7 Images Of House Back Porch Design For Various Activities

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back porch design ideas pictures

back porch design ideas – The back terrace of the house is a very suitable place to relax. Not only that, reading activities, eating together, and even playing can be done in this area. In order to get a comfortable atmosphere, make the best possible terrace design. Here are some examples for your reference.

back porch design ideas pictures

Warm Weekend

back porch design ideas pictures

There’s nothing more you look forward to than a weekend with your family after five full days of work. This back patio design is ideal to apply if you want a warm atmosphere when you gather together.

The elements of wood and the dominant brown color successfully bring this impression to the terrace. You and your family will certainly continue to feel the freshness of the plants around you.

Although the size is not too big, you can still enter two medium-sized sofas. Add some pillows of the same color for added comfort. You can add the presence of a candle as a very sweet accent on the coffee table in the middle.

Relaxing Fresh Afternoon

back porch design ideas pictures

The afternoon when the sun begins to dim, is a very pleasant time to relax for a while. The terrace with the lesehan design, aka the floor, will certainly make your afternoon more relaxed.

Spread out any rugs or rugs you have in the area. Then add soft pillows and low-legged tables around it. You will also get a terrace with a typical Moroccan style. A sofa made of rattan at the back end of this terrace can also be done.

Tiny plants, light candles made from environmentally friendly soybeans, and your favorite magazines are friends that can make a relaxing afternoon even more serene. You can also see our other articles : tiny house design.

Eating together

back porch design ideas pictures

Often you and your family feel bored when you have to eat at the same place every day. Well, the back porch of the house which is large enough you can turn it into an attractive dining area. His presence can certainly refresh the activity.

Because it is in an outdoor area, choose a chair and dining table material that is resistant to heat and rain. If not, it is certain that the furniture will easily change color and even be damaged. Of course you don’t want that, do you?

Cold At Noon

back porch design ideas pictures

For those of you who live in hot areas, try making a terrace using stucco cement. This floor will make the outside terrace cooler. This material is not easily damaged because it expands exposed to heat.

You have to be smart in decorating the area with stucco or concrete floors that are stiff in color. So give it brightly colored accents, such as plants and pillow and upholstery covers. Also combine it with other elements such as wood and natural stone which have a lively texture.

With its cool weather and a very inviting appearance, use this area as a social gathering or gathering with extended family. You can also see our other articles : exterior paint color combinations images.

Play with Children

back porch design ideas pictures

The land of the house with the shape extending backwards and its small size, can still be used as an attractive area. You can turn the land into a terrace, garden, even a small swimming pool! Also make this place a play area for your children.

Place a set of garden tables and chairs with an attractive design on the back porch. From there, you can monitor the children who are engrossed in swimming. No need to worry about overheating because the protruding part of the second floor building protects you from the sun.

Watch TV

back porch design ideas pictures

In addition to eating with family, using the back porch as a place to watch television turns out to be possible. You can see an example in the image above.

The wall-mounted design is an attractive design for placing your television. Then add soft sofas of your choice and your family in this area. The viewing atmosphere is guaranteed to be even more exciting.

Make sure that the area is protected from rain and heat so that the television is not easily damaged. Use a canopy or clear fiber roof that is heat-resistant so that light can still enter optimally. You can also see our other articles : small house plans with garage.


back porch design ideas pictures

The back patio design on this one is very minimalist and futuristic. In terms of form, it appears that this area is very simple. But at the same time, a modern impression really emanates both from the canopy design chosen and the accents that complement it.

The main point of this terrace is the canopy with a heat-resistant tempered glass roof. When the morning sun rises, being under the roof is certainly very warm. You can spend the morning enjoying breakfast with your family.

When the sun is rising and the heat is intense, you can simply cover it with a cloth tarp that has been designed in such a way. How interesting!

Hopefully this information can be useful for you.


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