Japanese Bedroom Design for Small Space

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Dreaming of having a beautiful bedroom even though it is limited to a super small room? Go directly to the Japanese bedroom design for this small space!

japanese bedroom design for small space

The pioneer of the zen concept that calms the body and soul, it’s not wrong if the inspiration for the Japanese minimalist house is starting to get attention, including the bedroom.

The interior appearance which is dominated by wood material with complete lighting does have its own impression that makes anyone comfortable to linger in it.

Japanese Bedroom Design for Small Space

Let’s imitate the following minimalist Japanese-style bedroom ideas!

1. Japanese minimalist bedroom

Japanese minimalist bedroom

The main concept held by the Japanese people in every way is simplicity and functionality. 

This minimalist bedroom design, for example, is designed with special support for a mattress that is made like a slit foundation model. 

The understructure serves as a versatile storage area to save space in small rooms.

2. Modern tatami bedroom design

Modern tatami bedroom design

For anime lovers, you must be familiar with one of the most popular pieces of furniture from a minimalist Japanese home, namely the tatami. 

Tatami is traditional mats made of woven straw and is commonly used as bedding in Japanese-style dwellings.

3. Japanese bedroom ideas with double beds

Japanese bedroom ideas

For those of you who live with relatives or friends in the room, there’s nothing wrong with the following interesting ideas. 

The size of a compact single bed mattress can be strategically placed by leaving an empty area in the middle as an access way out.

4. Modern Japanese bedroom gray

Modern Japanese bedroom

The color of a minimalist house besides white that you can use to create an elegant and charming interior is space gray, aka dark gray, which is one of the icons for the variants of gadget products made by Apple. 

Neutral color saturation makes space gray able to create the impression of more dimensional space and still looks clean.

5. Modern Japanese-style bedroom with a multifunctional platform

Modern Japanese-style bedroom

The next simple bedroom design also emphasizes the functionality gained from the use of a versatile platform with a large drawer area. 

This trick can replace a minimalist couch if you want to maximize the storage capacity of the drawer for clothes or large items.

6. Japanese small room design with a minimalist work desk

Japanese small room design

To support your productivity while working from home, why not try to imitate the idea of ​​a work corner in this simple Japanese-style minimalist bedroom? 

Even a small room can be used as a super comfortable personal co-working space. Just add a bean bag to make it feel even more like in the modern office!

7. Japanese room decor ideas with secret storage

Japanese room decor ideas

Furthermore, there are interesting ideas that can be imitated to create a Japanese-style bedroom design that is not only aesthetic but also versatile. 

Unlike the previous wooden platforms which had conventional sliding drawers, this time the storage area is at the top.

8. Japanese-style room decoration with minimalist windows

Japanese-style room decor

Having a simple bedroom design that is pleasing to the eye and healthy is certainly the dream of many people. 

The way to get it can be by using a minimalist window model to maximize the natural lighting of the room.

9. Small horizontal Japanese bedroom design

Small Japanese bedroom design

If you have a narrow room with an elongated shape, this simple horizontal bedroom design can be used as an example. 

The key to keeping a room from feeling cramped is to limit the use of unnecessary furniture and decorations.

10. Traditional Japanese room design

Traditional Japanese room design

The main material in the form of natural wood will help you create a comfortable atmosphere with an authentic minimalist bedroom design in the style of the Land of the Rising Sun. 

Combine with vintage-style knick-knacks for a more charming accent.

Hopefully, the latest Japanese bedroom design for small spaces is useful. If it is difficult to design an interior & exterior, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!


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