9 Steps For How To Decorate a Bedroom On a Budget

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how to decorate a bedroom on a budget

When we are at home, of course, we spend more time in our room. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with trying to arrange this area to make it more comfortable to use. For example, with the following steps for how to decorate a bedroom on a budget!

Many are hesitant to decorate their bedrooms because of the cost factor.

In fact, rearranging a minimalist bedroom doesn’t always cost a lot.

You can even decorate it for as little as $10.

Curious as to how?

Come on, see the guide on how to decorate a low-budget room below.

How To Decorate a Bedroom On a Budget

1. Use Washi Tape As Photo Frame

how to decorate a bedroom on a budget

Washi tape is a decorative tape that has various types of colors, motifs, sizes, and materials.

You can use its attractive appearance to decorate the walls of the room.

For example, to make a frame so that the pasted photo looks more beautiful.

Not only does it have a beautiful appearance, but this tape is also pocket-friendly. See other articles: low cost normal house front elevation designs.

2. Tassel Hanging Decoration for a Bohemian Feel

how to decorate a bedroom on a budget

Want to add a bohemian feel to your bedroom?

The easiest step is to make wall hangings in the form of colorful tassels.

This hanger can make the room look more aesthetic if you are good at combining colors.

To make it, you only need to buy a few coils of embroidery thread, then shape it into a tassel.

Then hang the tassel on a long white robe, and stick it on the bedroom wall.

3. Paste Sticky Notes

how to decorate a bedroom on a budget

The next low-budget bedroom decoration that you can try is sticky notes.

You can stick several colors of sticky notes on the wall to form a unique pattern.

When it is finished, it is guaranteed that the atmosphere of the room will instantly feel different.

From the previous monotonous or even empty to be more cheerful.

4. Tumblr Lights Along the Walls

how to decorate a bedroom on a budget

You can also use a Tumblr lamp as a bedroom decoration.

This lamp is very easy to find and the price is very affordable.

If it is installed in the room, the light will increase the warm feel of the room.

Not only that, this lamp is very suitable for use as a night light. See other articles: orange two colour combination for bedroom walls.

5. 3-Dimensional Origami Hangers

how to decorate a bedroom on a budget

The next way to decorate a bedroom on a budget is to use origami hangers.

There are many shapes that you can create using this technique, for example, the shape of a stork.

For the material, you can use the type and color of paper that matches the feel of the room.

But even though they are pocket-friendly, these decorations take extra time to make.

6. Washi Tape Geometric

how to decorate a bedroom on a budget

Not only formed into photo frames, but you can also create washi tape into various geometric shapes.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use plain colored washi tape so that the results do not look too crowded.

Then you can make gems, cranes, abstract shapes, and others in the corner of an empty wall. See other articles: natural low budget simple house design.

7. Kirigami Hanging Ornaments

how to decorate a bedroom on a budget

Like origami, this art uses paper as the basic material.

It’s just that for kirigami, what you do is not fold but cut the paper into an aesthetic shape.

Then you can make it a hanging decoration with the help of a string.

Although it sounds easy, this one paper creation requires high accuracy.

8. Macrame Hanging Decoration

how to decorate a bedroom on a budget

Macrame is one of the most popular aesthetic decorations.

Especially for those who like Scandinavian or bohemian nuances.

Not many people know that making your own macrame does not require a large budget.

But behind the economical price, making macrame does take quite a lot of time.

9. Wall Grid on the Wall

how to decorate a bedroom on a budget

Finally, you can try installing a wall grid in the bedroom.

Then stick small knick-knacks on it using paper clips.

You can also add a basket or small shelf so you can put other displays.

Although simple, this decoration can make your room look more aesthetic.

Hopefully, the information on Steps For How To Decorate a Bedroom On a Budget is useful.


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