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modern small glass house designs

Having a house with limited land doesn’t have to make you discouraged. You can  really  make it look more modern, contemporary, as well as functional, for example, building a house that is wrapped in dominant glass material. Come on, see the inspiration for a modern small glass house designs in the following description!

Even though it has a small area, minimalist design has become a trend for home styles in recent years.

By carrying out the small concept, a house with a narrow area can also be made comfortable by maximizing many openings.

To create an opening, you can do it by designing a house that is dominated by glass material.

Yes, a modern small glass house designs can optimize air and light into the house, so it feels fresher and healthier.

To add privacy, you can add wood , cement, to concrete materials as walls in some parts of the house.

If you are interested in building a modern small glass house designs, this time has gathered the inspiration for you.

Come on, see the review below!

7 Pictures of Modern Small Glass House Designs

1. Small Greenhouse Design with Wooden Grid  Accents

modern small glass house designs

This small greenhouse inspiration will give a modern and spacious impression to the dwelling.

To make it, you can use a large glass to emphasize the appearance of the house.

As a decoration, you can add a wooden grid  accent  to one part on the second floor, so that it doesn’t look monotonous.

In addition, the addition of these accents makes the facade of the house look elegant and luxurious.

2. Small Greenhouse Surrounded by Gardens

modern small glass house designs

You can try installing glass on the back and front of the house that faces directly into the garden area, like this inspiration.

Not only can you enjoy the view of the green garden from inside the house, the air in the house will also feel fresher because of the many trees that are visible.

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3. Simple Small Greenhouse Design

modern small glass house designs

One of the advantages of having a house that is dominated by glass is that you can freely enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Especially if you build a greenhouse in the middle of a stretch of trees, you can see a beautiful green area.

You can apply a small greenhouse design like the house picture above for an elegant and classy look.

4. Small Greenhouse on the Beach

modern small glass house designs

This greenhouse that is able to present an impressive view is La Boyita Holiday.

This house was designed by the studio Martin Gomes Arquitectos located in Uruguay.

This contemporary design residence is located by the beach and is made using concrete, iron, glass, and wood.

The main building of the house is directly opposite the best view, which is overlooking the swimming pool and beach.

5. Futuristic Modern Greenhouse

modern small glass house designs

If you live in a mountainous area and want to apply a different residential concept, you can choose this one!

This house carries a futuristic architecture with the use of an arch-shaped roof and surrounded by glass material.

Generally, a design with a style like this will feature buildings that are rarely found elsewhere, so it can give the impression of being quirky.

In addition, the use of this design will give a pleasant modern impression.

6. Greenhouse and Wood Design

modern small glass house designs

This greenhouse design has a simple impression, but is still interesting to apply.

This greenhouse has a mountain-style house that has wood accents.

You can also add a terrace on the outside as a place to enjoy the fresh air in the morning or evening.

7. Ice Greenhouse Design

modern small glass house designs

In addition to using glass that are  clear , you can also  lo use home design using frosted glass or frosted glass .

This type of glass will look opaque and thick to be used as a wall.

By using this ice glass, you can maximize the lighting in each room.

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Hopefully the article Modern Small Glass House Designs is useful. If you have difficulty designing a design, you can use the services of an architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to find the right design for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!

modern small glass house designs


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