7 House Hall Painting Colours Inspiration

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Tired of displaying furniture at home? Just replace it with a wall painting. There are many types and house hall painting colors that you can choose from.

house hall painting colours

Decorating the hall of the house does not have to use furniture or furnishings alone. There are many ways that can be used, one of them by using wall painting. There are many types and house hall painting colors that you can choose from.

There are 3D wall paintings, landscape paintings, abstract paintings, and so on. Well, before you choose a painting that is suitable for the hall of the house, you should pay attention to the size of the hall first. Do not let the painting that you install, be too big or too small.

In addition, the number of paintings that you want to display must also be considered, not too many, because it will seem too cramped and can reduce the aesthetics of your home hall design.

Well, while thinking about it all, we will help by providing inspiration for some themes and house hall painting colors that might suit your taste.

House Hall Painting Colors Recommendation

1. Color Splashing Theme Wall Painting

house hall painting colours

The painting is not always the result of brush strokes, there are also paintings made by splashing. Sometimes this kind of technique can actually produce a fairly high aesthetic value in a painting.

You choose a painting model with splashes of bright and cheerful colors. So that your hall space will look more colorful with the wall painting decoration.

2. Ombre Theme Wall Painting

house hall painting colours

Choosing an ombre theme for house hall painting colors is also a good choice. The combination of these two colors is very popular for hair and clothing designs. However, now it is also starting to be used to enliven residential interior design.

This painting theme is perfect for a minimalist room. You can choose a calm color combination or it can be a bright color combination to make the hall more colorful.

3. Colorful Horse Wall Paintings

house hall painting colours

Painting with a collection of horse pictures of various kinds can also be the right choice. Because this animal symbolizes persistence and strength. This horse painting, besides being able to increase enthusiasm, can also beautify the design of your home hall space.

4. Gold Leaf Painting

house hall painting colours

Generally, leaf painting is green. However, there is nothing wrong if you choose gold leaf as house hall painting colors. With this different leaf color, it will make the painting stand out more and make the room come alive.

In addition, the gold color philosophy brings an atmosphere of luxury and prosperity. Of course, this will bring its own feeling for both guests and residents.

5. Mountain and Forest Theme Wall Painting

house hall painting colours

This theme painting is a painting that people often use to decorate the walls of their halls. Most people use this painting theme because this theme is very neutral and can be displayed in any type of room. Very flexible.

To add to the beauty of this wall decoration, you can also add some ornamental plants in the corners of the hall. With a concept like this, the hall of the house will feel more beautiful and refreshing.

6. Flower and Woman Theme Wall Painting

house hall painting colours

If you are looking for a softer house hall painting color, then you can choose a woman and flower theme painting. This classic painting includes paintings that are often displayed in homes. Soft colors can bring a feeling of happiness to anyone who sees it.

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7. Islamic Theme Wall Painting

house hall painting colours

Wall paintings are not always in the form of landscapes or animals, they can also be in the form of beautiful calligraphy writing. For Muslims, this theme is very suitable, because, in addition to adding to the beauty of space, it can also increase faith.

Those are some ideas for types and house hall painting colors that you can make as displays. You can choose according to your taste and the right theme so that the hall looks more beautiful.


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