a color that seems calm, peaceful, and safe.

navy blue living room ideas

Well, one of the colors from the blue family that is widely used in home decor is navy. The combination of blue with a more concentrated and deep impression can give a calming impression in your homeroom.

Navy Blue Bedroom, Kitchen, & Living Room Ideas

In addition to giving a calming impression, the navy blue color also looks elegant. It is very fitting when combined with a minimalist, modern, classic, and even rustic interior design.

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1. Navy and brown bring a rustic impression to the bedroom

navy blue room ideas

The combination of navy blue with wooden decorations is able to create a warm and comfortable room atmosphere. It is very suitable if applied in your bedroom design.

For those of you fans of rustic designs, you can add a navy blue color to the room decor. The natural impression that comes out of the rustic decor will blend perfectly with the cool navy color.

2. Minimalist navy blue and white bedroom

navy blue bedroom ideas

The navy color is perfect when combined with minimalist decorations for the bedroom. With navy blue, the room looks cooler and more comfortable to live in.

To create a cozy bedroom design as above, you need neutral-colored ornaments such as white or beige. The addition of green plants will make the room more attractive.

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3. A classic kitchen with a touch of chic navy and white

navy blue kitchen ideas

The combination of navy blue in a modern kitchen makes the decor look more colorful and warm. A cool touch of navy color gives a calming and relaxing impression.

Want to create a retro impression in a navy-style kitchen? Just add a bold color like red to the kitchen decor. Easy isn’t it?

If you feel that the navy color is too quiet, you just need to add paint or ceramics with various motifs on the walls. You will get a chic impression in an instant.

4. Navy color can also give a modern impression

navy blue kitchen ideas

The navy color is also suitable to be combined with a minimalist and modern design. A touch of navy color in the modern-style kitchen above gives a cooler and calming impression.

A little touch of gray and white makes the room look spacious and not monotonous. Don’t forget to add a uniquely designed lamp for a statement point!

5. Natural impression in the bathroom with navy color

navy blue bathroom ideas

The bathroom is not only used as a place to clean yourself, but also a place of relaxation. You can reduce stress when you take a warm bath.

Adding a navy color to the bathroom can give a cool impression. The touch of wood and trees also makes the bathroom look rustic and calming.

6. Homey family room with a touch of navy blue

navy blue family room ideas

The navy blue color gives a comfortable impression of a homey minimalist decor. You can add navy paint to the walls of the living room.

For a warmer impression, combine it with beige, white, and brown. Give it a fresh and lively touch by placing greenery in the room.

The use of carpets and sofa pillowcases with striped patterns is also the right step to complement the comfortable living room decoration.

7. Living room all navy, why not?

navy blue living room ideas

Are you really a fan of the navy color? If the answer is yes, feel free to use navy colors throughout the room.

In addition to giving a calming impression, navy color also brings an elegant and luxurious impression to the room. You can add a navy suede sofa with beige and blue sofa cushions. To maximize the impression of warmth, add candles and lamps with unique designs.

8. Coastal navy themed living room

navy blue living room ideas

Besides being used for classic decorations, navy colors are also suitable for giving a nautical touch to minimalist decorations. So it seems cool and calming like the ocean.

You can combine navy and off-white colors for a cozy and homey living room look. The touch of flowers and a wooden table can give a natural impression.

9. The navy dining room is getting warmer

navy blue dining room ideas

A dining table is a place for family gatherings, and the use of navy color can make the dining atmosphere more pleasant and calming.

Don’t want to use too many navy colors in the dining room? Just choose furniture with a combination of navy colors like the carpet above. The chandelier in the dining room also gives a warmer impression.

10. More focus in the workspace with navy blue paint

navy blue workspace ideas

Do you want to be more comfortable and relaxed at work? The navy color in the workspace design can give a calming and soothing impression.

Use navy colors to paint walls and room furniture. Don’t forget to add lights for maximum lighting. The touch of white on the wall display also gives a softer impression.

Well, that’s some navy blue bedroom, kitchen & living room ideas. You can apply navy colors to your bedroom, kitchen, and workspace. In addition to making the room more aesthetic, the navy color also has a calming effect, you know.


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