How To Choose Sofa For Small Living Room in 4 Easy Steps

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How to choose sofa – In your opinion, what kind of living room sofa is suitable for a small residence? Instead of guessing and ending up regretting, you should carefully consider these 4 things before choosing a sofa.

When you have a house with a limited area, what you have to think about carefully is how to choose furniture so that each room can still function optimally.

Likewise for arranging a small living room. The most essential thing is to choose a living room sofa that is the ideal size, able to provide optimal function, and of course provides comfort.

For that, choosing a living room sofa cannot be arbitrary. It takes some consideration before you decide to buy it. Well, it can be easier for you to choose and get the best sofa for the living room in your residence, here are 4 things to consider first.

Steps for how to choose a sofa for a small living room

how to choose sofa for small living room

1. First measure the living room area

Furniture in the house is part of the investment, including the sofa in the living room. So that you don’t choose the wrong size of the sofa, you should first measure the area of ​​your living room.

After that, take a photo of the entire room, and take the photo with you when you visit a furniture store. Usually, there will be a sales or property consultant who will help you choose the right sofa, according to the size and design of the living room.

2. Adjust to your lifestyle and taste

Your lifestyle and daily life can also be taken into consideration in choosing a sofa. Do you have many friends and in the future there will be guests who often come? Do you prefer a minimalist, classic, or industrial style? Adjust to your lifestyle and taste.

If there will be many guests visiting your house, then you should maximize the function of the living room. Choose a sofa that can accommodate quite a lot of people. For example, such as a three or four seater sofa. Make sure the sofa has the best quality.

Meanwhile, if you will not have many guests in the future, you can choose a mini-sized sofa or a sofa with only one to two seats. In this condition, you should maximize other rooms that you use often.

Don’t forget to adjust the sofa design to the taste and overall design of the house. If your house has a minimalist style, of course it won’t be suitable if a sofa has a classic design, right?

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3. Try choosing a sofa without a backrest

A sofa without a backrest is the best alternative for those of you who are confused about choosing a sofa. Because this one sofa is very flexible. If the condition of the room does not allow you to put a sofa on the side of the room, a sofa with a backrest will take up a lot of space.

For that, a sofa without a backrest can be the solution. But if you want to put the sofa on the side of the room, a sofa without a backrest is still suitable for use. Likewise if you plan to expand the living room in the future. Sofas without backrests can still be used as room dividers.

4. Use a sofa bed to add function to the living room

Small houses generally also have a limited number of rooms. When guests come to stay, this will certainly be an additional job for the homeowner.

For that, to anticipate guests staying overnight, you can choose a sofa bed to be placed in the living room. That way, when guests want to spend the night at home, you just need to change the shape of the sofa from a seat to a bed. Practical right?

Those are the Steps for how to choose a sofa for a small living room. Hope it is useful..


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