Here How To Design a House Like an Architect

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how to design a house like an architect

How to design a house like an architect – Regardless of using the services of an architect or interior designer, the ability to be able to express ideas and ideas through minimalist house plans is very useful and useful for you. Either to communicate personal needs and desires to the architect of choice or designer, or to get an idea of ​​what the realization of your idea will look like in the form of a house plan.

No need to worry about having trouble learning how to make a basic house plan, this time Lians will review the initial practical steps to make your dream house plan. Come on, see tips and how to design a house like an architect!

how to design a house like an architect

1. Start by Gathering Inspiration and References

how to design a house like an architect

The first step before imagining the framework of the house design and putting it in the form of a floor plan is to multiply references and inspiration from existing works. You can look for inspiration and ideas by traveling, visiting exhibitions or reading magazines to find house plans that have the type and design style close to your desire. The Gmboel blog can also be a reference site, you know!

2. Determine Needs and Create a Space Program for House Plans

how to design a house like an architect

Knowing the space requirements is a must before starting to draw house plans. Start making a list of activities and activities that you and other residents of the house will do and what spaces are needed to accommodate these activities.

Don’t forget service areas such as bathrooms, kitchens or pantry rooms, and storage rooms or laundry rooms if needed.

3. Start by Sketching a House Plan with Lines

how to design a house like an architect

Now you have a house plan reference and also know what space you want in your house plan. Start sketching with lines. Describe the site or land that you own in a scalable manner.

To make things easier, you can use special millimeter block paper that will help each line draw stay on the scale you want.

4. Implement the Space Program on the House Plan

how to design a house like an architect

Start entering any space requirements you want on the land that you have described by lining and making spaces on the house plan. Don’t forget to consider the size of the room according to good size standards, so that every room on the house plan has sufficient size.

5. Do a trial and create an alternative house plan

how to design a house like an architect

When entering space and adjusting the size of the space in your house plan, you may encounter obstacles, starting from the position of the space that is not quite right, or the land that does not fit. For that, you may need to remodel several times the sketch of the house plan to find the most appropriate formula and layout arrangement.

Sometimes, you also need to delete the function of a space that is not so prioritized or combine its function with other rooms so that all space needs can be properly met on the plan.

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6. Provide Detailed House Plans and Start Furniture Arrangement on House Plans

how to design a house like an architect

After finding the most suitable arrangement, it’s time to provide details on the sketch of the floor plan that you have. Starting from adding wall thickness, door designs, and window models (complete with opening directions), to starting to arrange furniture and furniture in every room on the plan. The more detail, the better.

7. Re-evaluate the house plan that you have made

how to design a house like an architect

There’s nothing wrong with re-evaluating this detailed floor plan by comparing it with other plans or imagining it in the form of a real space. Also, match each size to the standard.

You can also do this final stage with professionals such as architects and interior designers who you appoint to realize your dream plan.

After having a basic house plan that you made yourself, of course it will be easier to imagine what the atmosphere and composition of the spaces in your dream home will be like in the future. In addition, take advantage of this house plan to make it easier for the architect or designer to visualize what your ideas and desires look like. Don’t hesitate to use professional home interior services to make your dream home come true!

That’s an article on how to design a house like an architect, hopefully, it’s useful, and congratulations on designing your dream home.


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