Boarding Rooms Become More Attractive At Low Costs? Try These Tips!

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boarding house room decoration

boarding house room decoration – As an overseas child, definitely choosing a boarding room is the right choice. When we are tired from work or college, boarding house is the most comfortable place for us to rest. But often the monotonous and so atmosphere of the boarding room can make you bored.

Just imagine you eat, drink and even watch TV in the same room. So you often crave a boarding room that looks like your own home and at least makes it fresh in your boarding room. Well, maybe you can try the following tips to make your boarding room more attractive at a low cost.

boarding house room decoration

Change the paint color of the boarding room

boarding house room decoration

To change the atmosphere significantly, you can start by changing the paint color of your boarding room with your favorite colors, but as a recommendation, it doesn’t hurt you to try soft colors such as pastel colors that can make a tired feeling or mind calmer. Or you can play with the color of the walls by painting one of the walls with a contrasting color, that too can make your boarding room more attractive and colorful. You can also see our other articles : low budget simple house design.

Turn used items into useful items

boarding house room decoration

Do you have memorable photos that you can’t forget, but don’t know where to put them? You can make these memorable photos a room decoration. Hang and clip the photos with a clothesline and stick them on the wall of your bed. You can also see our other articles : simple houses.

Reorganize your desk area

boarding house room decoration

Often our desks are cluttered with printed things that we often ignore, such as drinking places, lunch boxes or stationery scattered everywhere. Even though by arranging our table neatly and well, the atmosphere of the boarding room looks fresh and doesn’t make you dizzy. Imagine if the atmosphere of our boarding room is messy, it must be uncomfortable. You can store unused items in a cupboard or drawer and put important items on your desk, such as pencil cases and desk clocks. You can also see our other articles : scandinavian style house.

Change your sheets and bed covers

boarding house room decoration

Maybe this is rarely thought of by us, by replacing your bedcover and bed linen with your favorite colors and motifs, you can add to your mood while doing activities in the boarding room. You can also see our other articles : minimalist bedroom ideas.

Stickers on the wall

boarding house room decoration

Usually when we first rent a boarding room, the walls of the room will be plain without decoration. Now you can experiment with pasting wall stickers that are now widely sold in stores or supermarkets with a price range of $ 1 – $ 2. To make it more interesting, you can choose pictures such as fallen leaves or attractive flowers.

Changing your boarding room to be more attractive is certainly not as difficult as you think, right? Enough with simple things and at a low cost you can make your boarding room much more interesting and not make you bored quickly in the same room. You can also see our other articles : what is a shophouse.

So, happy decorating!


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