7 Unique Ways To Place Ornamental Plants At Home

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plant pot display ideas

plant pot display ideas – The eco-friendly concept applied in a room often focuses on the use of plants as decorative accents. In addition to giving a fresh impression, plants are also very good for improving air quality, covering odors, and also reducing noise. If plants are usually placed in pots placed on the floor, here’s how to place plant decorations in another way that is unique but also eco-friendly.

plant pot display ideas

Used Jar

plant pot display ideas

Mason Jars or used glass jars that are not used at home can be an attractive planting medium for ornamental plants. What is unique about this decoration is that it is not placed on the floor or on a shelf, but is attached in a row using a piece of wood and a special hook.

You can include various favorite indoor plants such as cacti, succulents, or even green plants that can be used for cooking. The choice of plants will not make the decorations unattractive, even cooler. You can also see our other articles : pics of girls bedrooms.

Hanging Pot

plant pot display ideas

Usually the placement of plants by hanging is done in an outdoor area. But it’s not always the case. Examples such as hanging plants aka hanging planter above. This simple but modern planter is very suitable to be used as a decoration in a plain room. It’s simple, but it looks very neat because it uses materials whose colors are attractive to the eye. You can also make this decoration yourself at home. You can find tools and materials in stores. You can also see our other articles : pillar decoration.

Incandescent lamps

plant pot display ideas

There are quite a lot of things around you that turn out to be useful as a medium for growing ornamental plants. One of them is a used incandescent lamp like the picture above. Another example is for placing ornamental plants, concrete bricks, used books, shells, bottles, and shells. With creativity and some inspiration from the internet, you too can do and practice it at home. You can also see our other articles : rose gold wall paint.


plant pot display ideas

Putting houseplants in a closet drawer? Sounds weird huh. But it turns out that this can actually be done by using a multi-drawer cupboard that is no longer used. If you have a used chest of drawers, don’t go to a flea just yet! just try to apply the decoration method at home. Surely the room where the chest of drawers is located will look very attractive. You can also see our other articles : peach kitchen decor.

Window Sill

plant pot display ideas

Don’t worry about not being able to complete the room with plant decorations in your tiny home. If you live in a boarding house, small rented apartment, or in an apartment, plant decorations placed on the windowsill can be an option. For example like the picture above. Don’t eat space, right?. You can also see our other articles : girls lamps for bedrooms.

Inverted Pot

plant pot display ideas

Three reasons for you to place houseplants upside down like this: save space; safe from reach of children; and unique. Not only for ornamental plants, this style is also suitable for planting plants for kitchen purposes. Putting it on the kitchen island, can make it easier for you when you want to pick it while cooking.

But making plant decorations like this should not be careless because you have to know how to keep the soil inside from spilling. This decoration is also not suitable for the design of a house that has a high roof. You can also see our other articles : fence plants pictures.

Alphabet Shaped

plant pot display ideas

Currently, there are more and more shops for handicrafts or home appliances that sell wood or cardboard in the shape of an alphabet as a growing medium for ornamental plants. You simply place flowers or small ornamental plants such as succulents in it, then arrange them in such a way that they look beautiful. Place these decorative plants anywhere to make the room look more beautiful. You can also see our other articles : indoor ornamental plants.

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