One-story Finnish wooden houses: features of projects and their cost

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one story finnish house with a veranda

The construction of any house requires compliance with certain technologies and standards. In many ways, the requirements will differ from the materials used, projects, soil characteristics, and so on. In any case, the work must be carried out by qualified specialists with the appropriate knowledge and permits. Only in this case it is possible to guarantee a high-quality and durable result. It seems to many uninitiated in construction and inexperienced people that it is very easy to build Finnish one-story houses, but in reality it is not. The construction of such a house from a bar with a veranda requires that specialists have certain knowledge. Carrying out all work in accordance with technology allows you to build a reliable and warm housing. But, unfortunately, not all “masters” know such nuances.

one story finnish house with a veranda

A seemingly small Finnish house on one floor can be quite roomy from the inside.


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Features of one-story Finnish houses with a veranda

Such houses are environmentally friendly and are built very quickly, have a good layout, and a characteristic exterior. This is the best option for those who choose comfort and rationality. Finnish one-story log houses with a veranda are distinguished by their spaciousness and plenty of natural light. Well suited for families with children, weekend getaways, can be winter or summer and still be the same.


Projects differ in the following characteristic features:

  • Attic . The construction of the second floor requires less cost, time and building materials. Also, this option is characterized by efficient heating. An additional room can be made in the attic.
  • Terrace . This is a classic project with an outdoor seating area. There are many options with different layouts.
  • Veranda . Warm, since closed buildings preserve the optimal microclimate well, regardless of the season. In addition, the veranda can be used as a greenhouse, workshop and so on. For a more sophisticated look, the veranda is made with high windows to the floor, so it becomes very light.
one story finnish house with a veranda

A house for two, but if you wish, instead of a sauna, you can make another living room for children.

  • With a second light . Such projects are very interesting and seem more spacious, and a large amount of glass adds elegance. The location and shape of the windows allows you to create a unique, original and very interesting interior.
  • Two-storey with a balcony . Such a house may have a small building base, but thanks to the second floor, it will remain comfortable and very spacious. These projects are great for building houses in small areas. The second floor allows you to significantly increase the space. The balcony can be positioned under the roof for even more comfort.


Also, two-story and one-story projects of Finnish wooden houses have other very important features related to the construction technology and materials used. First of all, it is worth noting the durability of the building due to the correct processing of the frame, the use of insulation and cladding. Lightweight walls, built of quality materials, provide a high level of thermal insulation and maintain an optimal microclimate at any time of the year. The buildings are distinguished by a high level of versatility, even the most complex engineering communications can be laid in them, but they will remain hidden without spoiling the whole aesthetics.

one story finnish house with a veranda

House with a terrace for relaxing in the forest Source


Another very important feature of such projects is that even when using standard projects, you can change the shape and size of rooms, make rooms of varying complexity. In most projects of Finnish houses, in addition to household premises, technical ones are also provided.


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Design stages and construction technology

When designing a house, the client is offered a wide range of solutions and developments. It all depends on the wishes, needs and capabilities of the future home owner. It is necessary to decide on the shape of the house, number of storeys, the number of rooms, the presence of additional premises, a veranda, a terrace, a balcony, and so on. More important is the question in terms of the construction of the building. Particular attention is paid to three stages, which will be the key to a warm and safe home. They start work only after the approval of the project.

one story finnish house with a veranda

Small changes to the traditional shape of the house can significantly transform it.



Finnish houses are distinguished by their lightness of construction, so it can be erected on a slab, pile or shallow strip foundation. The choice of foundation will depend on the type of soil. The first option is carried out in several stages:

  • Cleaning and marking . Removal of vegetation, stumps, explosions, 15 cm of the upper layer, the contours of the future foundation are outlined with a rope.
  • Trench formation . Depth 50-70 cm, width 50 cm, at the bottom a layer of 10 cm of sand (compacted), the walls are leveled, crushed stone is poured, the substrate is concreted with a layer of concrete 10-15 cm, it remains to solidify for several days.
  • Formwork installation . Plywood or planks are installed along the walls with a protrusion from the trench 40 cm above the ground, beams and lintels are used for strengthening.
  • Reinforcing mesh . It is used to strengthen the foundation, reinforcement blocks are laid on the substrate, thicker is made at the joints and at the corners.
  • Final fill . The trenches are filled with concrete solution in the form of layers of no more than 25 cm, each layer is compacted and leveled, the next layer is poured before setting, dry cement is poured on the last layer, and then everything is covered with a film. The concrete will dry completely only after 4 weeks, but if the house has a light structure, then it can begin to be erected in 2.5 weeks.
one story finnish house with a veranda

An example of the layout of a one-story house with a terrace for a small family – the design of the terrace should also be taken into account when designing the foundation.


