Modern Home Decor Ideas Are Increasingly Hits

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modern home decor ideas

Over time, typography has become increasingly popular and is often used as home decoration. Decorations that involve various characters are poured in various forms. Best of all, most of these decorations you can make yourself!

Want to know modern home decorating ideas using this printing art? Take a look at the example below.

modern home decor ideas

Favorite Song Lyrics

modern home decor ideas

Poetry or song stanzas often leave an imprint on the heart and even inspire you to want to immortalize them on display. It can be poured into a very attractive decoration for the room of the house.

Try to make your own by following the ideas above. Just prepare a frame of the desired size, print the notation of the song you like, then paste the fragment of the favorite lyric on it. The results are impressive!

Yarn Winding

modern home decor ideas

Decorations from threads or often referred to as string wall art are a perfect match for typographic art. How to make it is not too difficult, but it does require extra patience to complete.


Simply make the desired word pattern on the wall using small nails, then wrap it with string or colorful thread. One example you can see above. See other articles: geometric wall paint.

Character Pillow

modern home decor ideas

This decoration is very common, we find it even more popular because it is very simple but attractive. Yes! Pillow with printed letters that connect as one unit. More and more people are selling pillowcases like this, but making your own isn’t that difficult.

Name on Wall

modern home decor ideas

Typography is very flexible and can be used as decoration for various concepts and room themes. Like this child’s bedroom, for example, which is decorated with a hanger in the form of a string of the child’s name. You can make them from patchwork filled with foam or dacron. See other articles: 3 bedroom house plans.

Words of encouragement

modern home decor ideas

Want to live healthier and have a good body? Try installing motivational typography on the walls of your gym. Pour these words using wall paint or wall stickers. Also make sure that the color is uniform with the interior of the room to make the room even more beautiful.


modern home decor ideas

Decorations that involve elements of words and numbers are very versatile and can be used for just about anything. Another example is as a large headboard like the picture above. You can paint it or just use a piece of cloth with printed numbers on it. See other articles: pictures of houses.

Night lamp

modern home decor ideas

Make a very attractive costume nightlight out of a canvas, word print, and acrylic paint. Just print the words you want on it, then paint the rest of the surface with paint, then add lights on the back of the canvas.


modern home decor ideas

Want to combine the art of typography with contemporary decor? This neon light could be the answer. You can use this lamp with an interesting writing shape as a kitchen decoration, study room, or bedroom. Very cool right? See other articles: philippines low budget simple house design.

Chalk Wall

modern home decor ideas

Pour your creativity on the chalkboard wall you have at home. You can be creative and try various forms of interesting writing to beautify the area of ​​the house. For example like the picture above.

Hopefully the modern home decor ideas that we present above can add references to make your home more unique and interesting. Good luck!


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