These 6 Modern Style Houses Are Designed To Floating On The Water

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floating house design

floating house design – The Indonesian state, which is in the form of an archipelago, makes a number of people who work as fishermen live around the banks of rivers or the coast, maybe even in the middle. Mostly, the houses located in the area are deliberately designed to float. One of the traditional Indonesian houses with such a concept is the Lanting House in South Kalimantan.

Over time, the traditional house design concept was adapted as a modern residential model, of course, using more modern methods. Not only in Indonesia, in some areas in other countries there are also many similar house designs. Anything? Check out the following review.

floating house design


floating house design

Houses in the Netherlands have been adapting the floating concept for a long time. The number to date has reached 10 thousand units, and 2500 of them rest on the canals of the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. The design of the floating house is very minimalist because of its limited land.

The Netherlands itself is known to be very densely populated, but relatively less dense land to build houses. Not only that, the height of the land there is claimed to be shorter than sea level. So the country now has many modern houses with floating designs. One of them is the Zitadelle between the cities of Delft and The Hague. You can also see our other articles : duplex house interior.

Seattle Floating House

floating house design

An architect named Eric Cobb was asked by a husband and wife to design a floating residence in Seattle’s Lake Union, Seattle, United States. The house with a modern design that looks very neat turned out to be a very challenging project for Eric.

He said that he did in-depth research on the most suitable material so that the house could float properly. The house itself uses lightweight concrete that can float and also Styrofoam. After research and experimentation many times, the house was completed and lived comfortably by the client. You can also see our other articles : indian simple house colour combination outside.

Tom Givons’ Float House

floating house design

This semi-floating house in Narrows Burg, New York, United States, was once a sunken ship that was in very bad condition. However, in the hands of an architect hired by the owner, Tom Givone, the wreck was turned into a large house with high ceilings and very beautiful.

The renovation process took about four years. Although quite long, but the results are very worth it. This house is called semi-floating because part of the body of the house is above the ground, but part of it protrudes into the lake behind it. You can also see our other articles : decoration images.

Huron’s Floating House

floating house design

MOS Architects created a floating house on Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada in 2005. This 186-square-meter house is constructed of a steel structure and is specially designed to float well on the lake. The use of wood as an exterior wall makes this house look very comfortable to spend the weekend. You can also see our other articles : two story small house.

Malcew’s Float House

floating house design

A Singaporean architect, Mytr Malcew has succeeded in adapting the concept of a traditional house design and turning it into a modern residential model. A French architectural firm called Horizon funded the floating house project that was built in the middle of the sea.

This floating house is made using a floating platform so that it can be moved easily. According to Malcew, this house is perfect for those who really like and crave freedom and natural atmosphere in their home. You can also see our other articles : pastel green aesthetic.

The WaterNest 100

floating house design

Unlike previous floating house designs, this floating house by Italian architect Giancarlo Zema has a unique shape, like an egg shell. This 100 square meter house itself is designed to float and is made using materials that are no longer used, aka recycled waste. Therefore, this residence has been named a floating house that is very environmentally friendly. You can also see our other articles : black and white backsplash

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