It should be noted that such an interior of a country house inside is an economy class photo or focused on a small number of residents. For a family of 4-5 people, it is advisable to watch projects from at least 12 * 10.



Walls, rafters, joists and other parts of the house from a bar are produced at the factory in accordance with the approved project. This can take 1-1.5 months, this applies even to very large cottages. Some fragments of the walls fall on the site already assembled. When unloading materials on site, the construction is laid in accordance with the place of assembly. Waterproofing is attached to the base of the house to avoid contact between wood and cement. Pins are mounted in the bars at a distance of 70-150 cm in order to avoid distortions and increase the strength of the structure. Assembling a house, depending on the materials used, takes from several weeks to 9 months.


Video description

We wanted to show you another not expensive and very interesting project of a frame house using Finnish technology with a sauna inside the house:




Insulating material is placed in the grooves between the timber. The timber itself has good thermal insulation characteristics, the wood “breathes”, which provides micro-ventilation and improves thermal insulation. The high performance of sound absorption and thermal insulation ensures the physical characteristics of the material, which reduces heating costs. Special heaters additionally increase sound insulation.


Prices for Finnish houses in Moscow

The final cost of a Finnish home depends on many factors. For example, if you choose a ready-made project, then you will not have to pay for the development of a new one. On average, the cost of a finished building ranges from 1.2 million rubles. up to 9 million rubles. Such a difference in price depends on the area of ​​the house, the number of floors, and the availability of additional buildings. In addition, the material used has a great influence on the cost of the building. Houses made of eco-friendly and natural glued beams, which are distinguished by high rates of heat saving, have a relatively low cost.

one story finnish house with a veranda

A one-story house made of timber looks rather massive Source


Examples of projects of one-story Finnish houses

Today, a variety of projects of Finnish one-story houses are presented, which can have a terrace, attic, veranda or garage. They are developed according to the specific needs of the owners for maximum comfort of living, taking into account the needs of the customer during the planning. In this case, typical projects can be changed. We offer Finnish wooden houses for consideration – photos will become a guideline when choosing a future home for a family.


One-storey house with a veranda garage

When projects of houses with a garage are created, it is required to take into account some of their features. The garage itself should be located next to the bedroom. Inside the garage, the site is concreted or laid out with paving stones. It is imperative to carefully consider the zoning of all rooms. The foundation for the entire building must be reliable. All exterior decoration simultaneously carries a decorative load and protects the house from adverse weather conditions. Such a house is suitable for those who have a car in their family. The garage can be made for one or two cars, depending on the area, it can be used as a storage room, and so on. Depending on the specifics of the project and the nuances of construction, such a house will cost on average 2 million rubles.

one story finnish house with a veranda

A house combined with a garage as a way to save space on the site


One-storey house with a veranda and an attic

A house with an attic will be a great option for a small family or retirees. The house itself can have a compact area, which allows you to save on heating and electricity. However, if guests come, then the attic can be used as an additional room or become a nursery in the future. In addition, the construction of houses with an attic is cheaper than a similar one without an attic. You can get a comfortable house with an attic for 1-1.5 million rubles. Also, the house can be used for a family of 3-4 people, where rooms for sleeping and resting are located on the attic floor.


Video description

How to choose house projects in Finland, see the following video:



One-storey house with veranda and terrace

If you like to relax in the fresh air, then you better choose projects of one-story houses with a terrace. Moreover, the terrace itself can be open all year round or be equipped with special protective panels, sliding systems, and so on. This allows you to additionally keep warm in the house and protect yourself from precipitation and wind. The cost of such a project is 1-2 million rubles.

one story finnish house with a veranda

Complex designs always cost more Source


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There is a large selection of projects of Finnish one-story houses with a garage, terrace, veranda. Finnish one-story houses, projects with timber frames, are perfect for permanent or seasonal living. You can take a typical project and, with the help of specialists, create a completely new home. Thanks to the use of modern materials and technologies, you can acquire an inexpensive, comfortable and durable home in a matter of months. 

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