Tips for Organizing Simple Bedroom Designs Indian Style

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Want to have an Indian-style bedroom like in Bollywood films? Maybe you can use these simple Indian-style bedroom designs as an alternative choice.

simple bedroom designs indian style

One of the films that are very familiar to the ears of citizens is Bollywood films or maybe more familiar to people’s ears as Indian films. In addition to the cool film, it turns out that many also pay attention to interior design. So it’s no wonder that many are interested in the simple Indian-style bedroom designs that are often shown in films.

Are you a lover of Indian films? Included or not, it feels good too if you want to copy simple Indian-style bedroom designs for your home. In the designs they apply, there are many traditional and ethnic values ​​that are fused into one.

In addition, the interiors used by Indians have a combination that makes the atmosphere of the room more relaxed. So this design is perfect for completing the design collection in the bedroom in your home.

Simple Bedroom Designs Indian Style

To apply a simple Indian-style bedroom design, there are several elements to consider so that the result resembles a genuine Indian-style decoration. What are these factors? Let’s discuss and peel one by one.

1. Color

This color is one of the most dominant elements if you want to apply an Indian feel design. One-color that often appears in Indian films is terracotta red. This color will create an exotic feel in every scene of the film.

Besides terracotta red, there are also other colors that you can combine, namely the color of plums or the color of cherries. Use a mix that is reasonable and mature, because if the red color is too sharp, it can create an inverted and even negative impression.

You can use red naturally so that the atmosphere of the east room looks more natural. If you want to try to combine it with some other colors, you can try using the other colors as small accents. For example on wall decorations, pillow motifs, bed linen motifs, and others.

2. Bed

To create a simple Indian-style bedroom design, the next thing you need to pay attention to is related to the bed material. You can use a bed made of teak wood.

This type of wood contains essential oils as well as silicone. Its function is to strengthen the structure of the bed so it is not easily damaged and is also stronger. In addition, this wood will also give an impression by bringing out the aroma of Indian medicines.

To get this type of wood is not easy. You can look for more information or you can ask the building contractor you hire to help you find this type of wood.

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3. Fabric Furniture

To complete the simple Indian-style bedroom design that resembles the original, you can also complete it with some appropriate fabric furniture. For several kinds of fabric furniture, for example, say sheets, curtains, carpets, pillowcases, and others, you can adjust them to the existing clothes.

To be more leverage, you can consider wearing this type of clothes, for example, green, lemon, blue, and brown. It would be even more beautiful, if you could find other types of fabrics, for example, tassel or silk.

Do not let you use decorations using a white cloth. Because white is considered the color of sadness or misery. So that your bedroom decoration looks more attractive, you can add decorations in the form of beads made of glass.

Well, those are the factors you should pay attention to if you want to apply a simple Indian-style bedroom design. Are you interested in trying it?


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