8 Tips for Using Mirrors for Living Room Decoration

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mirror decoration ideas for the living room

Gmboel – Mirror is one of the objects that can provide various benefits if placed in the right place. Its function is not only for mirroring, but also the most appropriate solution to make the room feel brighter and wider.

But apart from that, glass can also be a touch of its own for the room if the frame or shape is unique. The unique shape of the mirror or frame can make the mirror the center of attention.

Mirror Decoration Ideas for the Living Room

When decorating with mirrors, there are several things that we must pay close attention to.

1. Watch the Mirror Reflection

mirror decoration ideas for the living room

Depending on where the mirror is placed, the object that will be reflected in the mirror will of course be different.

Well, try to install a mirror facing the outdoor area. By installing it in an outdoor area, the mirror will reflect the beautiful scenery outside your home.

In addition, you can also install a mirror facing the window, so that the mirror can reflect light from outside and make the room bright with natural light.

You can also install a mirror facing the most beautiful and neat part of the room, so that when people cross the mirror, the view seen in the mirror is also beautiful.

2. Make the Main Focus in the Room

mirror decoration ideas for the living room

You can use a mirror to give a “wow” effect in the room. Try choosing a mirror that is very large, go big or go home!

If your house has a high ceiling, you can install an antique mirror whose frame is splashy and glamorous.

For a more modern touch, you can also choose a mirror with a more minimalist frame, or a mirror with a unique shape.

For mirror materials, you can choose a mirror that is clear and able to reflect light very well, or an antique mirror that is a bit blurry and cannot reflect light.

Antique mirrors can steal attention and become the focus of the room, while a shiny mirror will reflect bright light throughout the room. Depends on your taste.

You can put this oversized mirror in the dining room, family room, living room, or in the main bathroom and make the room feel more spacious. See other articles: big window design for bedroom.

3. Use a long mirror so that the room looks spacious

mirror decoration ideas for the living room

Adding a single long mirror will make your room seem several times larger. You can use a very large mirror, a long mirror that is the size of a human, or a mirror that can be placed in the corner of the room.

Mirrors give the illusion of depth and spaciousness, making the room feel bigger.

If you want to use a long mirror, try installing it on the wall at the end of the room, in the corner of the room, or across from the room entrance.

It’s even better if this mirror can reflect natural light to make the room look brighter.

4. Put it on the Door

mirror decoration ideas for the living room

This is also related to the main function of the mirror. You can put a mirror near the door or directly on the door, both the room door and the wardrobe door. Every time you want to leave the house, you always want to look at the mirror first, right?

It is important to have a mirror in the room, especially to help us get ready before activities. However, not all rooms are spacious enough to have their own mirrors and wardrobes. So, a wardrobe with a mirror on the door will be more practical and save space.

In addition, the mirror on the closet door is usually very large so that it can also help make your room look wider and reflect light into your room to make it brighter. See other articles: living room decorating ideas with black leather furniture.

5. So Backsplash in the Kitchen

mirror decoration ideas for the living room

The backsplash is the part of the wall behind the stove or sink in the kitchen that is used to protect the wall from splashing water or oil.

Usually the backsplash is made of ceramic. However, why not try using a mirror instead?

If you keep a mirror behind the stove in a small and simple kitchen, your kitchen will feel wider, brighter (remember the magic of mirror?), and more luxurious.

You can also put mirrors on all sides under the kitchen cabinets to make it feel more spacious and modern.

Don’t forget to clean the glass regularly, okay? Glass in the kitchen can look dirty and dirty if it is rarely cleaned.

6. Mirror Gallery

mirror decoration ideas for the living room

Installing several small mirrors can be one way to make the room more beautiful.

You can combine 2-3 tall mirrors and attach them side by side to form one large mirror.

Alternatively, use several medium and small size mirrors, then arrange them on the wall like compiling a painting gallery. They don’t have to be the same size, but arrange them in such a way and use a frame that’s more or less the same color.

This will make the room look artistic and classic. See other articles: beautiful one story houses.

7. Find a Mirror With a Unique Shape

mirror decoration ideas for the living room

Indeed mirrors are made to look at. However, if you find a mirror with a unique shape or frame, this can be a cool decoration for your home.

Because the shape is unique, a mirror like this can automatically become the focal point in the room, so you don’t have to worry about complementary decorations.

8. Splash of Colors

mirror decoration ideas for the living room

Have a mirror with a thick and large frame? Try painting the frame with a bright and striking color that will make your room look more fun and modern!

It’s also fun, decorating the room with a mirror, right? Which tips first do you want to apply in your home?


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