Beautify Your Home With These 6 Aquarium Designs

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best aquarium design for home

The aquarium is one of the elements of a good home decoration to beautify the dwelling. In addition to the calming effect, dynamics also always radiate from the aquarium where the colorful fish swim. Maybe that is the reason why many people equip their homes with the presence of an aquarium. Are you also interested in creating an aquarium in your beautiful home? Let’s see interesting best aquarium designs that you can sample!

best aquarium design for home

1. Wall Aquarium

best aquarium design for home

Aquariums don’t always have to be in the form of tubes or blocks of glass. Aquarium models are now more modern and varied, for example a unified or integrated aquarium with a wall (wall aquarium). Because the manufacturing and installation process is quite complicated, make sure the design and dimensions of the aquarium you want are appropriate and immediately consult a handyman. Placing it right above the living room television can be an exciting choice! If your eyes are tired of watching, you can relieve your eyes by looking at the swimming fish.

2. Kitchen Island Aquarium

best aquarium design for home

If the aquarium is usually placed in the living room or family room, try placing it in a different place, the kitchen for example. This aquarium that is made united with the kitchen island can be an interesting idea. To give the fish food or clean them there is no need to be confused, . Just modify the surface of the kitchen island so that it can be opened and closed. Also make a hole in the bottom corner of the aquarium that can be opened and closed and can be connected with a hose as a channel to drain aquarium water into your kitchen sink. You can also see our other articles : purple kitchen design.

3. Aquarium Bathtub

best aquarium design for home

How is the sensation of bathing with the fish? Seems amused doesn’t it? But don’t worry, you can still take a bath with the fish swimming in the aquarium that is attached to the bathtub. As impossible, but this aquarium bathtub really does exist and is called Mood Acquario. You can apply a unique aquarium idea if you want something completely different from other homes. The material used to make it is a strong alloy of tempered glass and wood.

4. Upper Level Aquarium

best aquarium design for home

This aquarium is located on the second floor of the house and functions as an arch or a dividing wall. The design of the aquarium in a villa in the Netherlands was deliberately made by the architect as a complement to the unique interior. This aquarium can be seen directly from below and is very beautiful in appearance. The aquarium, which is long, but not too wide, is divided into two, each of which is next to the pillar of the house. You can also see our other articles : simple house interior design.

5. Mason Jar Aquarium

best aquarium design for home

Mason Jar is often modified and transformed to be very interesting and even very unique. One of them is this mini aquarium. The Mason jar that is attached to the tabletop has dual functions, as an aquarium as well as a flower vase. To keep the flowers fresh, don’t put too much fish in and don’t choose large ones. As a decoration, this aquarium idea is very unique and interesting, right? If you want to make your own, make sure you understand how to install it.

6. Aquarium Headboards

best aquarium design for home

As mentioned earlier, the aquarium always presents a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Seeing fish swimming overhead while you sleep, seems like a good idea and perfect for relaxation. Just design a bridge-shaped aquarium that sits directly above the bed and fill it with your favorite fish and aquatic plants. You can also see our other articles : wood house flooring.

Those were some ideas and inspiration for aquarium designs that can beautify your home. We hope that the information we provide is useful for you. Don’t forget to keep reading Gmboel blog for interesting information and tips.


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