JBL QUANTUM 50 wired headset review

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jbl quantum 50 review

The JBL QUANTUM 50 review headset is an in-ear gaming headphone. This model has excellent reproduction, which allows you to hear even the smallest sounds in the range of 20-20000 Hz. The headset also has a microphone, which is separated from the headset control knob and is located closer to the mouth, which allows allies in the game to clearly hear your voice, as well as your interlocutor not to miss important words from you.

Main characteristics

jbl quantum 50 review

Appearance and delivery set

The headset is sold in a sturdy cardboard box. On the front side of the box is a headset with the inscriptions of the name of the manufacturer and the model of the device. On the back of the box, there is a description of the main technical specifications in several languages. There is also a small window, which is covered with a transparent plastic insert, behind which you can see the headset located inside.

jbl quantum 50 review

Inside the box there is a headset and accessories for it. The package includes documentation and replacement ear pads.

The documentation is made up of three booklets, which describe in detail the main technical characteristics of the headphones, operating rules and precautions, as well as all the necessary information about the company of the headset manufacturer.

jbl quantum 50 review

The headset comes with two pairs of interchangeable ear pads (differs from the three pairs of ear pads declared by the manufacturer). They are made of very durable and high quality silicone. The supplied ear cushions have different sizes, which allows each user to choose the right size for him.

jbl quantum 50 review

The earbuds themselves have a wonderful cup shape that almost completely repeats the auricle. On the inside of the cups there are silicone ear pads, which, in terms of their structure and material of manufacture, are completely the same as the ear pads from the set. On the outside of the cups there is an engraving of the manufacturer’s company. The cups themselves are made of plastic. 

jbl quantum 50 review

The headset cups are interconnected by a rather good quality wire, the braid of which is plastic. Not far from the right earpiece is a plastic reservoir, inside which the microphone is located. On the front side there is an engraving of the manufacturer’s company, and on the back side there is a microphone hole.

jbl quantum 50 review

A little further, namely 20 cm from each cup, the wire is connected in the headset control knob. Further there is a wire 1 m long, it has a fabric braid. At the end of the wire there is a 3.5 mm jack plug. It is L-shaped and made of gold plated metal.

jbl quantum 50 review

The headset control knob has several control buttons. One of which is multifunctional, the other is a microphone on / off button. There is also a slider to control the volume of the headset.

jbl quantum 50 review


The headset is rather ambiguous in terms of use. The body of the cups is made of plastic. The shape of the earbuds is very comfortable and pleasant when you put the earbuds in your ear. The cups are conveniently located and do not fall out, but the headset itself is rather bulky, or rather the back of the cups, it is about 3 cm each. And it does not sit very nicely in the ear. But the sound produced by the headset is excellent. the headset is gaming and reproduces even the smallest and most insignificant sounds. When using the headset in games, you can hear the approach of an opponent in steps. And since these headphones are stereo, you can understand from which side to expect a threat. When listening to music, only positive emotions. The sound is just great. the headset reproduces all frequencies that go well with bass.  

Advantages and disadvantages


  1. Price
  2. Appearance
  3. Quality and material of manufacture
  4. Sound
  5. Microphone


  1. Bulky cups
  2. Not suitable for everyone in size


The JBL QUANTUM 50 is a great headphone for gamers among budget in-ear headset options. It emits superior sound and has a fine and clear microphone. The shape of the cups may not suit everyone, but most users will be very happy with this headset. QUANTUM 50 headphones will fully meet the expectations of their owner and will not make you doubt their purchase.

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