Diy Tree Branch Decoration Ideas

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diy tree branch decoration ideas

Who says part of a tree can’t be used to decorate a house? It turns out that you can use tree branches to make your home look beautiful! Wow, can it be made into anything? Read this article and your home will look unique!

decorating with tree branches wall decor


diy tree branch decoration ideas

Tired of the shape of the closet? Is your wardrobe very full? Just try to make decorations from tree branches. In addition to being a solution for your clothes, tree branches that are used as a place to hang clothes will also make the room look unique.

Where is the proper storage location? Of course the answer is a bedroom or a special room for clothes storage. Not only one, you can also apply it in several corners of the house. For example, at the back of the house entrance or in a bathroom with natural nuances. See other articles: nautical decor ideas.

Candle Case

diy tree branch decoration ideas

Many people use candles as decoration material to beautify some corners of the room. A candle is usually kept on the dining table and aromatherapy candles in the bathroom, bedroom, even living room.

Usually a candle holder will be made of glass or metal. Well, create a different decoration at home by using a candle holder made of tree branches. Thus, the atmosphere in the corner of the room will look more romantic. See other articles: exterior paint color combinations images.


diy tree branch decoration ideas

Having a large collection of books will certainly make you provide a shelf to store them, right? Well, you should present a unique bookshelf to store all your favorite books. One way is to use a bookshelf made of tree branches.

By using this material, you can make it large or just stick to the wall. These two bookshelf designs will certainly make the decorations in your home look beautiful. It could even be that your interest in reading will increase. See other articles: stairs design for house.


diy tree branch decoration ideas

Decorating every corner of the room in the house using photos is not a new thing. Almost in every home, maybe even yours, you will find photos with loved ones. If so, why not just use a frame made of tree branches?

This one frame will certainly be the same as the usual frame. The only difference lies in the material used. Frames from tree branches will certainly make the appearance of photos and corners of the room seem more natural. See other articles: bedroom colors for couples.

Room Decoration

diy tree branch decoration ideas

Don’t want to be bothered? Just use tree branches to serve as decorations to beautify the room in your home. no need to be confused, just keep a wooden twig on one part of the room wall.

In this case, what you need to pay attention to is the shape and size of the tree branches. Choose a tree branch that is long and medium in size to cover one part of the wall. You should also choose twigs that have many branches to give a full impression on the wall. See other articles: paper origami wall decoration ideas.

How? Is it easy enough to bring decorations at home using tree branches? Actually, this tree branch can also be used as another decoration. Come on, develop creativity and apply some of the decorations above.


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