7 Simple Veranda Designs for Small Houses

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simple veranda design for small house

Simple Veranda Design for Small House

It is undeniable, a large and spacious veranda has its own advantages and beauty. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful veranda in a small house.

Only by leaving about two to three meters of land at the front of the house, you can get an area for a veranda.

Well, then you just need to design the small veranda, such as adding hanging ornamental plants or various patio furniture to make it look as beautiful as the veranda in a big house.

Thus, neighbors and guests who see your veranda will surely be amazed. For those of you who are still confused about how to design it, here Gmboel has some inspiration for a simple veranda design for a small house for you. Come on, just take a peek below!

On-budget Home Design

simple veranda design for small house

Gmboel understands the best about the budget in planning your property.

Now, for a small veranda design, prioritize a simple arrangement rather than filling it with various furniture and decorations until it looks cramped and narrower.

You can imitate the design of the veranda in the inspiration above, where there is a brown carpet as a floor sweetener, a pair of seats equipped with soft pillows, and potted plants to liven up the atmosphere.

For this on-budget veranda inspiration, you don’t need a table because the design is focused on relaxing practically.

Veranda with Efficient Seating

simple veranda design for small house

The inspiration for this homepage focuses on the concept of space-saving that is very careful and efficient.

Around the veranda, there are seats designed in the shape of the letter L and side by side with wooden walls fitted with hanging shelves.

Not to forget, there is a small terrace table made of tree trunks which is the center of attention of this space-saving veranda.

Even though it is small, the design of this veranda has been managed neatly so that it makes it feel comfortable.

Homey and Comfortable Veranda

simple veranda design for small house

Who doesn’t want to have a soft and comfortable outdoor space? Well, to make it happen, you can use the concept of a veranda that resembles this living room.

The choice of furniture from rattan or bamboo is perfect to liven up the atmosphere in this homey veranda design, especially when coupled with a beautiful flower-patterned foam stand.

You are free to put various decorations according to your taste, such as table lamps, monstera ornamental plants, or paintings, the important thing is to prioritize a neat arrangement and a relaxed atmosphere.

Thus, the veranda of your house can be the most comfortable and cool place to relax.

Veranda Design with Swing Chair

simple veranda design for small house

The swing trend can be a solution to present a charming veranda.

There are many choices of swing models that are suitable for use on a small veranda, the colors are also very varied.

In this veranda design inspiration, the swing chair used is a yellow long chair that is hung using a strong iron chain.

To create a beautifully balanced look on this veranda, add decorations in the form of sofa cushions in contrasting colors, such as dark blue.

There are many more swing inspirations on the veranda that are worth emulating, so make sure you choose the most appropriate veranda design for your home, OK!

Home Design with Metal Elements

simple veranda design for small house

There are several reasons why the veranda often uses metal furniture.

Besides being weather-resistant, metal furniture on the veranda is also easier to clean and sturdy to use.

To liven up the atmosphere of the veranda, you can choose metal furniture with bright colors.

Don’t forget to also add matching metal elements, such as a modern frame or plant pot leg.

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Shade Porch Design

simple veranda design for small house

Confused by the lack of a roof on the veranda? Take it easy because you can use a special shade umbrella for outdoor areas that can be easily installed on the veranda.

The presence of this multifunctional shade umbrella is also an additional decoration on your veranda.

In addition to looking more cheerful, the problem of hot sun and rain can be resolved properly.

That way, you don’t need to be afraid anymore to place a comfortable seat or sofa made of fabric.

Natural Veranda Design with Green Plants

simple veranda design for small house

For those of you who like gardening or like to collect ornamental plants, you can apply this one veranda design.

This small veranda area looks very beautiful and natural thanks to the presence of various green plants placed in plant pots.

In addition, you can also put a cabinet or storage rack to store all your garden equipment so that the veranda still looks neat.

Finally, add simple furniture, such as a small table and a pair of patio chairs made of wood and iron. Thus, your veranda is ready to be a place to relax.

That’s the inspiration for a simple veranda design for a small house that you can immediately imitate. If you’ve managed to make it happen, don’t forget to clean and tidy up the veranda on a regular basis to keep it looking charming, OK!


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