Small Bathroom Towel Hanger Ideas

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bath towel hanger ideas

bath towel hanger ideas – There are many kinds of bath towel hangers. They’re not just bars and outside. Come on, check out some of the designs below.

A bathroom must have a simple and functional arrangement, regardless of the shape, size, to the interior design that is applied.

Do not let the items in it make the bathroom messy, including the presence of towels.

Just keep some unique minimalist towel hangers in the bathroom. Here are some examples of bath towel hanger ideas.

Bath Towel Hanger Ideas

Cheap Bathroom Towel Racks

bath towel hanger ideas

The towel holder in the form of a sitting rack is simple but quite unique.

The design resembles a small drink bottle rack.

To use this minimalist shelf, roll up the fabric, then arrange and arrange it like the picture above.

This storage design makes it easy for you to pick up new towels when you need them.

Unique Towel Hanger Tiny Box Shape

bath towel hanger ideas

In addition to using the sitting rack above, you can also use small boxes with beautiful designs to store towels.

Practical and easy to reach.

You can place this container anywhere, on the shelf above the sink, next to the bathtub, or hang it on the wall. See other articles: good paint colors for small bathrooms.

Unique Towel Hanger on the Wall

bath towel hanger ideas

This thick and soft fabric is a must-have item in every bathroom.

Instead of just hanging, it’s better to display them in a beautiful and attractive arrangement.

You can install a shelf or similar storage design in your bathroom.

After that you can place the towel nicely on it.

For example, look at the image above.

Towel Tower

bath towel hanger ideas

Clean towels that you just washed, can be directly stacked like a tall tower on a shelf or bathroom cupboard.

Put it in one of the empty parts while the other part you can use as a place to store equipment.

Stacking towels with different colors can give an interesting decorative effect in the bathroom.

Try applying this method. See other articles: artistic bathroom design.


bath towel hanger ideas

Maybe you’ve often seen a place to hang or dry towels in the bathroom with this design.


Using a used ladder with a simple design can be a very interesting focal point for your bathroom.

Find various ways to restore the ladder into a unique towel hanger on the internet.

Unique Towel Hanger in the form of a recessed shelf

bath towel hanger ideas

In the bathroom, recessed shelves are very useful and functional.

You know the design of a shelf like this, right?

If not, take a look at the image above.

You can use this recessed shelf to store clean towels, shampoo, soap, and toiletries.

Leaving it open or closed can be your choice. See other articles: village single floor home front design.

Unique Towel Hanger Under the Sink

bath towel hanger ideas

Don’t miss the empty area under your bathroom sink.

You can conjure up this place in such a way that it is useful for storing these soft cloths and other equipment.

You can place shelves, boxes, or even X-legged sections underneath.

Very interesting isn’t it?

Found a storage design you like above?

Let’s add to the bathroom so that the room is not messy anymore.

Hopefully the information we provide can be useful for you all.


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