how to find house plans for my house? 9 Ways to Make a House Plan

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how to find house plans for my house

9 Ways to Make a Simple House Plan for Beginners. Comfortable & Ideal!

Indeed, not everyone knows how to make house plans. However, everyone can learn it, including you. Interested in trying it? Find out how in this article!

In general, a floor plan is a picture that shows the location or location of a place.

Plans are made with the aim of making certain places or locations easy to find, as well as house plans.

Unfortunately, not everyone can design a floor plan, even though there are many benefits to designing your own house plan.

Understanding the making of floor plans, not only makes it easier to visualize ideas and needs, lo.

By designing your own floor plan, you can realize your dream home.

This will also make it easier for you to communicate with interior designers or home architects whose services you use to create your dream home.

Maybe you want to try to present an idea but are confused about where to start or how to actually create an ideal house plan?

This article will provide an explanation of how to make a house plan for anyone, even if they do not have an interior and architectural background.

But first, let’s discuss what a house plan is.

Getting to Know House Plans

how to find house plans for my house

A house plan or also called a floor plan is a scale diagram of a room or building looking up.

Plans can describe all parts of the building in the form of a one-story building or one room.

In the floor plan, including the size of the building, furniture, or anything else that is needed to fulfill the design.

How to Make a Good House Plan?

Drawing a good house plan is when you can increase the comfort in the dwelling.

Besides being comfortable, the floor plan must also create a good air ventilation design between one room and another.

You can also determine what furniture is suitable for use and think about the wiring system.

Characteristics of the Ideal Home

Before knowing the steps to make a floor plan, you must know what the characteristics of an ideal home are:

  1. Having a flexible multipurpose room or family room (easy to convert its function into a bedroom or other).
  2. Having an ideal layout, for example, not designing a bathroom facing the dining room.
  3. The size of the building is in accordance with the number of occupants of the house.
  4. Has good air circulation.

how to find house plans for my house

1. Gather Inspiration and Reference.

Before starting to make house plans, it’s a good idea to look at the references first.

This is needed as an illustration or inspiration when you design a dream house plan.

After the references are collected, you can imitate the size of the room or its layout.

2. Create a To-Do List

how to find house plans for my house

The next step that needs to be done is to make a list of activities that you and your family members will do later in the room.

For example, if you like to cook, then make a comfortable and spacious kitchen so that your cooking activities remain comfortable even if you do it for hours.

In this stage, you may need to eliminate or combine some functions and activities if necessary for the efficiency of the plan.

3. Determine the Model of the House

Next is to determine the type of house to be built.

The type of house in question is the number of floors, do you want to build a one- or two-story house?

This will affect the whole house sketching process.

If you choose to create a simple one-story house, you can immediately combine all the rooms in one layout.

Meanwhile, for a 2-story house plan, it must have 2 layouts, namely the upstairs and downstairs layouts which are drawn separately.

Then you have to determine which rooms are on the bottom floor, which is on the top floor.

4. Learn Size Standards & Requirements of Each Space

how to find house plans for my house

The next step is to do research on space requirements.

Starting from the standard size of each room to various other basic needs.

Learn whether certain spaces need openings or not.

Studying the size standards and requirements of each room is important to ensure that each space placement on the floor plan is appropriate and unobtrusive.

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5. Determine the number of rooms

After making a list and doing some research, the next step is to determine how many rooms and the number of floors in the house.

If the building already exists, you just need to do a survey and divide the room as needed.

But if the building doesn’t exist yet, you can draw a floor plan based on the size of the land and the location to be built.

6. Measuring Buildings and Land

If the building already exists, measure walls, doors, and furniture for a more accurate floor plan.

But if you build on vacant land, make sure the total area matches the place to be built.

As a reference, you can also see other buildings in the area for an estimate of the results of the plan that will be made.

7. Make a Correlation of each Space and Zoning

The next step is to relate the space requirements to each other.

For example, the location of the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.

After that, give the zoning diagram of the relationship between the spaces.

Which parts are private, public, and service areas?

Make sure each zone does not overlap and interfere with each other’s comfort.

8. Create a Basic Plan

how to find house plans for my house

After that, make zoning and diagram the relationship between spaces into a basic plan.

The components of the plan may be just simple lines to describe what the plan will look like.

The way to make a basic plan is by playing thick and thin lines.

Although it looks simple, the basic plan is very useful to get a rough idea of ​​how the structure of the house will be.

9. Draw Specifics

how to find house plans for my house

Finally, take a picture of the doors and windows specifically.

Don’t forget to make sure the direction is correct.

In addition, so as not to be confused, give a name to each floor plan in the room.

You can also make a floor plan by giving a description of the material and size.

Such as wall thickness, material symbols, symbols of door and window openings, and others.

You can also complete sizes such as room dimensions and floor heights along with other architectural details.

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Hopefully, this article is useful, congratulations on designing your dream home.


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